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Dermalogica’s Holiday gift sets for him and her {Christmas Gift Guide}

I am reminded of the TV commercial a few years ago…the one for Lux soap, and the actress goes: ‘It’s no secret, I use Lux.’ Gals do you know how many times I stood and looked in the bathroom mirror, my face full of soap going: ‘It’s no secret, I use Lux’? That advert made me believe I was going to have beautiful skin because of that bar of soap. Look, some people can use Lux on their faces and claim that is their beauty secret…., but in 2018 we know the truth! Good skin is either good genes or a combination of a good diet and good skin care products! Dermalogica is one such brand, delivering amazing skincare products…time and time again!

I’ve done a few reviews on the blog, and very recently an AMAZING giveaway with them…..I’m a huge fan…’It’s no secret…I use Dermalogica.’ ­čśë There are just some standout products that I think nobody else is able to replicate. Their mission just sums up the brand for me, and is what makes me such a fan:

To define and bring success to the professional skin care therapist through excellent education, innovative products and outstanding customer service.

Being educated about your skin care choices is worth so much more than just going to a counter and asking for a cleanser. I go for peels at a skin clinic called OptiSkin and my therapist is so passionate about this brand…that to me speaks volumes. Dermalogica offers skin mapping, and I would encourage you to go and do that when you have the time. If time is not on your side, there is also the option of Speed Mapping, that you can do online. There truly is a kit and product for every skin concern you may have! Okay…..enough of that..the reason for this post…. I spotted their holiday gift sets recently and I went bananas! The sets are discounted, so you’re saving cash, the gift boxes are gorgeous and there are also great promotions running currently!

The Ultimate Cleanse and Glow Trio (RSP R1 645; Savings R600)

These are some of my ABSOLUTE favourite Dermalogica products. The Precleanse is probably the best oil cleanser I’ve used. This doesn’t irritate my skin or cause congestion. The Daily Microfoliant is the product my husband and I squabble over…who used more and which one of us is replacing the now empty bottle?? My answer: HIM! My husband loves the microfoliant…so much so, that I am buying him his very own bottle for Christmas. Shhh….don’t tell him though! Lastly the Special Cleansing Gel is so mild, non stripping or irritating on the skin. This is probably the set I’d recommend the most!

12 Days to Glow Gift Set (RSP R1 795; Savings R684)

Shine the spotlight on your natural radiance! These brightening, firming favourites will reveal your healthiest skin, keep it smooth and protect it all day long.

This is like a skincare party in a box! This limited edition set contains:

  • – precleanse 30 ml;┬áspecial cleansing gel 50 ml;┬ádaily microfoliant 4 g;┬ámulti-active toner 50 ml
  • – biolumin-c serum 3 ml;┬ástress positive eye lift 6 ml;┬áNEW! skin smoothing cream 7 ml(coming February 2019)
  • – dynamic skin recovery spf50 7 ml;┬áskin perfect primer spf30 7 ml;┬árapid reveal peel 3 ml;┬ámultivitamin power recovery masque 10 ml
  • – sound sleep cocoon 10 ml

This is an amazing set if you want to try out quite a few products and then go back for your absolute favourites! The only problem is….they’ll probably ALL turn out to be favourites!

Transform By Night Glow by Day Kit (RSP R2 529; Savings R800)

Give your skin the night off with this revitalising regimen that double cleanses and restores for a brighter, more dramatic glow by morning.

This kit contains:

Precleanse balm 90 ml & cleansing mitt (travel)

special cleansing gel 50 ml

stress positive eye lift 25 ml

sound sleep cocoon 50 ml

I’ve read rave reviews about the sleep cocoon that apparently does the hard work while you sleep! That sounds like a dream right?


Shave Kit

I was ecstatic when I saw that Dermalogica has sets for ‘him‘ now as well. It’s 2018….we know that we can all use the same products….but it’s nice when you’re can give your spouse some grooming products that’s just for him. My husband has very sensitive skin so I am always on the hunt for the best shaving products that will soothe and not irritate his skin. He also has to shave daily, so it takes a toll on his skin.

In this kit is:

  • A daily clean scrub
  • Pre-shave guard
  • Soothing shave cream
  • Post shave balm

Meet Dermalogica Skin Kit (RSP R699)

I have reviewed this set before┬áin a post. When Dermalogica saw the review, they mentioned that the cleansing gel is actually a good shaving cream alternative for men. We already know he loves the Daily Microfoliant, so I am glad to see they repackaged this to cater to men as well. I don’t know, there’s just something about a dude with a beard that makes it more appealing for a man to admit he loves skin products. Well except for Gerard….he is not ashamed to admit he used it long before there was a dude with a beard on the box! lol. These are some of Dermalogica’s best sellers and a great starter kit to get to know the brand….for him or her ­čśë

I’m very excited about these kits….I am probably going to pick up some as Christmas gifts for some lucky family members! Remember if you order online, there’s free delivery on orders over R1 500. Also sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get notifications of all promotions that pop up. Currently you can get a FREE Skin Smooth Favourites Set worth R739 with the purchase of 2 products, 1 being a moisturiser.

So…have you spotted anything that’s caught your eye? What’s your favourite Dermalogica product?

PS Lux is totally my body soap of choice…so I really do use Lux….just not on my face­čĄş

*This post is done in partnership with Dermalogica. 

IÔÇÖm Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!

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