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The Top 5 blog posts YOU enjoyed reading!

I thought I’d do something a little different today…. No products, no books, no reviews! I know…what are you even doing here?? I’ve always been interested to see which posts you all actually enjoy the most. This may not be a 100% representation of what my Top 5 blog posts are, as time is a factor. Also, I moved my website last year and as a result, the stats linked to the old website and posts are no more. Let’s pretend all that doesn’t matter…..for the purposes of today’s post 😉

Obviously all the giveaways are high performing posts, but for today’s post, I am excluding them. I was a bit surprised at the reveal and also not so surprised…. We’ll do this like a countdown, from number 5 down to number 1….. 

5. When the rug gets pulled out from under you {Unemployment}

This was initially a very hard post to write. At the time there were so many emotions, and I was so ANGRY when I wrote this post. There was so much unfairness….so much feeling of betrayal. Of years of sacrifice….and urgh…this was just the most unjust situation we found ourselves in. However,  I tried not to let my anger come through in the post. In the end I think I turned it around and the whole direction of the post changed. It became one of positivity and encouragement. I’m glad I didn’t give in to those feelings at the time….and it’s also just an example of how therapeutic blogging can be at times. Also the kind words from you all, sharing your stories…they were so appreciated.

My husband is still unemployed….so things are still a bit scary around our neck of the woods, but I have faith somehow we will pull through. 

4. My July 2017 #Boxycharm Unboxing

You know Helen Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships...I’d like to think that my boxycharm posts were the posts that launched a thousand subscribers. ha ha. Okay maybe not 1000….but girls, you LOVED the Boxycharm posts. I take full responsibility and credit for making Boxycharm a thing in South Africa. I felt like a Boxycharm agent at one stage…like I deserved some commission. In dollars preferably! I answered the same questions…over and over…I did blog posts dedicated to step by step instructions on how to sign up.

My relationship with Boxycharm has subsequently come to an end *sniff*, but I am so grateful for all the brands I got to try…for under R400 a month (incl. shipping)….it was INSANE! Dr Brandt, Tarte, Cover FX, Bare Minerals, MAC…..I can’t make this stuff up. If you’re looking to start out a FABULOUS makeup collection, Boxycharm is definitely the way to go! 

3. My Ultimate Top 10 Makeup products!

When I look at my top 5…top 10 posts….makeup doesn’t feature as well as my more personal posts, so hallelujah that this post made it in here! Looking back at this ‘Ultimate Top 10‘, I am pleased to say that most of these are still my ULTIMATE products. Benefit’s ‘Dallas’….I will never be without. Due to this L’Oreal foundation….I honestly never crave high end foundations. Do you gals know that I do not own ANY high end foundations??? This does such a good job at a fraction of the price.

2. The day my Toddler almost drowned

I am not surprised to see this post up here in the top 2, because the title was always going to be a crowd puller. Let me state for the record, I am not the type of person for ‘clickbait‘ titles (in fact I HATE them), so I really thought long and hard about what to title this. I didn’t want people coming here thinking he’d drowned, but I also needed them to know it was bloody serious…..and that we need to be so careful when it comes to pool safety and our kids. I still get teary reading this post. Also, I’m still paranoid AF every single time I don’t hear Adam in the house. We do have a lock on this gate now, but it doesn’t subdue the fear. The paranoia.

*DRUMROLL*………and at number 1 we have……..

1. How to throw a party fit for a #BossBaby

Surprise! You all ,apparently, really loved the party posts, and this one where Adam turned 2 was the top performing of the series. The one featuring my fabulous gal-pal, Natalie was a close second to this post. All the party series posts actually feature in the top 10 (and some in the top 5 as well), so I’m just condensing the series into the most read posts for the last year! I really poured so much into this series….and I really enjoyed it. So it brings such joy to me, that it is still a series that is read on a regular basis. Also, this series was kind of a turning point on the blog, where I decided to feature my kids more, my #MomLife more, and I thank you…the readers, for sticking by me during that transition. I felt like some of you would feel played…like:’ Um…we came for the makeup? What shit is this?’

So that’s the round-up of the Top 5 blog posts YOU all enjoyed reading…and I must say it is a good reflection of the posts I poured my heart into. I have a prediction that my post on helping us bloggers (or your friend with the small business) will be in the Top 5 in the next few months, as it’s already on the cusp. I asked my friend, Venean, over at In The Meantime to also do her Top 5 posts as a collaboration post, so if you’re a parent, you may want to head over to her blog! To my blogger friends….please do a post like this if you have the time…I’d love to see if I’ve in fact read one (or all) of your Top 5 posts <3

So, truth time….have you read any of the above posts? Do you feel they’re an accurate depiction of what you enjoy reading on the blog (besides giveaways of course 😉 )? Also, if you enjoyed this post, go and check my updated Top 5 Blog Posts YOU enjoyed reading post 😉



I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


  • Pam

    Lovely idea of a blog post for someone who doesnt always get the time to read consistently, the higlights make me want to dig deeper. I hope the unemployment situation improves but I am learning as an adult it’s situations like this that aet you up for the future. They force you to introspect and innovate. Love the variety of content in your blog. You manage to be versatile but still carry your voice through. x

    • Simone

      What an absolutely lovely comment <3 It's all that I set out to do....have this be my space, but nothing must seem like it's out of left field. I can talk about makeup and my constipated kid....all in one sentence. lol.

      I definitely believe that the unemployment is a huge lesson for us and when we look back, we'll see how much we've grown...or wish we were weren't homeless. Let's hope for the former....ha ha

  • Luchae

    Love this idea you guys! Your toddler drowning post really opened my eyes… my kids need to learn how to swim. And of corse 😉 your party series wasnt to shabby either hahahahaha Your make up posts always remind me that my one eyebrow is a different shape to the other, so thanks for that

    • Simone

      Lmao…now I’m going to check for your eyebrows in every picture…you know that right?

      You should totally do a top 5 as well! I wanted to reach out to bloggers yesterday to join us (we literally drafted these posts less than 24hrs ago) on a whim I had, but I thought people may think I’m nuts. lol.

      • Luchae

        Okay let me know next time and then we’ll do a big collab of sorts somehow, I dont know what or how or when but I do know why… wait, why is this suddenly turning cryptic. Coffee… I need coffee!

  • Donna

    Your writing is just amazing my friend… amazing. It compliments the person you are. Amazing, kind, creative, funny, thoughtful… I enjoy all your posts and thanks for giving me something interesting and inspirational to read.

  • kirsty-rose

    I LOVE this idea for a blog post. I think it is really interesting to see what other people have enjoyed reading! I also like it because now I can read other posts instead of just this one – I can see what other people have enjoyed and go and see why! Great post and well written!

  • cherralle

    What a lovely post idea! Are these your top five in a specific time frame or in general of your blog life. Such a nice variety. What I love about blogging is that writing can helps us deal with what we are going through. I did one round up at the end of 2018 and It was a fun post to do.

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