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Clarins Double Serum {Review}

I’m so excited to be doing this review!!!! You will recall I picked up a sample of the Clarins Double Serum a few months ago and I blogged about it here (and it also featured in my recent ‘top picks of 2017’ post over here). I was really impressed with the results after finishing the sample, so when there was a Woolworths Beauty promotion on in December, I knew exactly what I was buying…um okay I mean what hubby didn’t know he was buying for me! I stormed into Woolworths like a stampeding bull and yanked the 50ml off the shelf. When paying for this, I swear I paid for it with a smile on my face, because:

  1. I wasn’t paying for it.
  2. I just know this is magic in a bottle!

What is the Clarins Double Serum?

Clarins claims that this is an anti-ageing serum with a two-phase hydric and lipidic formula. What that means is that it’s made up of a water-soluble and an oil soluble component. The two together create the magic formula that is the Double Serum. The product is rich in 20 + 1 plant extracts that boosts the skin’s vital functions. One of the main ingredients is Turmeric extract, that targets visible signs of ageing. Turmeric is also known to reduce scarring and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Side note –  many facial oils recommend that you add 2 drops of water to help the skin absorb the oil better, so I love the fact that this bottle does the work for me. I usually plonk my butt down and then realise I need to go and get some water with some of my other facial oils, and then I wonder if I really really need to go to the bathroom! So ya, no more bathroom trips for me….  #LazyGirlWin

Some other active ingredients contained are:

  • Perilla oil.
  • Hyaluronic Acid complex.
  • Katafray extract.
  • Kiwi extract – Claims to make the skin more supple.
  • Organic musk rose oil – Oxygenates the skin.
  • Pistachio extract – Reinforces the barrier of the skin.
  • Organic green banana extract.
  • Bocoa.


Clarins dispenser markings


The Clarins Double Serum is housed in a beautiful double walled bottle with a gold pump. Around the 3rd time of me using it, I noticed the little markings at the top of the bottle and realised it was actually a dial to adjust the amount of product you wanted to dispense. I quite like that if I want just a bit extra, I can adjust the output.


The 30ml bottle retails for R880 and the 50ml bottle retails for R1 180.

How to use

I apply this after cleansing and toning, in the evenings. If I’m home for the day, I’ll use it in the morning, but as an oily skinned gal, I don’t use this if I’m going out and wearing makeup as I think it would make my skin shine way too soon in the day.

My opinion

This serum sinks into the skin beautifully, without leaving an oily residue. That is something I really love. It’s been humid lately, so to put something on my face that feels like oil, wouldn’t be pleasant. About a week after finishing the 7 day sample, I noticed that my skin texture had improved. I felt that the scarring on my right cheek seemed more even and my skin seemed clearer. With the improvement I saw in my skin, getting the full-sized bottle of the serum was a no-brainer for me. Paired with my new baby, my Clarisonic, I think it allows for maximum absorption by my skin, and I think I’m seeing results a bit faster. I have more scarring on my right cheek, so I will be keeping an eye on that and I’ll update with pictures and a post after around 3 months of use.

Just to note that this product is slightly fragranced. I battle with hayfever and this doesn’t seem to irritate my nose at all, but I do know some people are not fans of scented products, so I’m just throwing this into the review. 

I’ve only been using this for a few weeks now, but so far, I’m impressed. I really hope that I will continue to see improvements in my skin the longer I use this. What do you think of the Clarins Double Serum? Have you picked up a sample yet or bought the serum? Love it? Hate it? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, are there any Clarins products I have to try that you love? I’m keen to try the new matte foundation next. 

Have a great weekend gals 😉



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