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RCMA No Colour Powder {#FollowUpFriday}

I know it’s been more than a hot minute since my last #FollowUpFriday post and I do apologise. Truthfully the public holidays had me a bit lazy and so I gave myself a few days off. I am the boss after all 😉 That being said, I will try to make sure I don’t tank my own Friday series, before it’s even started properly. Today’s product is a cult favourite and one I’ve owned for almost a year now….the RCMA No Colour Powder! It definitely deserves a follow up at this stage.

This powder, I believe was made famous by Kathleen Lights. After she announced it as her favourite setting powder, people jumped onto Amazon, Beauty Bay….anywhere they could get it. This stuff was sold out for weeks at a time! I personally ordered mine off Beauty Bay and my cousin brought it to SA for me from the UK. I was beyond excited when I received this powder! As I am about every makeup item apparently. How many times am I ‘beyond excited’?? I need some new words! 

What is the RCMA No Colour Powder about?

RCMA Loose Powders are a staple in the industry and should be a part of every pro makeup artist’s kit. RCMA Powder will keep your foundations set and dry without “caking.” Our No-Color Powder can be used for all powdering purposes. Since it has no filler or pigment it will not alter the color of foundation bases.

On the RCMA website there are actually 4 powders in total, including a translucent one. 


I have no words for this packaging. It is so user unfriendly. It’s essentially a spice bottle? How do they expect you to work with this? I actually threw out quite a bit on top of my Yardley powder and I then use it in that tub…if that makes sense. It’s really difficult to work with though….which is why I have not reached for this in a few months.

Where and how much?

I bought this on Beauty Bay, and paid around R200 I think. Maybe a bit more. You can find it locally on a re-seller’s website, but the ones I checked are currently out of stock. The powder locally seems to retail for around R300 – R400.

You get around 85gms of powder. 


So this isn’t a ‘swatch’ as such, but this powder is pretty darn white. I had major reservations about it actually NOT leaving me looking like Casper. When I blend this into my skin though, it really does not leave any white cast.

Blended and photographed with a flash

The formula and my experience

The claims:

  • Keep your makeup fresh and flawless for hours with no caking, creasing, ashiness, or breakthrough shine
  • Pigment-free formula blends smoothly over all skin tones and makeup products without altering color or texture
  • Blurs fine lines, pores, and imperfections with a silky, ultra-fine blend of talc and silica

This powder is incredibly finely milled so it really blends like a dream. I’ve already mentioned that it doesn’t leave a white cast on my face. On occasion I do feel that this powder is a bit drying under my eyes, but I’ve never been good with eye cream, so that could be my own fault. I do feel that it blurs pores and creates this sort of filtered look on my cheeks. This does sit a little bit on top of the skin in my opinion, and as a result, around my chin area, this can look a bit dry. I also do experience shine on my forehead after a few hours.

Besides the chin area and a little bit of creasing under the eyes, I’m happy with this powder.

Would I recommend it?

Yes I would. It’s 85gms of product, so this will last you quite a while and it’s a good product. The only thing that puts me off is the packaging. I suppose you could decant it into another container, but if I haven’t done it by now, chances are I never will!

Have you tried this powder? What is your favourite setting powder at the moment? Are you a loose or pressed powder kind of gal?

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The powder that Kathleen Lights made famous!

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