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Iguana Boy, New Book Series! {Kids Book Review}

I’ve spoken about the struggle of THE READING BADGE at my kid’s school before right? Besides making them read book after book, I like to ensure that they’re enjoying what they are reading. Luckily Pan Macmillan has been sending us some pretty entertaining books and Iguana Boy was one of them! Just read this cover…hilarious!! I laughed so much when I was unpacking this….I think it just sets the tone for the whole book!

Iguana Boy

Dylan has wanted a superpower for as long as he can remember, especially since his brother and sister have got really cool ones.

But when his wish finally comes true, Dylan is MIGHTILY disappointed. For Dylan has become … Iguana Boy. He can talk to Iguanas … RUBBISH!

And when supervillain Celina Shufflebottom kidnaps all the superheroes in London, Dylan must work out how to use his new team of chatty iguanas to save the day. He’s going to have to think outside the box, (the pizza box), if he’s going to become the hero he’s always dreamed of.

If he’s going to make Iguana Boy cool.

Dylan’s siblings are superheroes, so it stands to reason, that he would desperately also want to be a superhero! His brother can create hurricanes and his sister has laser eyes. Only on a Monday though, hence her superhero name….Millie Monday! So Dylan’s chance finally comes…..and his superhero power is….talking to iguanas. Hmmmm, not really the first thing I think of when I wish to be a superhero. Invisibility? Shrinking? Flying? I guess those are already in use, so Dylan needs to make the best of this situation!

My 9yr old thoroughly enjoyed this book and actually ended up doing an Afrikaans oral on the book! Iguana Boy is actually the first book in a series, so I think this is the perfect book to get your child started on if your kids love series books. My daughter loves books that are in a box set or series, so she already can’t wait for the next addition to this series!

Iguana Boy retails from R112 and is available at all leading book retailers.

Disclaimer: Pan Macmillan sent this book to me (my child), with no obligation to review it. It is at my discretion which books I choose to review, and I only do so if I, or my kids enjoy them. 

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