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Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eye Master Collection {Review}

I know…so many people are so over the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collaborations. To tell you the truth….I really AM NOT…lol. I know Jaclyn gets a lot of flack for her PDA for Morphe, but is it so different to Kathleen and Colourpop? Desi and Katy with Dose of Colours? People love to hate on Jaclyn, because she is Jaclyn Hill. Whatever my feelings are for her love life, her life, her lavishness… has nothing to do with how I feel about her products. So when she recently launched her new brushes with Morphe….I got excited. Why? You can say what you want to about Jaclyn Hill….what you absolutely CANNOT say….is that she doesn’t know makeup! Jaclyn is a makeup queen! If she’s telling me…these are the ‘Eye Master’ brushes…..THE EYE COLLECTION….then I’m going to listen!

I didn’t realise I was going to buy it, because I have 3078 brushes! One day I was on the Morphe website…and something just took over me…and before you know it… #AddToCart. How did that even happen??? I only got the eye brushes, which I will run through and ‘review’ for you today.

What is the Eye Master Collection about?

I created this collection for all my subscribers. Whether you’re a boy on-the-go or a girl who owns the night, these brushes will help you create any look! Go on with your bad self and slay. I love you!

The collection consists of 8 brushes, that Jaclyn claims is everything you will need for a bomb eye makeup look. The collection includes:

  • JH30 – Beast Mode Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH32 – Transition Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH33 – Universal Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH39 – Inner Corner Highlight Brush ( synthetic)
  • JH40 – Precise Blender Brush (natural)
  • JH41 – All Over Lid Brush (blend of synthetic and natural)
  • JH42 – Brow Bone Highlight Brush (natural)
  • JH43 – Eyeliner Smudge Brush (synthetic)
  • Master Bag – Small

Pricing and packaging

The brushes are all white with silver detail and the number of the brush on each one. They come in a silver brush bag and the set retails for $42. You can use a discount code and get 10% off though, so technically around $38. The exchange rate was sucking ass when I bought this, so including shipping, I paid around R900 for the set.

JH30 & JH33

My experience

The brushes are a lot lighter than I expected them to be….I just like a heavier brush for some reason. The actual brushes though, perform really well and #SpoilerAlert, I really love this set! I’m going to run through the brushes and recommend an alternative where possible.

  • JH30 – Beast Mode Blender Brush – This brush is amazing for that initial base colour that you can blow from the lid all the way up to the brow bone. It gives a nice sheer colour to create the perfect base for your eye look. Personally I also use this brush to deepen the crease and my transition shade. Alternative: This brush is almost a direct replica of the Inglot 6ss, that is my favourite blending brush of all time! 
  • JH33 – Universal Blender Brush – This brush is a bit smaller, so you can use it to really build up your eye shadow and then also blend it. Alternative: The JH33 reminds me of the Morphe M521 as well as the MAC 217. Also one of the Wet n Wild eyeshadow brushes. 
JH43, JH42 & JH32


  • JH43 – Eyeliner Smudge Brush – I have a few brushes like this, but they’re either too slanted or too thick. I love that this is straight and tight…it gets super close to the lash line and I also use it for smudging eyeshadow on my top lash line. Another great brush I didn’t know I needed.
  • JH42 – Brow Bone Highlight Brush – Perfection! If anybody has an alternative for this brush, I’d love to know. I have not seen a brush like this before….and I honestly don’t know why. This is perfection for a brow highlight, as well as the inner corner highlight. Also, because it’s synthetic, it picks up shimmer shadows really well.
  • JH32 – Transition Blender Brush – An amazing brush for getting into the crease, but still being able to blow the colour out a bit, depending how you use it.

JH39, JH40 & JH41

  • JH39 – Inner Corner Highlight Brush – This brush I don’t use for inner corner highlights….I actually prefer this to buff out the shadow on the lower lash line after I’ve used the JH43. It’s soft, but firm…which stands out to me over some of the other brushes I own like this. Alternative: Not the same at all, but I use the Cala 313 for the same purpose. Also the number 7 brush from the ‘It’s my Raye Raye’ collaboration with BH cosmetics. 
  • JH40 – Precise Blender Brush– This is amazing for a precise eye shadow application and especially for the outer corner, where you really want to build up some pigment. Alternative: Somewhat similar to the Morphe M411. 
  • JH41 – All Over Lid Brush – Here you have a brush for all over the lid, and this one is great for picking up shimmer shadows. I’ve found that I don’t need Fix Plus to get a nice colour payoff on a good shimmer. Most shimmers need Fix Plus, but this brush really picks up shimmers very well. Alternative: The Cala 505 shading brush. 
  • Master Bag  – This bag is so pretty and glittery, but has a smooth touch thanks to the plastic covering. This brush is long enough for my brushes, which I love…but also nice and small. Perfect for travelling or using for work everyday. My mini Huda palette even fits in here. It’s nice and spacious for it’s size…if that makes sense.

I’ve washed the brushes and had no issues with shedding. I do find some of them need brush guards (as do quite a few of my other brushes), but I just use a cotton round and an elastic as a makeshift brush guard!

Would I recommend the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eye Master Collection?

I don’t think this comes as a surprise, but yes, I do recommend it. I don’t anticipate needing any other eye brush after having this set. In fact, I’m going to try to get rid of some brushes now, because they will all be gathering dust on the shelf! You may say…R900..YIKES!…but including shipping, that’s just over R100 per brush! The Inglot 6ss set me back R350 about 2yrs ago, so I’m assuming it must cost more now.

I find myself reaching for these brushes all the time now and it’s definitely one of my best purchases this year! I didn’t bother with the face collection, because… #DasExpensive and I don’t need it. Did you buy anything from her brush collection? What do you think of this collection? I do believe you can buy these seperately as well, the sets are obviously just a bit more cost efficient. Let me know what your go to brushes are….holy grail, ride or die…must have brushes in the comments.

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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