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Reviewing my Morphe brush stash {Part 2}

Okay, so as the title suggests, today we’re into part 2 of my ‘Morphe brush review’ series and I have another 5 brushes for you. If you missed part 1, you can check it out here. I just want to say, having nice brushes is obviously great, but nobody NEEDS all these brushes. My brush collection is so wasteful as I honestly use the same brushes over and over. Some end up being used purely because their brothers and sisters are dirty….and ain’t nobody got time for cleaning brushes all day long 😉

Morphe brush review

Mini Buffer – M173 (Synthetic bristles)

This is a really nice short, dense buffer brush. I use this with concealer to prime my lids or powder to set the concealer. I also think it makes a great nose contour brush.

Must have: Not really

Round Powder  – G36 (Synthetic bristles)

This is a powder brush and on the website, it states its used to ‘apply powder foundation flawlessly or to blend out a contour’. The synthetic bristles means that it picks up powder really easily so I personally use this to either powder my face or to contour with. I use it in a stamping motion and I find it gets the job done. This is a really nice versatile brush to own and it’s also really super soft.

Must Have: You don’t NEED it, but it is a nice brush to have in my collection. I find I use it often.

Gun metal brushes

Mini Round Buffer – G34 (Synthetic bristles)

This small synthetic brush is perfectly dense for buffing in concealer for flawless coverage apparently. I don’t have much use for this brush. I can use it to highlight if I have nothing else and to sweep away powder under my eyes.

Must have: No.

Morphe brushes

Pro Pointed Blender – M501 (Sable bristles)

This is a tapered brush specifically for highlighting. It gives you a nice diffused look so you can really layer your highlight to be as soft or as blinding as you like.

I do find the bristles flay about a bit so in the long run it may be difficult to get a precise highlight, but for now it’s fine.

Must have: No. I love the Real Techniques setting brush for highlighting. They’re not the same at all, but the RT brush is soft and denser so it can give you the same soft or blinding option. 

Jumbo Crease – M577 (Sable bristles)

This is a densely packed brush, specifically for the crease or blending out harsh lines, according to Morphe. I don’t see this brush being used for that. It’s very dense and I personally prefer fluffy brushes for my crease and blending. This brush for me is perfect to add colour to the outer corner and also for a brow highlight.

Must have: If you don’t have a small dense brush for the outer corner, then yes. If you have one that can do the same job…nope.

So that’s a wrap for part 2 of my Morphe brush review. I’ll try not to wait 10yrs between part 2 and part 3. Promise. Do you own any of these brushes? Are there any of these that you wish to own?

Also, let me know in the comments what sort of posts you’d like me to do in future or if you have any specific products you’d like me to review 😉

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