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Gia turns 3 with the most fabulous Moana party!

Gals… know we love a good party here on the blog! I did a party series last year and it was pretty well received. A good friend of mine, Natalie Chetty kicked off that series, so some of you may recognise her name in this post. When I heard Natalie was having a Moana party for her daughter, Gia, I knew I needed to feature it on the blog! I knew this was going to fabulous and amazing, because Natalie cannot do anything BUT fabulous and amazing! Honestly….it was fabulous and amazing! Let’s take a shot every time I say fabulous and amazing!

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, Moana was the biggest Disney movie released about 2yrs ago. I have so many videos of Adam dancing along to the music….my kids were obsessed! I knew this theme was going to be fantastic…..beach/island sort of vibes…. The possibilities are endless…. and if they are endless, I knew Natalie was going to go all out! When I received the invitation I almost lost my mind…this was such a stunning production and I think an amazing keepsake for Gia for when she’s older. Already, the invitation set the whole tone for this party.

How did you choose the theme for the party?

Moana has been Gia’s favourite movie, since she was 1, and still is a favourite of hers and our family. We all really enjoyed the movie! My mom so badly wanted me to have 3rd birthday party for Gia, so she was definitely a major influence as well. 

Gia also knew exactly what she wanted. When we asked she would say: ‘a Moana Party‘!. The theme was pretty much a no-brainer after that. 

I couldn’t wait to plan this party and bring the tropical island vibes to our family and friends. A girl who longs to explore an ocean that calls to her, her dark hair blowing in the wind and catchy melodies that you can’t help but sing along to- what’s not to love?Moana themed party ideas

How did you decide on that venue?

I have previously used the chapel venue at Running Waters a few years back for Tamia’s frozen party (this was an event of note as well!)…and they had recently expanded with a new venue, called “The Milestone”. This venue was perfect as it had this island feel. I loved their outside enclosed garden area as well as the wooden floors and the thatched roof. I had the use of their tables, chairs and wooden drinks stand/bar. There were also palm trees that I used at the back of the candy table. The venue is just very neat and they are so professional, so they were perfect for me to work with. 

What was the most standout moment for you at the party?

Gia literally could not wait for her birthday party! So my daughter having the time of her life and just enjoying herself meant the most to me! 

Also, the fun, laughter and happiness on the kids faces as they just had such a fun-filled day. Gia loves music and dancing, so coming from a family that has a love for dance, I thought why not do a few dance challenges at the party…  We had limbo, level up, Gqom, Bangra as well as floss challenges and the kids LOVED IT! They really were competing for the prizes and put their little hearts into it. They really went all out to win! 

Special thanks to my brother, DJ Maui (not his real name, but just for Gia’s party I made him do it hahahhaha ) for keeping the beats going.Moana themed party ideas

Did anything go wrong?

The weather was a bit scary the night before, we had lots of wind and rain, but it was something I could not control. I made peace with it… but it ended up being the perfect day with beautiful weather! Such a blessing! 

Anything else that you want to mention?

Thanks to all my vendors (all will be listed below) and the great support from my family and friends (oh and the weather), her day really was perfect. So grateful to my mom, dad and husband, my biggest supporters….helping me, keeping me calm…doing what needed to be done! 

Thank you my beautiful friend Simone, the best blogger in PE (I swear I didn’t add this myself…lol) for loving me so much and featuring me for the second time! So humbling.

Hopefully this is the last one for a while…OMG! I need a break now. I know you and Nikky will say: ‘how can you do this to us?? You can’t stop having parties!’ But….I need a break now girls! lol Moana themed party

My experience as a guest

Firstly, I’m always so grateful when I am able to bring all my kids to a party. There’s nothing that sucks worse than needing to split up my family over an always-too-short-weekend! Natalie’s parties are such a family affair. I know this is not possible for everybody….so it’s always appreciated when that offer is extended.

Secondly….gals..the venue…when you walked in….It was breathtaking! The garden outside already sets the scene…and you walk inside the venue and it’s just an island wonderland. With catered food! I mean…. nobody wants to be Tom Hanks eating coconuts on an island right? We want the cocktails and the gourmet snacks on hand! Everything really was so picture perfect. There were various candy tables, there was a drink station and even a donut wall! There was the cutest spot for the kids to sit on brightly coloured cushions while they watched the magic act, singing…or just to grab a snack.Moana themed party ideas

Outside there was a sand art station that my kids really enjoyed. Selmarie did the most fantastic face painting I have ever seen! Then the dancing challenges is where I really saw these kids come to life. I won’t lie…Addison was not super excited about going to a 3yr old’s birthday party….she’s at THAT age. However when she realised it was time to floss….she declared it the best party she’d ever been to! Also…she won the floss challenge. So my girl was super happy! lol.

Lastly….what’s a party without good food and snacks? Fat Cats really came through with delicious mini sliders, wraps, snack platters, etc. We were well fed guests and probably ended up wishing we’d eaten more…if only all that flossing wasn’t so much fun, I could have spent more time eating! ha ha.

We honestly had such an amazing time…I got to spend some time with my gal pals…Natalie’s parties are usually like mini friend reunions for some of us and we just have an amazing time. I think we forget it was a party for the kids! That’s a bonus though right? The thing that strikes me the most about Natalie’s parties, are the extra lengths she goes to, to make her guests feel special and included. The day is for her family and definitely for her kids….but she just goes the extra mile, where you feel valued as a guest. Like my presence there is appreciated.

Final words

I know so many people loved the party series last year, I knew this party would be major inspo for parents like me who appreciate a good party. So many of you messaged me when I posted pics on Instagram asking for pics and details…and you were relieved there’d be a post, so as Maui would say: ‘You’re welcome ;)’. I personally love a no party or a small party as much as I love an extravagant one.

Thanks to Natalie and her family for allowing the blog to be part of the celebrations! All the fun was had! Here’s a highlight video from the party!


Venue: The Milestone

Cake, cake pops, biscuits, cupcakes & macaroons on Main Candy Table: Ginger Pops (Previous feature HERE)

Cheesecakes, doughnuts & toffee apples on dessert table: Simply Sweet

Food/some desserts: Fat Cats Catering

Grass Backdrop with flowers, flower decor on party bags, bamboo wall, wooden decor, Grass runners & Wooden stand: Decor Crazy

Kids table pallets: Khans events 

Floor Cushions: Angelic Wonders 

Flower crowns: Kary M Designs

Balloon Wreath: Pretty Love

Face Paint: Face Paint by Selmarie

Moana Boat: Made by my colleague, Ronnie, made this just for Gia. This was his first attempt! WOW he blew us away!

Sand Art: Funky Sand Art

Clown: Teaspoon (he was excellent with the kids!)

Photography: Odette Gerber Photography

Videography {invite video & party highlights video}: Bevan Blignaut Photography

Moana Themed Party Ideas
Moana themed party!

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