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One thing we had to change in the bedroom…..

When my husband and I got married, we lived in a ‘servant’s quarters’….one bedroom, a kitchen…a makeshift dining room and a bathroom. That was it. We had no ‘lounge/living’ room…the place was tiny. On our return from honeymoon, we excitedly counted out our wedding money and off we went to purchase a television set! There was nowhere else for the TV to go, but into our bedroom. I remember weekends would go by….we’d literally be binge watching series after series…. John Doe…Prison Break….ahh the good old days…..

We eventually moved into a house and the television went into the living room…where it remained for about 8 years! I just felt that I never wanted a TV in the bedroom and the living room was where it belonged! About 2 or 3 years ago, I surprised my husband with a new TV for some or other occasion, and seeing as there was already a TV in the living room….hubby very excitedly mounted it in the bedroom. We discussed it and I thought we’d try it out…We’d be responsible with the TV watching and it wouldn’t take over the bedroom…right???? WRONG!

What I hated about having a TV in the bedroom

  • Watching TV, leads to snacking. A TV in the bedroom, means snacking in the bedroom…. In the morning I’d find hubby dearest had left that empty bag of chips right where he’d had the last crumb….. Finding chips and snacks under the bed….not cool!
  • The kids have a TV in their room, but somehow our room is more appealing. So I’d come home, to a house I expected to be clean…because the nanny was there, only to find my bed untidy….kids under the covers….milk, noodles, chocolate….whatever on my sheets. Dishes next to the bed. Fun. NOT.
  • We lived in our bedroom… We didn’t even know what the living room looked like anymore. We’d get home and hop onto the bed, put something on to mindlessly pass the time…and that would lead to 4 hours of mindless watching. Watching for the sake of watching.
  • I HATE going to bed with any noise or light, so if hubby wanted to watch something, I’d go to bed really really pissed off. Everything is louder and brighter when you’re mad I assure you… Shame he really didn’t do this often, but my tolerance is very low for him watching when I decide I want to go to bed. Also, you know I need to fall asleep first, because….SNORING.
  • Now this is a PG blog…but honestly, some nights I’d rather watch the very anticipated next episode of whatever we’re watching, than make time for the hubs and I….. That’s all I’ll say on that. lol

Sometime in December…late December…I told my husband that I’d had enough. The TV needed to go. He didn’t even give me a chance to rethink, because before I knew it, the TV was in the lounge. He rearranged everything…and voila! So what has life been like since the Toxic TV left our room?

The benefits of ditching the TV

  • Some days we actually go without watching ANY TV…which is amazing considering it’s something we did every single day.
  • No more snacking in the room, so no more chips under the bed! Yay!
  • Since we removed the TV, we made a rule that the kids are not allowed to eat and watch in their rooms either, so we’re spending more time at the table eating together, vs everybody sitting and eating watching their favourite show on their own.
  • The kids come into our room and we don’t shoosh them or tell them to close their eyes, because they can’t see whats on the screen (violence sort of stuff….not porn, I promise!).
  • We can read in our bedroom, we colour in….we do activity books. A few nights ago, Adam and I were pasting stickers in a Paw Patrol book, Addison was doing maths exercises and dad and Joshua were colouring in. Addison eventually joined with colouring in as well. That moment was where I thought….wow…ditching the TV is the best thing we ever did!
  • I’m reading some more now…books and my Bible. Expect more consistent #BookReviewFriday posts!
  • My room looks less cluttered and it’s still clean when I get home now!
  • The room is now free from distractions….for husband and wife time šŸ˜‚. Shit I hope my mom doesn’t read my blog!
  • If I take into account that we were watching TV for say 4 to 5hrs a night…not even watching, just having the TV on in the background…we were wasting a lot of electricity. So now we’re saving on our electricity bill!

I don’t say that people shouldn’t have TV’s in their bedrooms, but for us, it just wasn’t productive. I’ve finished 2 books since I started drafting this post…and still, have gone some days with watching no TV. I hope to make 2019 even more productive and positive, but I think this was a good start. Not going to lie….I miss #NetflixAndChill in my bed some nights…and I think in Winter I am going to be very tempted to move it back, but the benefits of not having the TV in the bedroom far outweigh my desire to laze in bed and watch TV for 5 hours.

What’s your ‘view’ on this….to TV in the bedroom…or not to TV in the bedroom…that is the question?

Iā€™m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


  • Megan Keith

    Oh I am all about NO tv in the bedroom – for a lot of the very same reasons that you gave! Much to my husband’s dismay! But, I stand firm on this, and I think it has only helped our family stay closer and more in touch with each other. Megan xx

    • Simone

      It’s such a change Megan, I am glad you’re standing firm! My daughter said to me the other day: I’m glad you moved your TV, you’re not so anti social anymore! I was so mortified that she had felt that way…..but better late than never šŸ™

  • Siobhan Yeatman

    This is so true! We have a TV in our room, but to be fair, we’re living with my folks until our house is finished being built, so we do need our own space to relax and watch what we want. But I’ve already told Hubs that I don’t want that TV in our bedroom in our home. We have a comfy couch for a reason!

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