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Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Dream St Palette {Review}

Happy Monday to all of you! I’m not usually this chirpy on a Monday, but today I am launching the start of my week-long collaboration with Yolanda from Slay Uniqueness. Also…the collaboration will have something for one…two of you at the end of the week! So definitely stay tuned and read the posts this week!

We’ll be reviewing a palette everyday this week for you gals. Different palettes, different brands, so I think it’ll give you a good idea of what we like and possibly don’t like and perhaps help you with making a decision if you were eyeing any of these. Today is a Colourpop kind of day, and I’m kicking off with the Dream St palette that was a collaboration between Colourpop and the super cute Kathleen Lights.

Dream St Palette

What is this palette about?

Super versatile warm toned nudes with rich pops of colour can take your look from heavenly to out of this world in only a few swipes. Mattes, metallics, satins – every shadow is buttery soft and so easy to blend. 

This palette is made up of 12 shades, a mix of mattes, metallic and satin shades. A run down of the shades from top row, left to right:

  • Shooting Star: matte soft golden brown
  • Magical: matte yellow peach
  • Star Dust: metallic true copper
  • Twinkle: metallic true rose gold
  • Sweet Dreams: metallic soft champagne with a peachy pink flip
  • Water Bearer: matte cool teal
  • Potion: matte vivid reddish rust
  • Spark: matte neon red
  • Kaleidoscope: metallic intense silvery nude
  • Elfish: matte rich red brown
  • Moony: satin soft baby pink
  • Mermaid Boy: metallic deep teal
Dream St palette


The packaging is the typical sturdy and compact cardboard design we know from Colourpop. Their palettes are always a great size for packing in and taking with you anywhere. I love the gold design with the stars and moon details. I think this packaging really stands out from their other palettes and collaborations. Worth mentioning though, there is no mirror. Some people don’t mind, some people do…just so you know 😉

Each pan has 0.85gm of product, so the total weight of the 12 shadows is 10.2gms.

Where and how much?

I purchased mine directly from the Colourpop website for $16, but you can find it locally and truthfully with customs and shipping, you’re better off purchasing locally. You can find this palette on the Fashion Police website, and it retails for R400 the last time I checked.


My favourite shades from the palette

I’ve swatched the shades that I tend to use all the time. From top to bottom:

  • Twinkle
  • Sweet dreams
  • Mermaid boy
  • Elfish
  • Potion
  • Magical

Can we take a moment for the pigment with these swatches?

The formula and my experience?

The mattes in this palette are really soft and buttery. ‘Magical’ to me is the most deceptive shade in this palette. It seems so light and basic sitting there in the palette, but in the crease?? This shade really is MAGICAL! It has this beautiful soft peach undertone that I didn’t really expect to show up on my skin tone, but it does. Potion and Elfish are also colours I love. They’re just so rich and red-brown on the eyes, like they make me want to slip into something comfortable…like a warm robe with a cup of hot chocolate. Makes sense right?

As flashy as the gold packaging is, and as striking as the pops of colour are, this palette is so comfortable. It doesn’t intimidate you, even if you’ve never worn blue eye shadow in your life, you’ll enjoy playing around with these blue/teal shades.

The metallic shades are just as stunning. ‘Mermaid boy‘ on the lid? *drops mic* #Dead. It’s that good! You can throw ‘Magical’ in the crease, deepen it up with ‘Potion‘ and put ‘Mermaid Boy‘ on the lid and it will look like you’ve really spent 10 minutes on your eye makeup. It’s effortless. Everything blends together well and all the colours go well together.

One small issue I have was that ‘Mermaid Boy’ on very hot days, transfers to my crease area after a few hours. It was bloody hot on those days though, so my eyeballs were sweating. No jokes. Also all the mattes are very soft, so there is a bit of kick up. I always make sure to tap my brush after I dip into a shade to minimise fallout. No biggie in my opinion.

Would I recommend this palette?

In case you couldn’t guess my answer, let me say it…. HELL YES! I featured this in a recent favourites post, so if there is one Colourpop palette you need to own, it’s this one. You can do natural everyday looks, or you can go as glam as you want to! Also Kathleen has done so many tutorials herself with this palette, as well as Allie Glines on her channel, so you’ll never be short in the ideas department in putting looks together with it.

Do you own this palette? Is it on your wish list? Now head over to Yolanda’s blog and check out her thoughts on this palette 😉

Side note: Today is the only day we are reviewing the same palette. From tomorrow it will be same brand, different palettes <3 

Dream St palette review


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