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The Benefit Magical Brow Stars Kit {Review}

The evolution of brows

I try not to look at old photos of my old life, the life where I had no idea what a difference some sort of brow game makes. I got married in 2005….and I don’t recall that brows were a thing back then. So heaven only knows what my brows looked like in my wedding pictures…. I am hopeful the makeup artist back then knew more than I did. I do recall getting them waxed…that was fancy, because it was my wedding day! Today, there are tutorials dedicated to brows. There are products dedicated to brows. There are memes dedicated to brows. Brows are a big part of 2019!

When I first discovered this ‘brow’ thing…I recall using brown eyeshadow to kind of fill them in. As time went on, I added a clear brow gel to my routine. Then I eventually moved on to brow pencils…..and now, brows are a part of my life. Well they were always a part of my life….and my face, but doing them, taking my time with them, that’s a part of my life now.

A few months ago I picked up the Benefit Magical Brow Stars kit……and included in that kit is literally every type of brow product you will ever need. I thought I’d go through what’s in the kit, to help you decide if this kit is for you, or perhaps help you narrow it down to one or 2 products you want to try.

What is the Magical Brow Stars Set about?

This limited edition brow set contains 5 FULL-SIZE faves, 1 PRO tool and brow tips & tricks…all at an AMAZING VALUE! From brow pencils to powders to gels and more, this set has everything you need to transform your brows..all in an adorable magic brow trunk.

Pricing and packaging

The set contains:

  • Foolproof Brow Powder brow powder for natural-looking fullness I full-size
  • Goof Proof Brow Pencil super easy brow-filling & shaping pencil I full-size
  • Ka-BROW! cream-gel brow color with brush I full-size 
  • Gimme Brow+ brow-volumizing fiber gel I full-size 
  • Precisely, My Brow Pencil ultra-fine brow defining pencil I full-size
  • Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie

All the items come in a little trunk and this set retails for R995 on Edgars Online.

Goof Proof Brow pencil & Precisely, My Brow Pencil

You receive 2 pencils in the kit, namely the Goof Proof and the Precisely, My brow pencils. I’ve used the Goof Proof pencil for a while and finished one. I really enjoy the angles of the pencil, so it allows me to draw straight lines on its side, or shade in sparse areas easily with the broader flat tip. However, I have always wanted to try the Precisely, My Brow, because I was always keen to try the thin precise tip…and needless to say I love this one too. The formula of these pencils is so smooth and rich, but it’s also easy to wipe away if you’ve made a mistake. I like to draw a line and then smudge it, to blend in with my natural line so it doesn’t look too harsh.

I love both pencils for different reasons, but if I had to repurchase, I’d go with the Precisely, My Brow pencil.

Gimme Brow

Before I got into pencils, I loved a tinted brow gel. It’s quick and easy…perfect on the go, in your bag in case you forgot to do your brows before you left home, etc. This product is designed to volumise your brows, so that’s great for the more sparse areas and then just to add some life to flat brows. I love the functionality of this product and I also use it to set my brows sometimes.

The brush is also nice and small, so it won’t get messy…it grips the brow hairs well and gives you that volumised, feathery sort of look. I will say that I wish they had rather put the clear brow gel into this kit, the 24hr Brow Setter, because I absolutely love that product.


The Benefit Ka-Brow is a cream gel that comes with a little brush. The packaging is sooo darn cute…like a magic sort of ink pot! It’s stylish, different and functional, because you technically can’t lose the brush as you put the brush back into the cap.

I had never really used a ‘pomade’ before….essentially this is what I think of as a pomade. Right? I had my reservations, because the formula doesn’t seem ‘creamy’ when I look at it. Boy was I terribly mistaken. I just need to dip the little brush in and I have enough product to sculpt these brows to perfection. It’s very pigmented, but really workable. I can fill my brows in or I can use the angled brush to create really angled, structured brows, that stay in place all day! Whatever you look is, Ka-Brow can do it! This product is the standout from the kit for me and my favourite way to do my brows at this stage!

Foolproof Brow Powder

Again, the packaging on this is fantastic. This powder comes in a little compact with a mirror and 2 shades…a darker and a lighter shade. It also comes with a tiny smudger/brush and spoolie combo. The little brush is so teeny tiny, so it’s great that everything is in the compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space. This is a good brow powder, pigmented, it blends well….the shades are more cool toned which I personally like. That being said, it’s the product I reach for least. I just prefer the Ka-Brow or one of the pencils over the brow powder. It’s a good powder though and nice to keep in your makeup bag to touch up your brows on the go.


Also included in the set is an angled brush with a spoolie. The spoolies in the set…on the pencils and the loose one…they are all really nice. It grips the hair and really gives it a nice brush-through. I have really thick, long brow hairs….so I need a heavy duty spoolie. That’s all there is to say on that….it is nice to have the spoolie as an extra item, in case you’re lazy and don’t feel like taking the cap off the pencil to use.

Would I recommend this set?

I think the set is real value for money. It’s basically less than R200 per item, which is less than if you buy the items individually! The little trunk is also quite cute, and I use it to store my lipsticks at this stage, so it’s functional as well. The products are really good quality….I mean you can’t go wrong. You could even buy the set and regift the items you won’t use….or if you’re a blogger, throw them in a giveaway.

Do you have a favourite brow product from Benefit? 

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