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Great kiddies books for Easter hunts!

What if I told you, that you didn’t have to stuff your kids full of chocolates this Easter? What if I told you, Easter could be fun with half the amount of chocolate you planned to get for them? I know, mind-blowing stuff right? I can smell the Easter eggs and the long weekend already. As much as I am a lover of chocolate and Easter egg hunts, I do feel that we spend way too much money on chocolates! Chocolates that we end up trying to hide from our kids again. This results in ‘The Hunt round 2’! This Easter though, Pan Macmillan Kids is encouraging you to give your kids the gift of reading! Fun books, that will be all about the bunnies and chickens….. but way less messy than their chocolate counterparts! Sound good?


Follow Mazes: Follow The Bunny

Bunny is on her way. It’s her Easter party today. Can you help her find her friends and find out where each trail ends? Follow the Bunny is a die-cut maze book for young children, enabling them to follow the grooved trails with their fingertips from hole to hole. There are eight springtime scenes to explore, including farm fields, the riverside, and underground tunnels. With adorable animal characters, cumulative rhyming text, and colourful illustrations, Follow the Bunny makes an extra-special Easter treat.

Dear Zoo Snuggle Book

A super-soft cloth book in a beautiful gift box, based on the bestselling classic Dear Zoo – the perfect gift for babies for any occasion.

Created by Rod Campbell for the very youngest animal enthusiasts, the Dear Zoo Snuggle Book features all the animals from the zoo in a super-soft fleece snuggle book. The elephant is too big, the lion is too fierce, the giraffe is too tall . . . but the perfect pet is there somewhere!

A favourite with toddlers and parents for over thirty-five years, Dear Zoo is a classic, and this simple cloth edition is the perfect introduction to the much-loved story.

Packaged in a high quality patterned gift box, the Dear Zoo Snuggle Book is a thoughtful gift for babies and toddlers.

Charlie Chick Colours

Charlie is a little chick who has found a BIG egg! What could be inside? He gives it a little tap with his beak. What happens next? Open the pops and unfold the giant flap to find out in this cracking adventure story! With stunning paper engineering by Nick Denchfield and wonderful illustrations by Ant Parker, Charlie Chick Finds an Egg is sure to bring a giggle and a gasp from young and old alike.

Rhyming Rabbit

The Rhyming Rabbit loves to make up entertaining poems, inspired by everything he sees, but the other rabbits don’t appreciate his talent for rhyme. Sad and lonely, the Rhyming Rabbit sets off one starry night all on his own. Will he ever find someone to share his poems with?

The Rhyming Rabbit is a clever rhyming adventure from the stellar picture book partnership of Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, creators of What the Ladybird Heard. With brilliant rhyming verse, bright and distinctive illustrations and glitter on every page, this story is a delight to read aloud.

This paperback and CD edition features an exciting reading of the story by David Tennant.

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I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


  • Andrea

    I love Easter. I love going to church during Easter. And the book I’m most excited to read to my daughter is Rhyming Rabbit. She loves books and stories and recently, u introduced her to my favourite Dr Seuss and she is loving the rhymes. Fingers crossed. I entered on Facebook as well.

    • Deidre

      I love the kids excitement for the Easter egg hunt . We do sit them down and share the Easter story with them before hand , which is sometimes very rushed because all they want to do is hunt ! It looks like I might need to visit a bookstore soon – these books look great ! Thanks for sharing

  • Melanie

    I think my daughter Aaliyah would love the Charlie chick colours book seeing she absolutely loves bright colors and exploring new things.
    What we love about Easter besides the chocolates lol 😁 is getting to spend time with family!

    • Julia

      My favourite thing about Easter would be to remember that it is in celebration of renewal and rebirth. It’s a time of honoring and recognizing Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, and His glorious promises of eternal life for all who believe in Him. I feel some of us forget the real meaning of the holiday, and I hope to teach my kids that’s along with all the chocolates and Easter egg hunts what is the meaning behind the day! This was my really favourite part of Easter when I was a child was hearing my dad, who is no longer with us, tell us the Bible story about Easter, also enjoying our Easter hunts and always waiting the night before for the Easter bunny to leave us our parcel of goodies 😂

      I love the sound of the Rhyming bunny book 🐇 This is such a clever idea to use books as an idea of an item to find during Easter egg hunt!

    • Delisile Dludlu

      I love Easters because that is the best time to relax and have some quality time with my 2 years old daughter! We even get a chance to go to church together, and have family lunch with the rest of the Fam!!

  • Talitha Thomas-Ellary

    The best thing about Easter is spending it with family whilst reminiscing how Jesus died to save our souls… Easter time is a symbol of undying love… therefore ties in so beautifully with the love we need to have for our families and others!

  • Bianca

    I love spending time with my family on Easter. We always do this story telling thing with the boys.. What is easter all about. We have a fun day at home with a few eggs they need to search for.. But we do it with clues… So they need to really listen to the story and then they will find the eggs.

    We celebrate Jesus.

  • Telani

    Easter is my favorite time of year! I love waking up early and going to church as a family, the amazing atmosphere in the air and the festivities of egg hunting, commemorating the First Easter and having family fun time. I am so excited for the Rhyming Rabbit book for my little girl. She is going to love it!

  • gaynor

    The only other holiday where we get to spend time with the kids for a few days. Then the expressions on their faces when they get their Easter eggs etc. My son will enjoy the Dear Zoo snuggle book as he likes to snuggle up when he goes to bed & Rhyming Rabbit as well. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Bernadene van Den Berg

    My best part of Easters is the follow ….seeing my kids mouth”s full up with Easter eggs and my husband fulling his mouth with pickle fish…lol and i am left with a bowl of onions.My son will enjoy the DEAR ZOO book, at his age he knows all the animals and their sound. Follow the bunny will keep him busy for hours,which is fine by me…bit of peace for me.

  • Ziona

    I love Easter for what the true meaning is but also for the long weekend, the egg hunts, hot cross buns and reading time.

  • Maajidah

    My little one who is 10 months would love Dear Zoo. While my Big guy who is 8 years old would love the Rhyming rabbit and follow the bunny books.
    Easter time is a good family time in our house, which would mean either braai time or game time.

  • Kim Baxen (Insta: @GlobalNarrator)

    So in love with this awesome giveaway. It would make be the best Auntie in town! As a Christian, Easter is a very special time of year for me. It’s a time of reflection and refocusing. It speaks of regeneration, renewal, restoration and rebirth in the midst of crisis, loss, betrayal and pain. I can’t choose one of these books as a favourite and just love that they are all so interactive and geared to engaging kids and helping to foster a love for books. Books have been a part of my life since early childhood and to this day receiving a book as a gift, brings me such pure joy. To be transported to other worlds, to travel across time and history, to befriend new characters that stay with you for a lifetime, to feel such a wide spectrum of emotions from laughter to shock to tears all between the space of 2 covers … reading and books are so powerful. To give that gift to kids beats all the toys in the toy store (as nice as some of them can be)! It’s the gift that keeps on giving through the ages and a source of refuge from lifes woes.

  • Venean

    I definitely think the follow Mazes one would be so cool. Easter is definitely one of our most favourite holidays, a time to just think about our savior and the ultimate sacrifice he made for us. ❤️

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