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My current go-to face masks for oily skin {PLUS dry skin options!}

Gals today I am VERY excited….. I’ve wanted to do this post for a while now, to share with you some of my favourite current face masks. The only problem is that I know not all of you have oily skin…The solution? A collaboration post with a blogger, who happens to have dry skin. Not just any blogger gals….. today’s post is a collaboration with Rayne, from Make It Rayne. I’ve been following Rayne for YEARS…she is one of the first beauty bloggers I ever started following. I was beyond shocked when I discovered how old she was, just because I thought her work ethic and maturity was leaps and bounds ahead of what I was at her age. Her pictures are amazing, I enjoy her reviews, she’s fun and oh so supportive! Did I mention she also has the most amazing hair in the world?

So in this post, I will share my current go-to masks for my oily skin, and Miss Rayne will be sharing her go-to masks suited to her more dry (or as she says…..DRY AF) skin.

Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque (RSP R879)

Key ingredients: Binchotan Charcoal, Sulfur, Volcanic Ash, Bamboo Extract and alpha hydroxy acids.

Claims: Detoxifies, brightens,chemical exfoliation, addresses signs of skin aging, breakouts and sensitivity.

I have stated that I have oily skin, but I need to add that I am also prone to a few breakouts occasionally. Since I started going to OptiSkin Aesthetic Skin and Laser for peels targeting acne, my breakouts have reduced considerably. I now get the odd pimple. However, when any pimples strike, the first mask I reach for is the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque. This is a clay based mask that I have reviewed previously in this post.

Since that post, this face mask has grown on me more and more. It’s the first one I reach for when I’m having a breakout and I feel it calms, brightens and polishes my skin. The sulphur smell is still a bit of a turnoff, but I am very much used to it now. Also, this one dries down where you can barely move your face…which I love. I do maintain that perhaps go and pick up a sample of this one, just in case your skin reacts to it, as it is pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask (RSP R499)

Key Ingredients: Deionized Water, Kaolin, Collagen, Sorbitol, Oatmeal, Seamollient (Algae Extract).

Claims: Firm and tone mature and sensitive skin, tighten, nourish, and purify skin, reduce redness and irritation on sensitive skin.

This mask I purchased, because it has ‘Collagen‘ in the name! I am at that age where I also need to be using anti-ageing skincare products in my routine. Okay who am I kidding, I was ‘at that age’ 8 yrs ago, but #BetterLateThanNever I hope! The texture of the mask caught me off guard….I thought of collagen and I thought of thick and moisturiser-like, but the website specifically says ‘collagen and clay based mask‘, so I was NOT supposed to be surprised when I opened it and it looked like a runny clay mask.

This does dry down, but not quite as intense or hard as a clay mask. I rinse this off with warm water and my skin feels as soft as a baby’s bum! This is an amazing mask….in that I can feel the clay doing it’s thing, but the collagen is also doing it’s thing. So my skin feels hydrated and tighter. I do think this mask can be used on dry, oily and sensitive skin.

Nivea Pore Refining Mask (RSP R99,95)

Key ingredients: Magnolia extract. 

Claims: Relieves from impurities, refines pores and visibly tightens for noticeably clear, smooth and healthy looking skin.

Rayne actually reviewed this mask in a recent post and I realised I had it, sitting in my cupboard, but I never reach for it. Why, I don’t know, because the fact that this is a ONE MINUTE mask was the reason I grabbed it off the shelf. #MomLife and most days I do not have 20 minutes for a face mask. After I saw her review, I decided to test this mask a bit in preparation for today’s post.

This mask is so insane….in that you apply it and you just feel this heat, which is so weird, but not in a weird way….in a cool way. I know, I barely make sense to myself! It doesn’t burn, but it does feel quite warm. Even though you read ‘self-heating‘, I think it still takes you by surprise. The mask has a lovely flowery scent, not overwhelming at all…I personally find it delightful. After using this mask, my skin feels really nice and smooth, also I thought my pores appeared reduced in size. This would not be my go-to mask for a pamper session….but just before I jump into the shower OR I think as a priming mask before makeup….because heaven knows I’ll take all the ‘pore shrinking mirage‘ action I can get!

Clicks Aloe Vera & Omegas 3 & 6 Face Mask (RSP R99,95)

Key ingredients: Aloe Vera

Claims: Soothes and refreshes.

After doing the Colour Run in December, I stumbled into Clicks….burnt, sore and DESPERATE for some sort of soothing mask. This one had Aloe Vera in it and that kind of sold me, even though I’ve used nothing from the Clicks skincare line before. It was well priced, so I reckoned, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

This mask has a lovely fresh, sweet scent. It looks like clay, but has more of a moisturising sort of texture and consistency when you apply it. I feel like this mask feels ‘hot’ on my face….not hot to the touch, but almost like my skin starts sweating through the mask. Very bizarre scenario and description I know, but I think because it feels like thick moisturiser….my skin may feel like this is a bit weird and it starts sweating.

The mask doesn’t dry down or get stiff/hard. I leave this on for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. Upon rinsing, I feel my skin feels oil free, but soft and hydrated. There is the tiniest hint of a tight feeling, but not as if I used a clay mask. My pores looked really tight and almost invisible….which I loved! For the price, I think this is a decent mask. I use this mask a few days after I’ve had a peel, or anytime I’ve been in the sun for a bit. It’s very soothing and nourishing.

Dry skin gals…..

So these are the masks I use for my specific skin type. As I said in the intro, you may have different needs, which is why Rayne and I collaborated today….so if you’re somebody that perhaps needs recommendations for drier skin, Rayne is your gal! Head over to her POST OVER HERE and check out what she uses to keep her skin looking as amazing as it does! *insert eye-roll*

I hope you found this post helpful…..and if you want to see more Oily/Dry skin collaborations like this, let me know….and we can try to work on something again hopefully down the line.

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Face masks for oily skin!


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