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Huda Warm Brown Obsessions Palette {Review}

It feels like ages since I’ve done an eyeshadow palette review on the blog! How long has it been??? At least a few weeks if not months! I did a poll to ask if you wanted me to review this palette or another one, and surprisingly this one scored only 33% of the votes. The other palette got 67% of the votes….and that review will be coming soon! Today however, I am featuring the not-really-requestedHuda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions mini palette and I’m quite excited!

Why am I excited? Well…..firstly, I’ve been curious about the Huda Beauty eyeshadow formula for the longest time! And secondly, today’s post is a collaboration with 2 of my #InstaFam members! What’s an #InstaFam? They’re a group of uplifting and positive ladies, bloggers, micro-bloggers…..where no drama ever goes down…. I could literally tell them I murdered somebody, and they’d find a way to make me feel like it was totally justified! Just the kind of gals you need in your corner right??? So at the end of this review be sure to go and check out which mini Huda palette they are reviewing!! I am definitely headed there as soon as I hit publish on this post! Okay….so for my review….

What is the Huda Warm Brown Obsessions palette about?

Instantly bring light and warmth to your look with Huda’s go-to palette. Packed with 8 mattes and 1 shimmer in heated tones of browns, reds, oranges and copper, the colour range flatters any skin tone and eye color.


The palette is around 7.5cm x 7.5cm….it’s so teeny tiny and I love it! The cardboard is really sturdy, so it feels heavy (for being so small…that’s a good thing) and it also has a great mirror. The outer packaging is black, with the shades of the palette on the cover. There are no names for any of the shadows.

Where and how much?

I purchased mine on Cult Beauty when they had free shipping, so I paid around R330 for this palette. If purchasing from a 3rd party reseller, you’re looking at around R600 – R700. In the US the palette retails for $27.


I thought the swatches looked better than this…apologies for the fuzzy swatches.

The Formula and my experience

As I stated above, I was always curious about the Huda Beauty eyeshadow formula, but I do not have R1400 to fork out on her larger palettes. These minis are a nice way to test the waters so you can decide if the larger palettes are worth the splurge. Though I don’t know if the formula is the same, just as a disclaimer.

I love that there are 8 matte shades and one shimmer. I always use 3-5 matte shades and only ever one shimmer on my lid. In my experience, I find most of the shimmer shadows stay untouched…we tend to gravitate to our favourites all the time. I think the concept of this mini palette is well thought out and I love that there’s the matte vanilla shade, so I use that to set my primer usually. Some times I need to faff around for my setting powder or another palette for that setting step…this saves me some time.


The mattes are ridiculously buttery and soft. There is a bit of kick back, but that doesn’t bother me and it really isn’t too bad. My Soft Glam palette has way more kick back than this palette. The mattes are really pigmented and pack quite a punch so I recommend that you go in with a light hand and build up your shadows. Another thing is that every shade holds its’ own colour. Some mattes (from other palettes) blend away or they disappear and mix with the new colour…. I find if I lay down 4 matte shades, you can tell that I used at least 3 – 4 different shades. And not because my blending skills are bad!! These shades stay true to themselves…if that makes sense. 


The shimmer….is perfection! It’s almost foiled if you wet it…and unlike anything I own (I think). My Jaclyn Hill JH41 picks this shimmer up beautifully, even without being wet. If you want to go for it, wet that brush and your lids will be banging!

These shadows wear so well! I went about 10hrs with just my Elizabeth Arden Stroke of Perfection Concealer as a primer, and the shadows looked as fresh as a daisy still 10hrs later. They had lost none of their vibrancy. Also the red tones don’t stain my lids.

Would I recommend this palette?

It’s difficult for me, because I’m always thinking of what is ridiculous cost wise for any person for eye shadow. If you’re a makeup lover, then yes I would recommend this palette. Even if you purchased this from a reseller at R700, you would use every single shade and you’d get a lot of use out of this palette. Versus a, say chocolate bar palette for R800 – R1000 and you only ever use 4 shades? Does that make sense? Don’t get me wrong, I love my chocolate bar palette….this is just a comparison I am making. This palette is great for travel, to throw into your bag….it’s really compact and feels durable. I honestly think it’s a great buy! I don’t own any warm toned palettes, so I am really happy with this purchase.

So that’s my review…I hope you found it helpful if you were interested in these mini palettes. If you’re now curious to see more reviews on some of the other mini Huda Beauty palettes….head over to Sugar and Spice’s blog post as well as Sheer Empowerment’s review. I’ve been following Siobhan’s blog (Sugar and Spice) since before I started blogging and Yolandé (Sheer Empowerment) is a fellow PE gal, so I’m really excited to be collaborating with these lovely ladies! To keep track of all of the #Instafam reviews and posts on social media, just follow the #InstafamInvestigates hashtag and you’re set!

Do you own any Huda eyeshadows or products?

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