Dallas Benefit Blush
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Ranking my favourite blushers in 2019!

I’ve declared a few times on the blog in the past, that I am not really a blusher chick! As a result, my collection of blushers is not extensive. I usually just want a flush of colour on my cheeks and that’s it. Some days, you probably won’t even know that I’m wearing blush, that’s how light my hand is. My buddy Rayne though, is apparently a blush nut! If she had problems narrowing down her top picks in our previous reviews, I believe this could be her hardest selection yet! You’re on your own Rayne! I however, have a very conservative blush collection, so my top picks is actually a very easy one this week!

I need to start by saying that I do NOT wear any blush that contains shimmer. Really wish that I could, but unfortunately shimmer/glitter makes my pores look ginormous! A while back I bought the most stunning peach Essence blush with shimmer, thinking I’d look like J.Lo…. *sigh*…What a disaster!

Dallas Benefit Blush
Dallas by Benefit

1. Benefit’s Dallas (RSP R445)

I know that you know…that this blush has been my ride or die for years now! It features as a favourite every single year and it is without a doubt, my most reached for blush! This blush is perfect if you’re medium to dark toned, if you just want a flush of mauvey/bronze on your face. Using a light hand I am pretty sure a fair skinned person could also use this too though. Let me know if you’re fair and you’ve used this, how it works for you. 

The packaging I don’t care too much for. Look, it doesn’t take up a lot of place, but perhaps the box doesn’t have to be so deep? Otherwise, zero sparkle….which I LOVE, pigmented, buildable, blends well….it’s perfection. 10/10!

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2. L’Oreal Le Blush (RSP R185)

Le blush, le fancy….lol. I cannot remember what inspired the purchase, but I really liked the shade when I spotted it at Clicks one day. Also, why don’t I talk about this blush more??? It’s really good! Very pigmented and blends well, and it also has good staying power. This blush almost has a satin finish, which is nice.

It’s to be expected of a brand like L’Oreal…I’m a huge fan of their foundation and mascaras, so I’m thinking I actually should make an effort to try more from the brand. Also the packaging is nice and compact, no frills or fusses!

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3. BH Cosmetics Nude Blush Palette (RSP $12)

If you watch Carli Bybel on You Tube, you’ll definitely recognize this palette! Carli uses it ALL THE TIME! Carli knows her makeup, so I was very intrigued as to how something so affordablt held up against my faves. I purchased it on sale…BH Cosmetics is ALWAYS having a sale…. so I probably paid even less than $12 for it. Essentially I reckon I spent under R200 for 10 blushes…..that’s R20 per blush! I mean????? Come on! This palette is great….it blends well, there are 10 shades…TEN! For a natural blush loving gal, this is perfect! It’s also great, because there are matte, satin and more shimmer blushers in this palette.

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Milani Rose Blush
Milani Rose Blush


4. Milani Rose Powder Blush in Tea Rose (RSP R185)

This is another one of those ‘You Tube Made Me Buy It‘ purchases! There was a time when all you heard was ‘Milani Rose Blush‘…. and they’re so darn pretty as well! This blush is okay, I just find that it’s so tightly packed that you have to vigorously dip into it for any pigment. I find I really have to build this up if I want it to show up. For me, this is fine, because I prefer blush that doesn’t look like clown makeup, but just mentioning that, as I realised all the above blushers kick up (?) once you dip a brush in. They have a softer formula, whereas this is very compressed.

That’s it for my most reached for blushers! I think if you’re a blush lover, it’s going to be way more exciting over on Rayne’s post. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these blushers, or if you have any recommendations that you think I have to try!Great blush recommendations

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