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My confession – ALL My Beauty Sins Revealed

I was driving to work one morning after I’d spent an hour doing my makeup, and with a smile, checked myself out in the mirror. Feeling all the feels, and then…..*SHOCK*….. I realised that there was a blob of foundation on my jawline. Due to a series of unfortunate events, I just made the situation much worse as the day progressed. I’ll get into that in a minute….but the situation made me realise what a bad beauty blogger I am. Really bad. So today, I thought I’d come clean…… Today I share ALL of my beauty sins. You know that they say….confession is good for the soul??

My Beauty Sins Revealed

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

1. I don’t spend enough time blending

As mentioned above, I found a whole blob of foundation on my jawline. How I powdered, bronzed and everything in between, without noticing it….I don’t know. Sadly, this is not my first offence. Once I got to work and there was a streak of concealer running down the bridge of my nose. I obviously attempted to contour my shnoggin, but alas, failed miserably. What’s worse was that on that day, I had literally walked in and most of my colleagues were standing in reception. I was feeling all cute….then I got to my office, put my bag down. I then automatically head to the bathroom to wash my hands (OCD things)….that’s when I spotted it. You know, AFTER everybody else had seen it… 🙁

Just yesterday my husband tried to buff in unblended tinted moisturizer. Yikes gals….. I’m a train wreck. They say…When you know better, you do better. Apparently NOT in my case.

2. I don’t carry makeup in my handbag. At all.

So on the day that I realised I had the foundation on my jawline, I had the very bright idea to wet some toilet paper and dab it on the spot. A makeshift beautyblender if you will? That’s made of toilet paper, and disintegrates when wet. Desperate times hey? Hmmm…this did not go well and I in fact ended up removing every trace of makeup on that spot. So now, instead of an unblended glob of foundation….that maybe nobody else would have noticed….I had a R5 coin sized spot that was 17 shades lighter than the rest of my face. If only I carried a little bag with some odds and ends in it, this whole situation would have been avoided.

To finish this story, I then went to a colleague, a few shades darker than I am, and asked if she had any foundation possibly at work. She did…. completely wrong shade for me. I took a glob of it on my finger, and then immediately jumped into my boss’s car as we were off to a meeting, thinking that I’d just blend and use the mirror in the car. Guess what? No mirror on the passenger side. I ended up with dried ass, 97 shades-too-dark-foundation caking on my finger….then using the outside mirror, in the rain (once we got out of the car), attempting to patch it onto my skin. In no universe does this story end well……

Photo by Noralí Emilio on Unsplash

3. I forget to wax my Charlie Chaplin

There’s nothing better than struggling to get just one decent selfie of myself…. just ONE…..and then wanting to upload it, only to realise I have a full on moustache situation happening. I am not a face-tune/photo-shop professional, so any attempt I make to ‘heal the blemish’, just worsens the situation. If there’s a filter called ‘moustache be gone‘, please let me know.

4. I don’t throw out my old beauty sponges

This one is kind of cringey……but I literally cannot throw out a beauty sponge. I have one that’s going on 3yrs now….I keep saying: Today is the day! You’re going into the trash…. Then I wash it and pretend we never had that conversation. I buy new ones….and I usually gravitate towards and use the new ones, but I just can’t throw the old ones away. Send Marie Kondo please!

5. I don’t wash my brushes once a month

I justify this with the fact that I have A LOT of brushes, but eventually I run out of clean brushes. I would rather opt to NOT wear makeup than to actually wash my brushes more regularly. Or use the dirty brushes and pretend that I don’t………..but, this is a confessional after all. lol

6.You’ll NEVER see me with my hair down in real life

My hair is only ever down…. #ForTheGram. This isn’t really a beauty sin, just a confession….. #FullDisclosure

Okay gals, I think those are my most offensive beauty sins…… They’re pretty cringe-worthy in my opinion, BUT if you have something worse, to make me feel better about myself, please do share in the comments below!! Or perhaps you can relate to some of these…..and then I will know that I am not alone!

Disclaimer: All images taken off Pexels and/or Unsplash.



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