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MAC Fix Plus Matte {Review}

Today marks the beginning of another collaboration with Yolanda from SlayUniqueness! We are going to be reviewing a different facial spray every single day this week!! Guys these week-long series posts are hard work! This one especially, because one really had to test every one under different conditions to be able to give a proper review of each spray. FIVE sprays, tested at least twice each…that’s 10 days of research! So please….support this series, read, share….show some love 😉

I have a bit of a facial spray addiction….I know…every post is an addiction issue apparently. I cant make excuses for myself anymore, so I won’t even try! Facial sprays are a great addition to your skin care and makeup routine. Different sprays have different functions though, so always be aware of the difference in facial sprays. Some are for setting, some are for refreshing and some have only skin care benefits. The one I’m kicking off this series with, is the much anticipated MAC Fix Plus Matte Spray! This was one spray I could not wait to get my hands on.

What is the MAC Fix + Matte Spray about?

This is supposed to be a lightweight mattifying spray that instantly refreshes the skin, while controlling shine and oil without disturbing the makeup. The innovative formula contains powders, silica and other oil absorbing agents to help set makeup, rebalance and mattify skin. MAC claims this spray:

  • Instantly soothes and refreshes skin
  • Instantly mattifies
  • Instantly controls oil
  • Instantly reduces the appearance of pores
  • Sets makeup

Packaging and cost

This spray comes in the same type of plastic bottle that houses the infamous original MAC Fix +, the only difference being that the name is written on the bottle, kind of graffiti style. Also the bottom half of the bottle has a frosted white look to it. You get 100mls of liquid for R340 and you can purchase this online on MAC’s website or in any MAC store.

The matte variant of this spray is unscented. 

My experience

Day 1

I sprayed the MAC Fix + Matte on left side of my face. I used the L’Oreal infallible 24hr foundation with the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant perfecting primer. 1.5hrs in, the left side of my face was more vivid and the makeup looked very natural and skin like. On the right side I felt like my makeup was sitting on top of my skin. My pores on the sprayed side were less visible than the un-sprayed side. Almost 2hrs in, I was preferring the left side of my face that had the MAC spray.

8hrs in my makeup on the left looked great and my pores were still blurred. My highlight looked better on the left. On the right side you could see texture, pores, etc. Once we were about 6hrs in, oil started peeking through on my forehead on the right, once I hit 8hrs, there was oil on left as well.

Day 2

On the 2nd day of the ‘experiment’, I used the same foundation, but the Benefit Porefessional as my primer. I also sprayed my whole face this time, as I was attending an event and I wanted my makeup to look good.

I felt like I had an amazing makeup day on this day! My makeup stayed put and looked fresh. It was hot on this specific day and I went to work, to a function, back to work…and at the end of it all my makeup really still looked pretty good and flawless. By the 9-10hr mark I removed my makeup, but I had only slight oil on my forehead at that stage. 

Would I recommend this spray?

I definitely would, as this spray made a noticeable difference on the side that I sprayed it. My skin was matte, without being flat or looking cakey. I love that you still get that hydrated look that the original Fix + gives, but without the oil. I also feel that this spray lives up to the claim of making pores appear reduced as well.   I have 2 points to note though:

  1. SHAKE this spray vigorously. I didn’t one time I used it and I had white flecks all over my face!
  2. I don’t find the mist to be the same as on the original Fix +. I need to hold this further away as I find it a smidgen more aggressive than the original spray.

If my skin is feeling really dry though, I use the original Fix + after setting my face with powder and then I set my face with the Matte Fix + spray. I end up getting the benefit of both sprays.

Have you tried any of the MAC Fix + sprays? Let me know in the comments which is your favourite! Let’s head over to Yolanda’s post now to see which spray she has reviewed!

NOTE: I have oily skin, but in Winter my skin tends to be a bit drier. Added to this I am using Retinol now as well, so my skin definitely is not as oily as it can be. These sprays could possibly perform differently in Summer when oil production is in full swing, so please bear that in mind with all the reviews this week. 

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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