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Battle of the Matte Liquid Lipsticks {Drugstore Edition}

Ahhh Valentine’s day…. It feels like just yesterday I was wrapping Christmas presents? How did that even happen? Time warp aside….. today seems like the perfect day to talk about lipsticks! More specifically, we’re talking about matte liquid lipsticks. What’s even more exciting is that I am collaborating with my friend Yolanda over at Slay Uniqueness who will also be reviewing liquid matte lipsticks, but she’ll be reviewing high-end lipsticks! So you can decide what suits your pocket, we’ve got you covered either way 😉

Top L-R: Wet n Wild; Rimmel Bottom L-R: L’Oreal; Hean

I honestly never used to be into matte lipsticks of any kind. I was always a glossy lipped gal. Not to say I’m obsessed with matte lipsticks now, but I do like the fact that mostly, they don’t leave a goopy mess on the rim of my coffee cup! I’ve definitely added a few matte lipsticks to my collection, and I thought it would be a good idea to go through my matte liquid lipstick offerings, so you could have a better idea of what’s on offer at the drugstore.

Wet n wild liquid catsuit (RSP R99,99 at Clicks)
I love the shorter, fat bottle of this lipstick. I have this in the shade ‘Rebel Rose‘, that’s a stunning mauvey shade. The applicator on this lipstick is perfection in my opinion. It fits the contours of the lip very well, and the thin edge allows for precision if you try to ‘line’ the lips with this.

The formula of this is lovely. It goes on with a sheen and then quickly dries down to a very comfortable matte. The lipstick is also really opaque and one layer is all you need. This doesn’t transfer either, so I love that!

Wear test – I applied 1 layer at 8am. Throughout the day I drank water, ate fruit and I had a wrap. By 4:30pm I still had quite a bit of stain on my lips, but obviously it was not looking fresh. I felt this had a really good wear time and even though it faded, it faded evenly. For the price? This is an amazing matte lipstick to own! They’re currently on a 3 for 2 at Clicks, so I’m hoping to pick up some more shades soon. 

Swatches in natural light, no flash.

Rimmel stay matte (RSP R119,00 at Clicks)
On the packaging front, this is a slimmer curvy bottle and it’s really light weight. I don’t own any other lipsticks with this shape of packaging. I have this in the shade ‘Be my Baby‘, which is a beautiful peachy nude shade.

The formula on this once dried down, is a bit drier than the Wet n Wild above, but not uncomfortable. I however, do not love the applicator on this. It’s just too straight, so it doesn’t glide smoothly where my lips curve.

Wear test – At 8am I applied it. The first application was streaky and I needed at least 2 coats for opacity. After a cup of coffee, it looked faded, but still very much there, just not as bright. I drink a lot of water and ate as usual and by the end of the day it looked patchy and crumbly on my lips. 

Hean Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Matte (RSP R220 from Glamore Cosmetics)

This technically isn’t ‘drugstore’, but it’s not quite high end priced either….and I have it in my collection, so I thought I’d include it here. I have this in the shade ‘Bordo Passion‘, which is a beautiful red lipstick, with a blue undertone. I am not comfortable wearing red lipsticks, but I feel if you want to ease into it, this is the one to get. This is not super opaque, but due to the shade, I’m okay with it. 2 coats are pretty opaque though and it dries down in about 2 minutes.

This lipstick is enriched with Meadowfoam Limnanthes oil, beeswax and vitamin E to prevent drying of the lips. That being said, it’s doesn’t feel very hydrating on the lips. It’s quite matte and dry, which I am fine with. After I’ve removed it though, my lips feel nourished. So it’s not hydrating while on the lips, but I feel it definitely ‘treats’ the lips and the next day you’re sitting with lips that feel good, even without anything on them. The applicator has that ‘dip’ in it to accommodate the curve of the lip, so I find it’s easy to use.

Wear test – At about 9am I applied one layer, but around 1pm I applied a 2nd layer. This doesn’t transfer, which is great. After eating and drinking, I still had a slight wash of colour, but otherwise the lipstick was pretty faded. 

L’Oreal Infallible Lip Color (RSP R199,95 at Clicks)

This is a very interesting product in that it’s a 2-in-1 lip product. The one side of the applicator has the colour pigment, that to me is a demi-matte finish. There is a 2nd applicator/side that has a balm that converts the colour to give it a glossy finish. I have the shade ‘Invinsible Sable’ that’s a real brown nude. It’s a great everyday colour to wear and I think it would suit anybody.

