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MAC Prep and Prime Fix Plus Spray {Review}

Ahhh and so we hit the end of the road….so to speak! We’re on Day 5 of the makeup spray review week and I think we reviewed a really great selection of sprays. I think we’re ending off the week with a bang though…. I’m reviewing the ORIGINAL cult favourite MAC Prep and Prime Fix + and Yolanda is reviewing another cult favourite…but I’ll tell you which one at the end of this post, so keep reading 😉

What is the MAC Prep and Prime Spray about?

This is supposed to be a lightweight hydrating mist that contains vitamins and minerals to instantly hydrate the skin and prolong the wear of your makeup. MAC claims this spray:

  • Soothes and refreshes skin
  • Hydrates
  • Non-Acnegenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Ophthalmologist tested

Packaging and cost

This spray comes in a clear plastic bottle. You get 100mls of liquid for R340 and you can purchase this online on MAC’s website or in any MAC store.

The MAC Fix + now comes in the original variant and then also 3 other scented versions, namely, Rose, Lavender and Coconut. 

My experience

What we need to make clear right from the get-go is that this spray is not marketed as a ‘Setting Spray‘. This is a prep and prime FIXING spray. That is the job of this spray. I think the fact that it extends the wear of your makeup is a bonus, but it is not the selling point. Due to this fact, I am not going to review this spray the way I did the others.

The MAC Prep and Prime Fix plus has an amazing mist on it. You do need to hold it far far away as it disperses like soft gentle rain drops on the face, but it has a wide circumference as it comes out. Your neck, clothes and hair may get a good misting as well. I like to use this spray in the following ways:

  • As a priming spray before my primer, when my skin is feeling tight and in need of some hydration.
  • I use it as a fixing spray, after I have powdered my face (after primer, foundation and setting powder) on days when my makeup is looking a bit dry or cakey.
  • As a refresher spray if my makeup is looking a bit flat.
  • I then usually finish off my makeup with a mattifying setting spray.
  • This is also excellent for intensifying your shimmer and metallic eye shadows.
  • I also spray this on my beauty sponge to dampen it when I apply my foundation.

So this brings my makeup to life….and then I use a matte spray to just lock that in place. In Winter, this spray is amazing for all skin types. In Summer I use it a bit sparingly…because while I love the hydrating properties, I do feel it brings on the oils. Hence why I am so happy they released the Matte version of the spray.

Would I recommend this spray?

I definitely would. This spray is like no other in how it ‘fixes’ your makeup. It honestly adds this flawlessness and it just makes my makeup look better. I do need to use a mattifying spray over it though, but I do need the MAC Fix + to ensure that I don’t look too cakey or dry, especially when my skin is drier.

So now I have reviewed 5 sprays and you may be wondering, okay…which one do you love and recommend the most Simone? In which order??? Well….you’re about to find out. I thought it would be nice to round up which sprays I prefer and would recommend, so I’ll list them from favourite to least favourite.

Ranked from favourite to least favourite:

  1. The MAC Fix Plus Matte is the number one spray for me currently! Hydration + Reduced Pore size + Mattifying = Yes Please!
  2. The MAC Prep and Prime Fix Plus, because I love the ‘fixing’ properties it provides and that it has multiple uses!
  3. Number 3 would have to go to the Slay All Day Setting Spray, because it’s very similar to the MAC Fix Plus Matte, just maybe a smidgen behind.
  4. The Avon Prep and Prime spray is really good at setting makeup, I just dock points for the strong alcohol scent and the tight feeling it gives my skin.
  5. Lastly….the Glamglow Glowsetter spray. The scent is just too sweet for me and it just isn’t what I need in a setting spray. I need something mattifying. That could be more about my skin type and not the actual spray, so do consider that.

Did you enjoy this series? Spot any sprays you love, hate…want to try? Let me know! Also if you have any other products you want to see ‘5 days of reviews’ for….let us know!

Now let’s head over to Yolanda’s post to check out her review on another CULT FAVOURITE from Urban Decay….you know which one I’m talking about right?? The All Nighter Setting Spray! EEEK! See you there!

NOTE: I have oily skin, but in Winter my skin tends to be a bit drier. Added to this I am using Retinol now as well, so my skin definitely is not as oily as it can be. These sprays could possibly perform differently in Summer when oil production is in full swing, so please bear that in mind with all the reviews this week. 

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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