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Glamglow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray {Review}

Day 3 of the Setting/Makeup Spray collaboration week with Yolanda already????? Time flies when you’re having fun I guess! The Glamglow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray had the highest number of votes in my polls! So this post, seemingly, is the most anticipated post of the week for me. Perhaps it’s the stunning hot pink packaging or perhaps it is the hype of the Glamglow brand as a whole that make people so curious? If you voted for this one, let me know what about this spray intrigued you so much.

I think I bought this, because Glamglow was hot stuff when it hit South Africa. I spotted this on a You Tuber’s channel…it may have been Carli Bybel and I just had to have it! The FOMO is real when it comes to Glamglow, especially when it comes to their face masks that everybody either loves or hates. There is no in between it seems. Okay….so the setting spray…..

What is the Glamglow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray about?

Ready. Set. Glow.

Inspired by Hollywood skin always sexy, never shiny this setting spray finishes your face makeup with a soft, cloudlike mist of mineral-rich charged waters meaning your glow goes everywhere with you, no matter what. With a caffeine infusion it helps to wake up dull skin and instantly boost radiance, while a TEAOXI® complex of green, white, and red teas (a blend known to fight environmental stressors), works alongside other advanced ingredients to leave skin feeling hydrated, soothed, and smoothed.

What I like about this spray is that is contains some good ingredients like caffeine and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, the latter having antioxidant properties.

Packaging and cost

This spray comes in a gorgeous hot pink plastic bottle with silver detail. I swear the bottle just makes me so happy to look at. I love the packaging! You get 110mls of liquid for R410. I purchased mine on the Red Square Beauty website.

My experience

Day 1

I used the Elizabeth Arden primer and the L’Oreal infallible 24hr foundation as I am doing on day 1 of all these reviews. I sprayed the right side of my face for today’s test.

The mist on this bottle is amazing…like a fine soft cloud. It’s so fine though, that you end up spritzing 10 times to make sure it is actually on your face. I love that it comes out so fine, so your skin never feels drenched. The scent on this though, had me gagging initially. It’s a sickly sweet smell that I just don’t like. The scent does settle eventually, but it does linger a while in the beginning when you’re getting used to the scent.

2hr check in, I felt the skin on the right side where I sprayed looked more textured than the left side. My left side just looked more flawless. There’s no oil peeping through on either side at this stage.

6hrs in I am still preferring the side without the spray on it. The left side just looks more flawless. Neither side appears oily yet either.

I removed my makeup around the 10hr mark, and my makeup was still in place and looked good. I thought it looked exactly as it did when I first applied my makeup. Around the 8 – 10hr mark, oil started creeping in on my forehead on both sides.

Day 2

I didn’t do a ‘day 2’ test, only because I have used this setting spray so many times, with different combinations, so I know how it performs already. I’ll wrap it all up in the final paragraph.

Would I recommend this?

The Glamglow Glowsetter Setting Spray made my makeup last, I won’t argue with that. I however didn’t feel like I was having the most amazing makeup day when I used this spray. It didn’t look better or worse…it’s just a sort of indifferent feeling. This spray is one I rarely reach for, mostly due to the scent.

In Summer I think that I will be using this more as a skin refresher spray, especially on no makeup days. Personally, I will leave this up to you.. considering the price point, it’s over R400, so that is steep. It’s not a bad spray, it does what it claims to do…set your makeup. I know many people rave about it, but I just don’t think I’d repurchase it myself.

Have you used this spray? If yes, please let me know what you thought about it. Let’s head over to Yolanda’s post now to see her review on a budget friendly offering from Wet n Wild!! Hope you gals are enjoying the #SettingSprayReviewWeek so far! 

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