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Angry Owl and His Tree {Kids Book Review}

When I was a kid…..I was OBSESSED with those books that came with the cassette. (Hopefully some of you reading this are not wondering what a cassette is……) So you could listen to them tell the story while you read it? There are so many embarrassing home videos of me sitting next to the huge LP and cassette player…listening…singing along. I remember I had one book that was about an owl. All these audio books had A LOT of singing in them…. so the owl story had a song that I loved! Even more than loving it…when I sang it in the presence of my best friend at the time…she lost her shit. She HATED the owl song! So I made sure I ALWAYS sang it around her of course. It went like this:

Whooooooo am I?

Whoooooo do you see?

Whoooooo is sitting up this tree?

I turn my head, from side to side…..

And take a lovely…moonlit ride……

You get it right? Whooooo….the sound an owl makes? Just checking… Gals….it’s been 20 plus years….and I still remember that song…that’s how much I loved it! #Memories

When we received this book in my latest book delivery from Penguin Books….I immediately started singing my owl song. Now as I type, I’m singing it again…I will be doomed to hear this replay in my head everyday for a month now. Thanks 9yr old Simone. Moving on…..

What is the book about?

One morning our favourite owl woke up to discover that the lovely leaves on his tree were changing colour. He realised that it meant the onset of autumn and he felt sad. But gradually he noticed the fun other birds were having with the crunchy leaves. And so it happened through each passing season that his tree kept changing. Not only did he come to accept it but, he understood the value of the changes. Before he knew it, summer was on the way again.

Angry Owl and His Tree presents the changing of the seasons to young children in a charming manner, accompanied by the most delightful illustrations. This is the third title in Kerryn Ponter’s Angry Owl series.

My Thoughts

I loved grumpy Owl….and how he eventually came around to accepting (and making the most of) the seasons changing around him. I think it’s also a lovely way to teach the little kids about the changes in the season and how to adapt to change. So it’s educational and a bit of a life lesson.

The illustrations are great…Adam loves pointing out all the different coloured kites…or trying to find bees on as many pages as he can. Also you can clearly see when Owl is angry, and when Owl starts having a good time. Adam notices that…cross Owl..happy Owl. It’s really just such a cute book that I am sure your little ones will love! I hope that you enjoyed #BookReviewFriday today… let me know what you’ve been reading to your kids recently!

This book retails for around R70, so I think it’s the ideal stocking stuffer for your little ones! Available from all leading book retailers.

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Disclaimer: Most of the books featured are sent to me, but there is no obligation to review them. I review what I (and my kids) really enjoy, and share what I feel you will all enjoy as well. 

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