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Fun and education with the National Geographic S.T.E.M. range of toys! + {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

Do you love buying toys? When we had Addison, she got everything. I would randomly rock up at home with toys and puzzles….anything I thought her little heart desired. Once we had Joshua, the toy buying was still exciting, but we toned it down a bit. Then we had Adam….and despite now barely ever buying the poor chap any toys….my house still looks like a garbage bin behind Toys R Us. Our kids are blessed to have aunts and uncles that spoil them for birthdays and Christmas, so the toy pile continues to grow, despite how little we spend on toys ourselves.

The thing is, besides the 3 kid thing…and toys being expensive…life is expensive as well! When I do buy gifts, I want value for my money. I don’t want to buy something that is broken in 3 minutes. I want gifts for them that are either durable or educational. It needs to serve some sort of purpose. Not just lie half broken in a toy box like most of our toys. So for all these reasons, I am not tempted to spend my money easily these days. However, I recently discovered the new range of S.T.E.M. toys from National Geographic and I am pretty excited about this range! Let me tell you why……

National Geographic Toys

National Geographic has launched a new range of S.T.E.M. toys that stimulate the imagination and help children develop an aptitude for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The range makes learning engaging, interactive and fun! It includes science kits that bring the natural world to life, stunning 3D puzzles for all levels of capabilities, amazing animal figurines and wonderful animal plush toys.

We were fortunate enough to be sent 2 Science Kits as well as a Plush Toy by Prima Toys,  so today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on what we have.

National Geographic Science Kits 

With the National Geographic science kits, children become thoroughly absorbed in play and learning. The range includes a variety of digging kits such as the Shark Teeth Dig Kit, Dinosaur Dig Kit, Bug Dig Kit and the Gemstone Dig Kit. There is also a Volcano Science Kit and a Glow in the dark crystal kit where kids can create their very own crystals. The science kits are interactive, keeping kids curious and encouraging them to explore. In fact, it’s one of the best ways way to learn about the world.

We received the Volcano Science Kit as well as a Glow in the Dark Crystal kit. Let me tell you….my kids were BEYOND excited! I told the kids to choose the one they wanted, but they both wanted to be involved in each other’s kit somehow. The kits are recommended for kids over the age of 8, but with adult supervision I am confident that your grade 1 child will also enjoy these kits.

What I love is that this is not a figurine where you buy it and send your kid off to play. YOU HAVE TO BE INVOLVED! You’re going to spend some quality and super fun time with your kid. This is also educational and I love the little information booklet that tells you all that you need to know about volcanoes and crystals.

Points to note:

The volcano kit is a 2-3 day process. You will first make the mould of the volcano. It needs to set. Then be painted. Then the volcano action can commence. We started on a Saturday night….and DID NOT read the instructions properly. Also for the mould, let the plaster of paris thicken a bit before you pour it, or it will leak out of the sides of the mould. Again, we didn’t read. 

RSP seems to be between R169 and R199, depending where you find them. Currently on promotion at Makro for R129.

National Geographic figurines and Plush Toys

The range also includes Dinosaur, Safari and Ocean animal figures to collect, play with and display. Plush toys are also part of this new, educational range. The toys help nurture a child’s zeal for exploration and interest in the world of animals. From dinosaurs to ocean creatures to animals that live in the African savanna, the range has many of them.

We received an Elephant that we named Savannah…and darn it…she is the cutest plushie I’ve ever seen! There’s a cute little information leaflet attached to the toy with all sorts of facts about Savannah….as well as facts about other animals. From their weight to what they eat, etc.

Adam literally does not let her out of his sight. Just this morning I heard him walk into my room at 6am, pick the elephant up off the floor and off he went. His cousins are not allowed to touch this elephant! They are so life-like and so well made. As a mom you know you end up with 100 plushies and you want to burn them all at some point….. not these. I will definitely pick up more in the range, as even Joshua loves it….but Adam won’t let him touch it. Of course.

RSP of Plush Toys are around R300.

National Geographic 3D Puzzles

Last, but not least, in the range is also some beautiful 3D puzzles. I am sure these are going to make great stocking fillers just in time for the Festive Season. These stunning National Geographic 3D puzzles are produced from images from the National Geographic image library and showcase the natural world at its finest. The pieces are super strong ensuring the puzzles are enjoyed again and again. There are puzzles for various capability levels – there are 48 piece 3D puzzles, 63 piece and 100 piece 3D puzzles.

RSP is around R69.

Final thoughts

I think this range from National Geographic will appeal to all ages and personalities! “We all want to give our kids the world, and now, with National Geographic, parents can do just that. The range has fun, educational, stimulating and inspiring toys for kids. This range will expand your child’s horizons and even that of parents,” says Chiquita Patrizi of Prima Toys. This is true, even I have learnt a lot since assisting my kids with these kits!

You know I advocate for educational toys and reading kids….this one ticks both of those boxes, because they also get to read up some interesting facts on the kit or the plushie. I am definitely buying the puzzles and kits as Christmas gifts this year!

Okay, now for the fun part….. you can get ahead of the Christmas rush and win a Science kit and a 3D puzzle for your own kid!!!

How to enter:

  1. Comment on this post which toy in the range you think your child will be most interested in. {MANDATORY}
  2. Go and show some love to Prima’s Facebook page to stay up to date with all the amazing new kiddies launches as well as giveaways!
  3. For a bonus entry, tag somebody on the Facebook or the Instagram post, who you think would be interested in this prize.


  1. This competition is only open to readers residing in South Africa.
  2. The giveaway will run until 17:00pm, on Friday, 26th Octover 2018, with a winner being selected at random shortly afterwards.  I will announce the winners of my giveaway on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so make sure you follow me on all 3 social media platforms so you don’t miss the announcement.
  3. If no reply to my email has been received within 72hrs, a new winner will be selected.
  4. Ensure you complete the necessary steps to validate your entries. I have no choice but to disqualify any incorrect entries received.
  5. I really hope you only enter if you’re a regular reader or you plan to stick around <3
  6. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery from Prima Toys.
  7. If you have won a prize in the last 6 months, you are not eligible to win again.

Disclaimer: These toys were sent to me by Prima Toys, but all opinions are my own. 

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