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Is Sorbet’s Pedi-Care range going to give me baby-soft feet? {Review}

Monday is upon us again, and with it, another review. Before I get into the review though, don’t forget this the LAST week for you to get your entries in for the Colourpop palette giveaway!

I mentioned previously that any talk around feet make me feel ill. I never want to picture your feet or hear about it….and preferably I’d love to never see you in flip-flops. My husband was banned from flip-flops maybe 20yrs ago? I had a colleague that literally used to chase me around the office, one foot in the air, sporting a flip-flop. I would have collapsed… if not for the fact that I needed to keep running. Feet-phobia aside though, I do want to have my feet looking decent. As you age, it’s not so easy to maintain ‘soft as a baby’s bum’ heels! More like a baby horse’s ass…or….hooves?? So when I spotted the Sorbet Pedi-Care kit at Sorbet a few weeks ago, I grabbed it off the shelf to try it for myself. I had previously had a medi-heel pedi and it sounded like a similar product.

What is the Sorbet Pedi-Care Foot Peel Duo about? 

The Peeling Foot Gel contains ingredients that slough off dead skin, while the Neutralising Foot Tonic neutralises the Peeling Foot Gel after the peeled skin has been scraped off.

The Sorbet Pedi-care range is infused with pomegranate seed oil and botanical extracts. It promises to peel away hard skin and calluses….to reveal BABY-SOFT skin in roughly 10 to 20 minutes! Sounds like something every sandal loving lass would want to try right??


I adore the packaging of these products. The white with the pomegranate and the red writing….it just looks so high-end. Nobody goes through this much trouble for foot products?

There are 2 x 100ml bottles, one is the Peeling foot gel and the other is neutralising foot tonic. Also included the kit is a glove, a pumice stone and a scraper.

Where and how much? 

I picked this up at Sorbet and it retails for R199. I know Clicks also stocks Sorbet, but the Clicks closest to me doesn’t stock the pedi-care range.

Application and my experience 

Okay, so you actually need to read the instructions on the pack. The first time round I think I messed up.

The process:

  1. Clean feet.
  2. Apply the peeling gel to a cotton round and apply to the affected area.
  3. The cotton round needs to be saturated in product.
  4. After applying on all affected areas, you clingwrap the feet.
  5. After 10-20 minutes remove and scrape the sloughed off skin with the white scraper.
  6. Once that is done, buff with the pumice stone.
  7. After buffing, apply the tonic.
  8. I then end off with a heel balm.

That’s a lot of steps! Phew! You definitely need a partner to assist you with this, I think it just makes it a bit easier. Luckily my husband is a gem and stepped in and even painted my toes….no comment on how that went though. lol. It’s the thought that counts?

I didn’t think it did an amazing job. My feet felt softer, but I could have gotten similar or better results from a good old foot file, a soak/exfoliation and some heel balm. If you have feet that are not too hard, I think this would be a good product for you, but if you have harder skin…and even cracked heels, I don’t think this product will impress you much. Also for the amount of effort I had to put in, I’d rather just go to my favourite salon for pedicure where all I have to do is ‘belax’ (as Mila used to say).

Would I recommend it? 

I don’t think so. As I said, if you’ve got softer feet, then yes, the Sorbet Pedi-Care Foot Peel Duo kit will be great for you. One of my favourite bloggers, Rayne from Make it Rayne, loves this stuff! I feel it’s like a really good exfoliator…and takes off that initial harder skin that sits on the surface, but if you’re looking for something heavy-duty, this is not the product. I am keen to try their heel-balm next though, as it contains at least 25% urea, so I’m assuming it may be a goodie!

Have you tried this? If so, let me know in the comments below. Also do you know of a similar product?

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  • IntheMeantime

    Thanks for this – as someone who shares your feet phobia and with hyperhidrosis, feet products are somewhat important but in secret… my feet are really dry so wont be on my list of to try’s. Thanks for the heads up! I do agree on the bottles though – they are beautiful! xx

  • Donna

    I use the medi heel kit and I think it’s a very good product. I get about 4 pedis out of one kit. I have terribly dry heels and I get calouses very easily but if I use the kit regularly then my feet definitely look a lot better.

  • Scarletpiper

    This was in my cart lol…It’s not anymore! Thanks!!! I don’t like showing my feet but when I do they have to be gorgeous…doesn’t sound like these will help me achieve that hahaha hahaha

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