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All about the Clarins Healthy Spring Collection

Ever since I started trying out Clarins skin care products a few months ago, I have become quite a stalker of their Instagram page. One day I spotted the announcement that they were releasing 6 new primers…..and I got very excited. Even more excited when I got the news that Clarins would be sending some goodies over from the new launch for me to test out. I literally said to myself: Please let it be a primer! So when my little package arrived, I was pleased as punch to find not only a primer, but 2 primers, as well as a lip product. Let me tell you a bit about the collection as well as give you a mini review.

Clarins SOS Primers

SOS Primers

What are these Primers claiming to do?

Lightweight, fresh and oil-free: SOS Primer’s fluid texture makes it so easy to apply and leaves the skin comfortable all day. Results look so natural. Its amino acid coated pigments have perfect affinity with the skin; your complexion looks more even, make-up wear is prolonged.

How many are there?

They’re releasing 6 primers, each with its own cocktail to address a specific skin issue you may have:

00 – Universal light for radiance.

01 – Rose to combat signs of fatigue.

02 – Peach is to cover imperfections like dark circles.

03 – Coral to counterbalance the blue shades associated with dark spots.

04 – Green to minimise any redness you may have.

05 – Lavender to make yellow skin appear clearer.

What else?

Every time I wear makeup, I wear a primer. So you’re asking, what’s another primer Simone? Clarins has made these primers a dual purpose product, in that, thanks to organic sea lily extract, the SOS Primer also hydrates the skin for up to 24 hours. The lightweight formula allows the skin to breathe and protects from the harmful effects of the environment thanks to Clarins anti-pollution complex [nipplewort extract+ white tea + furcellaria].

I love putting a primer on my face, that I know is also protecting my skin.  These primers are also oil free and I tend to use them on no makeup days as well. Thanks to the High Lumitech complex, SOS Primer corrects, illuminates and revives the complexion as well. The combination of pearls and soft-focus powders enhance light diffusion.  Basically this means your skin instantly looks better!

Also you can ‘multi prime’ with these and target specific areas with the different colours as you need them.

What has my experience been?

The shades I received are 00 and 01. I am a naturally oily gal, so my plan is to use 00 in Winter, when that radiance will be needed as my skin tends to get dry and dull in Winter. I have however been using 01, because heaven knows, as a mom, I am always fighting off the fatigued look.

The texture is very light. It’s like a light moisturiser. You can feel your skin is being moisturised, but then it dries down to a sort of velvety feel. This feels really nice on my skin and it has that blurring effect where I need it…the huge pore situation. I have very oily skin, so there is a point in the day when the oil situation cannot be stopped anymore. This primer doesn’t assist me with that. It performs as well as my other best oil-free primers. I have used this twice, splitting my face in half between 2 primers. I used one that had a similar texture and then the 2nd time one that I knew did a good job with oil control. Both times the Clarins faired well and the oil was the same on both sides after a few hours. There was a difference though, one that I can’t deny. On the Clarins side, my makeup looked more vivid and vibrant. It just looked better than the other side.

My makeup lasted a good 10hrs until I removed it, looking fresh, albeit a bit ‘dewy’. I know this is a Spring item, due to the US season, but in Winter this is going to be an amazing primer for my skin.


These primers retail for R395 for 30mls and are available at all department stores that stock Clarins.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector

Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector

What are these Lip Balm Perfectors?

This candy-flavoured melt-in lip balm melds with the lips like a second skin to deliver a tinted glossy finish. Lips are beautifully plumped and hydrated. Four hours of continuous hydration*: lips are plumped, full and curved. Nourishes, protects and delivers utter comfort. 

How many shades are there?

These are currently available in 6 shades, and then as part of the Healthy Spring Collection, 2 new shades are being launched. A hot pink and a plum shade.

What has my experience been?

Firstly these smell divine. Quite sweet-smelling like candy. If you’re not into that kind of thing, it may be off-putting. I personally love scented lip products. I was a bit sceptical as I received ‘Hot Pink’, but to me this is more like a coral pink. So definitely more wearable than the name suggests. I dot this onto my lips and it gives a lovely light veil of colour with a great glossy sheen.

Lip Balm Perfector in ”Hot Pink’

It’s very comfortable on the lips and not sticky at all. Once the sheen is gone, I find there is still some trace of colour left behind. My lips do feel nourished when wearing this. I’d reapply at mid day and between this and another product I use, I don’t have dry flaky lips anymore. I’m really enjoying these new lip products brands are launching!


They retail for R310 and will be available at all department stores and online.

Lovely Rose Eye Shadow palette

Last, but certainly not least, they’re releasing a new 4 colour eyeshadow palette. The colours are so pretty and a mix of different pink shades that look like they obviously go well together. The 4 colours are a mix of matte and satins.

This will retail for R510.

These will all be launching on 3rd of April, so keep an eye out for it! Is there anything catching your eye? What do you think about the launch?

Note: The primers and the the lip product was sent to me, but all opinions are my own. #RealTalk

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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