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L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks {Review}

I find I get a lot more excited about skin care than I do about makeup these days. When these L’Oreal Pure Clay masks hit the first time, I knew I wanted to try at least one of them. Then they released 2 more….blue and yellow?? I didn’t even care what they promised to do, I needed to have them! It was very exciting when they had the recent #ClayMoji competition running, but sadly I just didn’t get around to getting my entry in. Anyways, moving along. Many of you have asked for a review of these masks, so today is the day! Better late then never right???

L’Oreal Pure Clay face masks

What are these masks all about?

These masks were created with the idea that different parts of our faces have different needs and hence the term #Multimasking was born. I’m not sure if ‘multi-masking’ was a thing before this, but with the launch of these masks, it was the first time I had heard of it. Pretty clever right? I have a pore situation on my cheeks, oil situation on my forehead and a combination of situations on my chin. So multi-masking makes sense!

Whether you are looking to purify, detox or get your glow on (or indeed get involved with all the aforementioned), you can mix and multi-mask to your hearts’ content. Carefully formulated, these three power-players are recommended to be used 2-3 times a week and each pot provides 10 applications.

Each mask contains a powerful blend of three pure clays and then its own unique natural ingredient to differentiate the masks. The 3 clays found in all of them are the following:

  • Ghassoul – This clay is found in Morocco and is said to absorb excess sebum.
  • Montmorillonite – This clay will assist in eliminating imperfections.
  • Kaolin – This one is said to help clarify your complexion.

    L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks

The hero ingredient in the 5 masks, that makes them unique with their own formula and specific target is:

  • Purity Mask – Green Eucalyptus to purify and mattify
  • Detox Mask – Black Charcoal to detoxify and brighten
  • Glow Mask – Red Algae to exfoliate and smooth
  • Blemish Rescue Mask – Marine Algae, known for its anti-blemish properties and to unclog pores
  • Bright Mask – Yuzu Lemon Extract, known for its skin-evening properties and to illuminate the skin

As you can see, there is a mask for everybody and every skin care need.

L’Oreal Anti Blemish Mask


The masks come in glass jars with plastic lids. There is 50mls of product in each jar and they state you get about 10 applications, but I think you can get more than 10 personally.

Where and how much?

These masks are available at most retailers that stock L’Oreal and they retail for around R159,95 (pre VAT increase). I picked mine up at Clicks.

Application and my experience

I picked up 3 masks: Glow (pink), Anti-Blemish (blue) and the Bright (yellow) mask. All 3 masks have the same scent to me, which makes sense seeing as they share ingredients. Some people hate scents, others don’t mind them, so I always try to mention that. 

The Glow and the Anti-Blemish masks I use a brush for application. The Bright mask formula is a bit stiffer, so I have to dig in my fingers with that one. My favourite of the 3 is the Anti Blemish (blue) mask. The formula is super soft and it spreads really well, so you don’t need a lot of this one for your whole face. It’s also mild enough to use as an overnight spot treatment, which is what I do when it’s THAT time of the month. I noticed my pores appeared smaller after using this mask as well.

The Bright mask I enjoy. It feels nice on my skin and my skin seems a bit brighter. It also contains ‘natural exfoliators’ that are not abrasive at all and leave the skin feeling smooth and polished.

The sole reason I bought the Glow mask was because everybody else raved about it. In hindsight I would have preferred trying the Purity mask instead. The Glow mask is okay. It contains little exfoliating beads that don’t feel abrasive on my skin. The Glow mask can tingle a bit on my skin, the other 2 do not tingle at all.

One thing I love about these masks is that they are non-drying on the skin. I thought that the clay would cause my skin to feel dry (even though I have oily skin), but it doesn’t. If you have dry skin, I think these would still be suitable for you.

Would I recommend them? 

Yes I would. Even if you only get 10 applications, that still works out to R15,95 per application then, so they are value for money. I definitely recommend the anti-blemish mask. This isn’t for hardcore acne, but I find it calming on the skin, without being drying. As I said, also a gentle spot treatment for overnight use. The yellow mask I also quite enjoy. The glow one……. If I’m honest, I prefer THIS mask when it comes to exfoliation and clay in one jar. It’s not a bad mask at all, I just didn’t feel it did much for my skin.

Have you tried any of these? Let me know if you love them and also your opinion on the ones I haven’t tried yet.

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