The applicator is similar to the Rimmel lipstick, but a bit shorter, so I find it easier to use. Being shorter, I have more control over where the product goes, even though it’s straight.

Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss

Wear test – I applied one layer around 1pm. It applies nicely and I feel that it’s hydrating on my lips. It’s rich in pigment, so 1 coat is fine for me. Now while I bought this because I love the option of adding the glossy layer, I am not sold on using this together. I feel after a few hours the addition of the gloss makes the lipstick crumbly and a bit of a mess on my lips. Separately, I love this and it’s great to have either a lipstick or a gloss on hand with one product, because you can use the gloss as it on a no makeup day. So for that, I like this product. Just not together. This isn’t very long wearing though. I’d say after 2 or 3 hours I needed to reapply. 

Essence Matt Matt Matt gloss (RSP R49,95 at Clicks)

So apologies, because the picture of the gloss in the combined flat lay picture, is not the one I’m reviewing here. Once I started drafting this post,  I realised the gloss isn’t stocked anywhere online. I sent my husband a frantic message to go and repurchase the Matt Matt Matt gloss (because the one I own is MIA) so I don’t delay this post.

I picked this up in the shade ‘Girl of Today‘. This is a pretty berry mauve shade in my opinion.

The applicator holds on to a lot of product, so I suggest you try to swipe some of the excess off before you apply. This is due to the formula, as this has a whipped mouse-like texture. This is very comfortable and hydrating on the lips.  Also it’s very opaque. One sweep and there’s a lot of colour on your lips! This however does not dry down at all to a matte finish. It has a demi-matte look to it. I need to mention…..this smells divine!

Wear test -I applied this late afternoon and then had supper. This did not last through supper. It transfers immediately and comes off your lips. The claim is that this is a long-lasting lipgloss…I don’t think so. It does leave a nice subtle stain behind though. For R49,95, great pigment and beautiful shades, I’d say this is well worth the money spent. The only con (besides not being long wearing) is that this doesn’t really dry down and it transfers all day. 

So that’s a wrap from me on the ‘Battle of the Matte Liquid Lipsticks’ from the drugstore! Have you tried any of these? What’s your favourite matte liquid lipstick?

Don’t forget to head over to Yolanda’s post now to see her thoughts on the lipsticks she’s selected that are more high-end 😉 I know that’s where I’m headed right now!

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  • Keesha

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! I had started to like liquid lipsticks and the ones I wanted were so expensive. But thank you for Sharing your experience with me. I will definitely try some youve mentioned as I already tried the Essence Matt Matt Lipgloss and im inlove, I will Definately make sure to let you know.

  • Yolanda

    Loved your post babes and thank you for this collab. I knew it was gonna go smooth sailing because you just have your Ish together. Still, don’t know how you manage with 3 minions, so I honestly take my hat off to you.

    I own the Wet N wild liquid catsuits and the Hean liquid lippies and I experienced the exact same with these lippies. Wet n wild is definitely my favourite drugstore liquid lippies at the moment and they’re so affordable.

    Thank you once again and let’s do this again sometime in the near future.

    • Simone

      I need to try the Avon ones. I know I saw you rave about them on your blog a while back as well as another blogger. I don’t have an Avon ‘dealer’ in close proximity, so I think that’s why i never think of trying out their products.

  • Emma (@vintagevixenCT)

    Would you say the Wet N wild one is by far the best? I swatched the Rimmel one in-store and it had the exact same effect. I don’t know why, but liquid lipsticks always start crumbling on my lips after a few hours! I have the Provocalips and it does the same, though I find that without the balm it’s a bit better.

  • Aisha

    These nude shades are just stunning! I bought rebel rose and only wore it once, afterwhich I just lost it. I’ve searched everywhere but I cannot find it. I definitely want to check out the Rimmel lippy next time I’m in Clicks/Dischem. I just hope they’ll have testers as the shade looks like it will be a good match for my darker skin.

    • Simone

      Wet n Wild has a 3 for 2 on at the moment. I love that Rebel Rose!

      The Rimmel shades are great. Somebody mentioned with a balm it holds up a bit better. I just love this shade….I don’t own another shade like it.

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