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Is Smartick the answer to our maths woes? {Plus 25% off Discount Code}

Parents….exams start next week in our neck of the woods, and the subject that gives me the most nightmares…is maths! Addison just isn’t strong when it comes to maths, and I find we need to spend a lot of time going over the groundwork of the topic of the week. If it’s fractions, we have to start from scratch every few weeks to reintroduce those fundamental learning concepts. A few weeks back I was sitting online and trying to figure out what would be best for Addison. Do I sign up for online worksheets, so I enroll her for extra math lessons? On that very day, Smartick contacted me and asked me to give their AI-based math program a try! I thought the timing was insane, because gals, I was literally sitting with 7 tabs open with all my options. I figured, why not???

Firstly, what is Smartick?

Smartick is an adaptive online method for children ages 4 to 14, to learn and dominate mathematics from home for only 15 minutes a day. To use Smartick, you only need a computer or tablet with internet connection. And they don’t need parents’ help. Smartick believes that children should work on their session independently, without depending on adults. This leaves parents with an extra 15-minutes of free time during their day!

Smartick adapts to each child’s level and learning pace in real time, allowing them to work according to their math needs and learning pace. In addition to an extensive curriculum (arithmetic, coding, logic, and word problems), children develop grit and a positive work ethic.

Our experience

Joshua and Addison have been using Smartick for about 2-3 weeks now and my kids absolutely love it. Each session is personalised and only around 15 minutes long, so it doesn’t take out a huge chuck of their day. Fifteen minutes is apparently all they need to dominate mathematics, improve mental agility, concentration, study habits, and reading comprehension.  Believe me, we don’t have more than 15 minutes to spare usually in a crazy busy afternoon that includes sports and homework!
I think the thing I love most about Smartick, is that I don’t have to be sitting with them. Smartick encourages the child to be proactive, it’s easy to log on, do your session and then move on with your day. They log on with their user details, do their session for the day and then they come and eagerly wait for me to retrieve the emailed progress report for the day. I love the progress report as it shows me how many problems they got right or wrong, and also how they did time-wise in answering the questions. The kids also have the option after the session to go back and redo the problems they got wrong. This is important, because it gives them the tools and understanding to fix what they did wrong.

Pros of Smartick

  • Child works independently and at their own pace.
  • Rewards and progress reports motivate the child to improve.
  • Much cheaper than a monthly tutor.
  • No waste of paper printing out pages and pages from the internet.
  • My kids are excited to complete their sessions, because it’s fun and progressive!

Cons of Smartick

  • If the child wants to do more exercises, there is no option for that. 15 minutes is it.
  • I do feel sometimes the first question in some areas are a bit tricky, but once you figure out how they’re asking the question, it’s smooth sailing.

Want to try it?

The great thing about Smartick is that they offer you a FREE 2 week trial to try out their approach! If you love the programme and want to sign up, Smartick have offered my readers a 25% discount. To take advantage of that discount, use either the code below or click on the URL:

I’ll definitely update you after the exams and let you know if this programme helped my kids improve their maths mark at all! Let me know if you’ve ever used Smartick or if you’re interested in trying it out. Also if you have any questions, just drop them in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Sponsored, but I only agreed to do a review after testing Smartick for a full week first.  

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