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NYX Ultimate Warm Neutrals Palette {Review}

Day 2 of the week-long ‘palette a day review collaboration‘ already? Hope you gals enjoyed yesterday’s posts and are ready for the next review. Today we chose a brand that is available locally with no customs and shipping costs for you gals! You can walk into Clicks and pick up a NYX palette any day of the week. Even better, when there is a beauty festival or fair on 😉 If you’ve followed me for a while, you’d know that I am OBSESSED with my NYX Contour and Highlight palette, but for some reason, I have never tried their eye shadows. An opportunity arose where I could get my hands on a NYX eye shadow palette and the name alone told me that this palette was right up my alley! I’m going to share my thoughts on the NYX Ultimate Warm Neutrals Palette with you today.

What is this palette about?

The NYX Ultimate Warm Neutrals palette is made up of 16 warm toned shades, a mix of mattes, satins, shimmers and metallics. The claim is that: You’ll be able to create a flawless, camera-ready appearance.

There are no shade names, so I’ll give you a breakdown of the shades from top row, left to right:

  • A matte white shade that I use for setting my lid primer/concealer.
  • A very pale champagne shimmer shade.
  • A neutral beige matte shade with yellow/slight peach undertones. Also useful for setting lid primer.
  • A yellow gold shimmer.
  • A matte milk chocolate-brown shade. Could be nice to deepen up the crease.
  • A matte rustic brown with orange undertones that is a good transition shade on my skin tone.
  • A rose gold shimmer. Swatched below.
  • Another matte brown variation that’s a bit richer in tone.
  • A brown/bronzey shimmer.
  • A rich maroon-brown matte.
  • A coppery rose gold shimmer. Swatched below.
  • A brick-red brown matte.
  • A bronzey brown shimmer.
  • A matte burnt orange brown shade. These kind of colours are my favourites!
  • A bronze shimmer.
  • A dark taupey brown matte.


The packaging is slightly underwhelming. It’s housed in a black and clear plastic palette and to me it feels cheap. The outside scratches quite easily so it’s not able to be photographed. At almost R400 for this palette, I think that the packaging could be better.

There are 16 pans, each containing 0.83gm of product per pan, so a total of 13.28gms of eye shadow.

Where and how much?

You can pick this up at Clicks for R379,95.


I really swirled my fingers around in the pans for these swatches. They swatch fine, but are not overly pigmented, especially if you compare it to the swatches in yesterday’s post.

Finger swatches though, are not THE way to tell if an eye shadow is pigmented or not, so don’t always take swatches as the measure of a palette’s pigmentation. 

The formula and my experience

I’ve always had FOMO about the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, so when I spotted this warm toned palette, I thought it would make the FOMO subside. The shades are lovely and rich, with some taupey browns in the mix, brick reds and then cinnamon and spice sort of shades.

The mattes are on the drier side for me. They are soft to the touch, but the shadows themselves seem so tightly packed that I struggle to pick up pigment. Also it actually isn’t terribly pigmented so you need to spend a bit of time building up the matte shades.

The shimmers….they are just lacking in my opinion. I haven’t tried them with some MAC Fix +, but I think that would be the way to go to make them pack a bit more of a punch. The palette claims to have metallic shades, but nothing I have swatched screams ‘metallic’ to me.

All that being said though, you are able to create pretty looks with this palette, despite its limitations. I personally end up grabbing a palette to supplement this one, because I feel the 2 top rows lack dimension/diversity in the shades on my skin tone. I usually look for something else for a transition shade and I then go in with this palette.

The shadows wear well on the lid with a primer. Perhaps not as long as some of my other eye shadows, but you’d get a good 6hrs with them. The shimmers fade though and I find at the end of the day there’s just a light sheen on my lids where I had applied the shimmer. 

Would I recommend this palette?

I’ve stated what only sounds like negatives, but they aren’t totally negative points. If I was just starting out in makeup, I think this would be an ideal starter palette. You could play around with these shades, without worrying about being heavy-handed. I personally would have loved this palette 3yrs ago. I’m in a different place now, with different expectations. I need more bedazzling when it comes to shimmers and metallics. Who has time to grab Fix + every time they want to use a shimmer shade? I have palettes that can give me shimmer and metallics without needing to be wet first.

The price??? NYX, I feel, is a bit pricey for ‘drugstore’. I think it’s the reason I tend to not buy too much from the brand. I recall how shocked I was that my contour palette was around R400. This palette should be retailing for at least R100 cheaper in my opinion. I’d personally rather ‘splurge’ on a Colourpop palette in this price range, but one has to consider the logistics of buying Colourpop.

If you’re a newbie to makeup looking for a palette to get started with, I’d say give this a try, when there’s a promotion on. Alternatively, if you don’t have almost R400 to burn as a newbie, maybe wait for tomorrow’s post 😉 If you’ve been using makeup for a while and you have an extensive eyeshadow palette collection, I’m not sure that you would be too impressed with this palette. I personally don’t reach for this palette often.

Do you own the NYX Ultimate Warm Neutral eye shadow palette or any other NYX palette? Is there anything else from the brand that I have to try?

Don’t forget to head over to Yolanda’s blog now to see which NYX palette she’s reviewing and if she has some more love for their eye shadows than I do 😉

NYX Ultimate warm neutrals palette review


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