Tilting Heads Taco Cafe & Margarita Bar {Restaurant Review}

In December sometime, my cousin asked if we wanted to do a couple’s lunch at Tilting Heads, a mexican restaurant in the Richmond Hill area. I LOVE mexican food….like LOVE! I’ve got so many memories tied to mexican food, so it’s really something that fills me with nostalgia. I had this group of girl friends many moons ago and we just always ended up making enchiladas or nachos when we were having a girl’s night. If we went to Spur in the 90’s, early 2000’s…their mexican food was the So mexican food is tied up with all sorts of nostalgic feelings for me…and connects me to my youth (very important seeing as I’m now practically a fossil).

I told her we could meet there and hubby and I then proceeded to stalk the Instagram page so we could get a feel for the food. We’ve been to another mexican restaurant in Port Elizabeth maybe twice, and I just felt every dish tasted the same. If you tasted the enchiladas, you’ve tasted the tacos and you’ve tasted the nachos. One recipe/mixture for every single dish. So as excited as I was, I was careful not to have high hopes for this place.

We had a reservation for 4:30 and when we got there, our table was waiting. It’s a very small space though, so I’d recommend that you book if you want to try them out. I’m not sure if they’re always busy, but it was a Friday afternoon and with only about 6 tables (I didn’t count, but it really didn’t feel like there could be more than 6) I’m guessing it can get busy pretty fast.

Chicken enchiladas

Unlike the restaurant size, the menu is pretty large and extensive…there’s so much on the menu! Nachos, enchiladas, tacos, AVOCADO FRIES, cheesy fries, ribs, calamari…and and and… Also they cover most protein options…chicken, lamb, pork and beef.  We tried quite a few dishes that day….as coloured people would say. #NiksGewoond.

Chilli Cheese Fries

I have to say that the food was good. I personally felt it wouldn’t kill them to add a dash of salt to the dishes, but I know in this health crazed age, some people are not about the salt life. Some of the portions are perhaps smaller than I expected, but when I’m eating tapas style, I don’t mind the smaller portions. The small portions are definitely more than enough for me, but my husband probably wouldn’t agree. Though he loves it, because it means he can order more dishes to sample.

Drinks wise they have margaritas and some craft beers. There’s also a Jalapeno margarita, but I’m not sure if my love of jalapenos extend to my alcoholic beverages. I wish there was more options for cocktails personally, but I did enjoy the margaritas.


Drafting this portion of the post has me salivating….dessert….  These churros were absolutely gobsmackingly good. I have no other way to say it. They were crispy on the outside, so super soft on the inside, tossed in a sugar and cinnamon mixture…..with the dark chocolate to dip into??? This was just perfection. The perfect ending to our enjoyable meal. Minus the chicken mole. We told them to take that off the menu. It was terrible. Unless it’s an acquired taste, but if it was…the 4 of us at our table definitely do not want to acquire a taste for that dish. 

The only problem, due to the restaurant being so small, is that I assume they want the tables to turn fast. My cousin noticed we were being watched and when she enquired we were told they needed our table for another reservation. That was a tiny bit off-putting. They should tell you then that tables are only reserved for 2hrs max or something to that effect. Once we knew that they needed us to leave, we felt rushed and got the bill. Look, not off-putting enough NOT to return. My husband is aching for those avocado fries…I could easily just go back for a dish of that and the churros. So good….*insert dream sequence*

Price wise I think they’re pretty average. Let’s face it, eating out isn’t cheap these days. If you’re an avid mexican food lover such as myself, I would definitely recommend that you pay them a visit, but make a reservation…for at least 3hrs 😉 Jokes aside, have you been there? Are there any other mexican restaurants in PE I need to try out?

If mexican ain’t your thing, maybe you’d like to check out my review of Vovo Telo for amazing coffee and cake 😉

Disclaimer: I am not a professional restaurant reviewer, these ‘reviews’ are just a recap of my experience with the restaurant on the day 🙂


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