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Beauty items I intend NOT purchasing in 2018

Happy Tuesday gals 😉 I saw this video over at Livloveshermakeup and I thought it would be fun to do. It got me thinking: ‘what do I really not need to buy this year’? Probably a lot of things, but what am I prepared to declare publicly that I will not purchase? Yikes. I thought it would be fun to add a giveaway of sorts to this post. If you’re a regular reader and you imprint to memory any of my posts…this will be a good one to bookmark. If you see a future haul  (purchased by myself) includes something I’ve listed here, call me out and I’ll send you a prize. I can’t say now what that prize will be, but it will be makeup related or perhaps a gift voucher of sorts. Let me know what you think about that.

Okay, so first up…..

Facial oils

I have at least 3 bottles at the moment that I need to get through, so I am sure that I will be sorted for 2018. I only use facial oils at night and on nights I do an intensive mask, I most probably won’t do facial oil as well, so my facial oil stretches. Currently I’m actively using the Clarins Double Serum, and when I want to switch things up, the Skin Creamery’s facial oil.

Facial cleansing wipes

I really enjoy them, but I find they become dried out and also it’s wasteful. Since discovering cleansing oils, I really only use my hands and then I go in with my Clarisonic afterwards.

Micellar water 

I have not touched my micellar water in MONTHS. Again, since discovering cleansing oils, I just don’t feel the need to use hundred of cotton rounds and micellar water to cleanse my face. To get through the bottle I currently have, I am going to try using it on a cleansing cloth, or alternatively donate it to my sister.

Eyeshadow palettes

The pain in my heart and fingers to type this out….. I’m not sure I can commit, but I have over 15 eyeshadow palettes. It’s not necessary. There is one palette I have on my LUST LIST, but unless I win the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills…I am not spending a dime on eyeshadow palettes this year.

Setting Spray 

This one I’m going to insert a clause. If I finish the 10 bottles I currently have, I’m allowed to buy the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. I’m not sure what the chances are of me finishing all that I currently have, but I may start using it as body spray as well to get rid of it 😉

Lip balm 

This may seem arbitrary, but I’m always buying magazines to get free lip balms and recently splurged on a R200-ish balm. I don’t reach for them often enough, so I’m going to stop buying them.

Sheet masks or sachet masks 

I LOVE sheet masks and any mask that comes in a sleeve form…but I tend to hoard them more than I use them. So until the pink box of sleeve masks is empty, there will be no more purchasing of sleeve masks. I have 2 on the way that I ordered in January, but there was a glitch with my order. So these 2 masks don’t count for the ‘calling me out’ prize 😉 

False Lashes

I’ve bought 4 pairs already and worn one pair ONCE. Just because they look amazing on beauty gurus, doesn’t mean I need to also have 100 pairs. In this case 100 pairs I plan to never wear.

So that’s my ‘anti-haul’ for 2018. With my husband unemployed at the moment, I really need to be conscious of how I spend our money, and unnecessary beauty products definitely seems like a no brainer. Are there any products you spend an excessive amount of money on….or that one product you keep buying, that you actually never use?

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


    • Simone

      We definitely need to be a bit more conscious of what we spend our cash on. Unless you can afford it, then by all means… #BuyAllTheMakeup lol

      The eyeshadow palettes though…will I ever hit pan on anything????

  • Kerry

    I have a serious problem with buying foundations and lipsticks because I never finish them. I have NEVER finished a foundation or a tube of lipstick. So I am going to join you in this and finish everything I have before I buy more.
    I loved this post and this idea.

    • Simone

      I came across #ProjectPan on instagram a few months ago, so since then I’ve been trying to zone in on specific products to finish. Thanks for joining me!! We need to be a bit more conscious of what we do with our cash. And makeup purchases are so expensive and so wasteful some times.

  • Jeannette

    10 setting sprays… I don’t even have 1. ? I think you need to do an favourite setting spray post. Unless you have already… Let me go check.

    • Simone

      I really love facial oils, especially in Winter…a must have. Changed my skin so much! I cant believe there was a time when all I used was cleaser…

      PS a while back I couldn’t comment on your blog and today again, it won’t allow me to login. I found the porosity post so interesting! I think my daughter is low and I’m high. I’m always really looking for products that can penetrate her hair.

  • Aisha

    Sheesh woman! 10 settings sprays! Lol. Jk. I’m not judging. Really enjoyed reading this. I’m also trying to cut back this year too. I want to save and this time NOT spend it on makeup. Wish me luck!

  • Scarletpiper

    My UD chill arrived yesterday, I wasn’t going to buy it either but the shopping addiction is a serious problem lol… I am hoping to do a review soon…I quit with false lashes too , I just decluttered about 10 pairs that I never ever wore, it’s not worth my money, I would much rather be buying photo backdrops lol

  • Raeesa Kikia

    Mascaras! I keep seeing oretty lashes in the pics and ads and buy the mascara even though I only use mascara on the weekend… I have like 10 currently, it’s madness! And also lippies… I keep buying them and they last forever and hardly get used. I’m also a sheet mask hoarder but I plan on using them from now on. My skin needs it now lol. Have you tried using micellar water to clean makeup brushes? I’m curious to know if that will work.

    • Simone

      I have a huge problem with mascaras as well 🙁 And I cannot wear them past the 3 month mark or my eyes get irritated….so I throw out tubes every month. BUT I just could not add them to my no buy! lol

      I haven’t tried, because I assume they still need the soap to get a good clean, but I’m thinking the one with the oil may dissolve some of the makeup. Will look into it.

      Thanks for reading. xxx

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