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Slime making made easy with the Slime Factory!

If you have a child under…what….14 maybe, I’d guess you know the love for slime is real! My kids are 3, 6 and 9….and they all LOVE SLIME! Adam maybe more the nose picking variety, but slime is slime right? We have attempted to make slime a few times already. We’ve tried regular slime, foamy slime and glitter slime. I’ve bought cheap shaving foam, borax…..and who knows what else (okay I don’t remember all the ingredients), but sadly all our attempts failed. I’d just be left with a mess, a waste of ingredients…..and more importantly…VERY disappointed kids!

I saw a giveaway on Twitter a few months ago to win a Slime Factory from Prima Toys and I was DELIGHTED when I was told we had won. Addison had just the previous week asked if I could please buy her a real slime making set for her birthday. She was sick of the disappointments…she wanted real slime. I was sick of wasting my time and money….this was a win for both of us! When the box arrived, even I was pretty darn excited!

What is the Slime Factory?

Make your own shimmery slime with a surprise! This Slime Factory makes it fun and easy to create custom slime. Combine slime colours, confetti, glitter and surprise figurines too for the coolest slime around. This set includes everything you need just add water! No glue required. It also Includes assorted metallic, neon and pastel slime powder colours. Simply pour one slime powder, glitter and water into the mixer. Mix well and then add a surprise figurine. 

• 1 automated blender
• 1 work station 
• 10 slime powder packs
• 3 glitter tubes
• 4 styles of confetti
• 3 shaker containers 
• 1 sticker sheet
• 4 surprise figures
• 1 stir stick
• 1 mini funnel and instructions

Pricing and retailers

Reading instructions….

I saw this Slime Factory available at Toys ‘R Us, but it should be available at all leading toy retailers like Makro, Checkers, etc. The set retails for R499 and it comes in a ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ version.

Our experience

Addison was super excited about this Slime Factory and we actually made her sweat it out a bit. I had wanted to save it for her birthday in October, because…hello…R499…but unfortunately we hid it really badly and she discovered it within 24hrs. #ParentingFail She asked me to please put it on the blog and she wanted to style her own pictures for this post….so bear with me. It was hard, but….I allowed it.

Opening the set is exciting, because there are lots of little shakers and sachets and stickers. You feel like….’hey I’m getting some sort of science slime experience’. Addison was literally giddy with excitement setting everything up. The instructions are set out clearly, but I did need to just go through the first run with her.

  • You literally pick the colour of slime you want to make.
  • You add water to the blender with your powder.
  • Blend the powder and water together for a few minutes.
  • Glitter, no glitter?
  • Then stir through with the given spatula for another few minutes…..and

Voila….slime! I thought this process was quick and easy. We did have glitter all over the table though….. but that was due to clumsy 9yr old hands and not realising there was a FUNNEL provided.

What’s cute is that there are little cups with lids and you can put the slime in there, with a personalised sticker to gift to another child. Addison was kind enough to include her brother and let him make a tub of slime as well. By ‘let him make’, I mean…’watch her make it for him’…..

Shiny slime! How mesmerising……

Would I recommend it?

I initially thought…R499…this is insane..who would pay this much money for slime??? BUT….after using the set and seeing how many tubs of glitter she could make, on her own…without borax (that I believe may kill and maim us), I definitely recommend this. The little station is very cute and I just feel a lot of thought has gone into this set to make it a fun experience for the kids. It’s easy, it’s cute….and they can work independently. This ticks all the boxes for me.

I know quite a few people messaged me when I showed the set on Instagram, so I’m sure there will be many parents as excited as their kids are about the Slime Factory! What do you think…..will this be going on Santa’s list for your kids? I may pick up sets for the kids for Christmas and get Joshua his own set as well. I can’t even believe we’re talking Christmas already!

For some more ideas on Christmas/birthday gifts, you can check out my Gift Guide for boys post

PS If you entered my giveaway just comment on this post with ‘Pink Slime‘ and I will manually allocate a bonus entry to you! I am not broadcasting when there are bonus entries, so this is just a way to increase your odds for being an awesome reader <3

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