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My April 2018 Beauty favourites!

It seems so bizarre to me that it’s halfway through May, and I’m chatting about my April favourites, what I loved last month! The fact that this post is so late ain’t my fault though…. I drafted this darn post well over a week ago and it just disappeared. Harry Houdini sort of skills! Like it literally never existed. URGH. So I took some time to get over the grudge-y feeling I am harboring towards this post, before I started it again. Today is that day! So without further ado, here is what I was loving during April…..

April Beauty favourites

Elizabeth Arden High Performance Blurring Loose Powder

I can’t say too much about this powder right now, because I do have a full review coming soon….BUT what I can say is that it’s fabulous! This powder contains hylauronic acid as one of its ingredients! How cool is that? I think this may be the best powder that I’ve ever used. Under the eyes, this powder is a dream!! Even if I am doing a sloppy job with making sure that the creases are smooth before I powder, it doesn’t matter. This powder takes care of that. Keep an eye out for the review soon!

UBU Beauty puff

UBU Big Mumma Super Size Powder Puff

I’ve seen Tati use these powder puffs and I was just intrigued. Do I need it? Don’t I? When I spotted this at Clicks for R49,95 I figured it was affordable enough to give it a go. I really like this puff, especially for under my eyes or just to press powder into the skin. I don’t have to wet it first, so that’s a plus. When I do my makeup in the car some mornings, occasionally I forget to wet my sponge and then I’m like….CRAP! Perhaps I wish it was fluffier, that would be my only con about it.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

In April, Dermalogica had a promotion on where you could purchase a set of their best sellers, well a mini version of those best sellers. The set contained 4 products for R349, being 50% off of R699. I thought it was a great way to try out some of their cult favourites without having to spend too much money. I have used their pre-cleanse before and I actually really enjoyed it. Now you know I’ve reviewed facial cleansing powders before, so a part of me was asking: Do you need this? The answer? I did…I did need it! This is so gentle on my skin and really, after using it, my skin feels so smooth and nourished. Also this seems to have a slight ‘lathering’ property so it really feels like it’s cleaning my skin so much better. I enjoy that property about it, and it just gives it that edge over the others for me.

MAC Matte lipstick in shade ‘Velvet Teddy’

I don’t think I wore too much makeup last month, but when I wasn’t wearing my Lip Gelato’s, I reached for this. MAC’s matte lipsticks have a lovely creamy texture and I just don’t feel like it dries my lips compared to other matte lipsticks. Also the shade is just stunning and so flattering. I do feel that this goes with most looks, so it’s like my fail -safe lipstick.

Essence The Gel in ‘My Love Diary’

Essence Gel Nail Polish

The one in the picture above, is in the shade ‘My Love Diary‘ and it’s actually a repurchase. I think this was Essences’ ‘Color of the year‘ last year and with good reason! The mauvey pink shade is perfection and perfect for Autumn/Winter. Besides the colour, the quality is also top class. I’ve really only been using Essence Gel polishes lately and they last quite a while before chipping. I’ve been using their base and top coats and I can get a full 4 to 5 days before I have chipping.

That’s it folks… April favourites is short and sweet this month! Let me know what you were loving in April and also if there’s anything in this post that you enjoy as well. Also I hope you all had an awesome mother’s day….I’m happy to report that I got some of the items on my wishlist 😉 I’ll share once the final item has arrived!

Top 5 April 2018 beauty faves

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