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Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang Mascara {#FollowUpFriday}

In case you missed the first #FollowUpFriday post and need some background as to what you just clicked on, you can check it out over HERE. This ‘series’ will basically cover products that I want to chat about that I’ve hauled. I’ve used it in a pretty Instagram picture, but for some or other reason I haven’t featured it in a full length post. Also if there’s a specific item you’ve seen me mention, but never review, let me know if you’d like me to feature it and I’ll include it in a future #FollowUpFriday post.

Today we’re chatting about the VERY HYPED Bad Gal Bang mascara from Benefit. By now every beauty guru and their mom’s cousin has done a review on this, so I know I’m late to the party. I actually misplaced my mascara for about 2 weeks after I purchased it, so I was unable to give it a thorough review while it was still so popular. I live by the mantra though….that…better late than never 😉

Bad Gal bang Mascara

What does the Bad Gal Bang Mascara promise?

36 HOUR* FULL-BLAST volumizing mascara creates MASSIVE volume without weighing down lashes. The gravity-defying formula builds volume the more you layer, and contains aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials, derived from space technology. This innovative intense pitch black mascara layers easily for bigger & BIGGER impact. Its custom big Slimpact! brush is streamlined to reach root-to-tip, corner-to-corner, upper & lower lashes for BIG VOLUME WITH 360° REACH!
*instrumental test on 21 women

Now I’ve been a fan of the Roller Lash mascara from Benefit for a long time. In fact it’s featured as a favourite many times on the blog! So when I saw this mascara launch, along with claims that it contains aero-particles derived from space technology….I knew I needed it. Heaven even knows why I need aero-particles in my mascara, but I needed to find out.

Where? How much?

In Port Elizabeth we have a selection of Benefit mini’s available at Walmer Park shopping centre, but otherwise, I order online usually on Red Square.  I purchased the mini size, that retails for R175 for 4gms of product. The 8.5gms retails for R355.

I am somebody that owns a lot of mascara, so I literally never finish a mascara in the 3 month ‘useful life’ of the mascara. For this reason, I prefer buying mini’s as I toss after 3 months, and I end up tossing mascaras that I have only used 3 to 5 times. So for me, a mini is the smarter buy. If you’re a ride or die kind of gal and you’re committed to one mascara, then the full-sized would be a better buy of course.

Bad Gal Bang Mascara


The packaging on this mascara I LOVE. It’s so sleek and different. I love the black and pink colours and also the studded wand handle. It’s got a matte finish so there’s no fingerprint issues to worry about if you’re OCD like that.

The Formula and application

The formula on this mascara is quite wet, wetter than the Roller Lash formula. I saw many people say that you need to wipe the wand off when you remove it, as it retains a lot of product. Do this…wipe down that wand! I find that from one dip I can coat both eyelashes (?? sets of eyelashes??). The wand I quite enjoy. I always love these plastic/silicone wands as I find they really seperate my lashes. I do think this wand could have been like 3mm shorter, but that’s me nit-picking.

So the claim is:

  • Smudge-proof, water-resistant, volumizing mascara
  • 90% saw dramatic volume**
  • 94% said it instantly lifted lashes**  
  • 92% said it lengthened lashes**
  • ProVitamin B5 known to fuel thickness & strength

    Bad Gal Bang mascara wand

Now I will say that I definitely feel this lifts the lashes and adds insane length, but on volumising, not so much for me. I find that the volumising aspect comes due too much product on my lashes. So they look gunky down below and thin and long as the lash elongates. I saw this mascara on a fellow blogger’s lashes and it looked AMAZING! Also my sister says this looks really nice on my eyes. I think if I can get past the wetness of the formula and learn to use it a bit better, I may actually enjoy this mascara. I’m also going to pair it with a volumising mascara and see what happens. Also worth mentioning, this mascara does feel very lightweight, as in I barely feel it on my lashes. So those aero-particles are doing their job 😉

I just got out a mirror now again to check my lashes as I type this. I really love the lift and the length, but I just wish it did more with volumising. 

Another point to note is that this doesn’t flake or transfer on me.

Would I recommend this?

Hmmm….. I’d first ask myself, would I repurchase this once this one is done? I think the answer is yes IF it was on sale. If you LOVE trying new mascaras like I do, then I think you’d definitely want to try this at least once. If you have short stubby lashes like I do, you’d love the length this creates.

So you’re not about spending R175 – R355 on ‘trying’ out new mascaras? Then I think you can stick to what you like and know. Maybe pick up the Rock n Doll from Essence. Also I believe the Princess Lash is a good one.

What do you gals think about the Bad Gal Bang mascara? Have you tried this? Do you want to try this? What’s your favourite mascara at the moment?

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