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Stink: Hamlet and Cheese {Kiddies Book Review}

It’s the end of another week…..and that also signals #BookReviewFriday over here on An Ordinary Gal! I love books that are part of a series. To me, there is nothing better than being introduced to a character and getting to know him/her over the course of a few books! Today I feature a book that is part of a series. Stink is a new character to us, and this is the 11th book in the internationally popular series! Stink is the brother (or bother), of the equally popular ‘Judy Moody‘ series by Megan McDonald.

What is the book about?

Hie thee to Shakespeare camp with Stink to learn fake sword-fighting, spout silly curses, and prithee try to escape a kiss . . . BLUCK!

It’s spring break, and Stink is faced with a difficult choice: hang out at home with his sister, Judy, or become a Shakespeare Sprite with his friend Sophie of the Elves. Hanged be! When Sophie tells Stink that there will be swordplay and cursing at Shakespeare camp, his choice is made. But wait! How now? The eager young thespian hadn’t counted on Riley Rottenberger being a Sprite, too. And he positively had not counted on being the only boy! Fie upon’t!

My thoughts

The physical book, I love the size of the words, so it’s a really easy read for the older kid and an easier read for a younger child. I also love that the book s are numbered…on the front and the spine! It’s so hard to keep books in order sometimes, to this is helpful. Not anything to do with the book, but I personally appreciate it.

The story kicks off with Stink going over to his friend, Sophie’s house and her convincing him to agree to go to Shakespeare camp with her. When Stink gets to camp and realises he is in fact the ONLY boy there….you feel for the poor guy! Will he stay and embrace it? Will he grab the first Uber home? To be or not to be….that is the question Stink 😉

The book has a few ‘interludes’, quotes from some of Shakespeare’s plays…..also a Shakespeare Insult Creator page…that made me chuckle as I made up my own insults. Don’t judge me… ‘Greasy Puke-Faced Pignut‘ wouldn’t make you chuckle? ha ha. The breaks in the book is a unique touch that I haven’t seen done before. Also it’ll educate my kids on the culture of Shakespeare. I do think this is a bit too long for Joshua at this stage, because he’s only 6….but Addison (9) can read this book finished in a day. At Grade 1 level though, it would be nice to read a chapter or 2 per night. He could then finish the book over the course of a week or so.

This book is aimed at kids aged 6-9 and retails for around R140, and is available at all leading book retailers. Are your kids into Stink or Judy Moody? For the last kid book review, click HERE, in case you missed it.

For news on the latest book releases keep an eye on the Pan Macmillan Kids and YA Facebook page. 

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