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Ranking my favourite primers!

About 3 weeks ago I did a post where I ranked all of my most reached for foundations. I asked if you wanted to see these posts for some other makeup products and the response was YES! Some of you also asked for skin care (I promise, really….I have screenshots! LMAO), and that is in the works. So today, not only am I ranking my most reached for primers……I am once again collaborating with my hair crush…Rayne from Make It Rayne.

As a point of reference…..Rayne is about 10yrs younger than I am (let’s just round it to closest 10…no need for specifics right??) and she has dry skin. I have oily skin and…um of course…I’m a bit older. *rolls eyes* Just kidding…I really don’t mind ageing…while I don’t have wrinkles. Once the wrinkles start though….I’m out! The point of our collaboration is to really provide some options for our readers of all ages, with different skin types and budgets!

Prime Time

 1. Benefit’s Porefessional (RSP R495/22.5mls)

If you’re a regular in this neck of the woods, this should not come as a surprise at all! I’ve been using the Porefessional for  years now and it’s the only primer I’ve actually finished and repurchased over and over. This is great for all skin types, but especially for my oily skin, and this does the BEST job in terms of minimising the pore situation on my face. The Porefessional creates a silky smooth canvas for makeup application and I’ve found it works well with literally every single one of my foundations. In Summer, this is my go-too primer.

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2. Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Start Primer (RSP R410/30mls)

I purchased this primer after seeing Luzanne, from Pink Peonies, speaking about it. This is an amazing primer….as good as the Porefessional and I tend to grab whichever one I find first between the two. I don’t think this one pore fills as well, but this primer is slightly more moisturising. The Porefessional is more matte, whereas this one has a slightly more hydrating feel about it. In terms of texture though, they feel very very similar. I will gravitate more towards this in Winter, over the Porefessional.

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3. Hean Perfect Makeup Base (R310/25mls)

The words ‘matte’ and ‘oil-free’ sold me on purchasing this primer! This is a more silicone type primer, a very thick silicone, and is one I grab when it’s really hot. Really hot = I get really oily. I would combine this with the Porefessional usually, Porefessional on my cheeks (where the pores are the issue) and the Hean primer everywhere else. It’s a very nice primer and a little goes a LONG way!

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4. Clarins SOS Primer – Fatigue (RSP R425/30mls) #PRGIFT

The Clarins SOS primer is a bit of a break from what I usually go for. I am all about pore filling and prefer silicone primers usually, but here is a change from all that. The Clarins SOS primer feels more like a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser, that also does a decent job of blurring what you want blurred. What I LOVE about this primer, is that is also has skincare benefits. Makeup and skincare in one? I am so on board for that!

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5. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (RSP R495/30mls)

Last, but certainly not least….the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. The first Smashbox product I ever tried (and fell in love with) was the Primer Water, so when I received this in a Boxycharm a while back, I was very excited to try it out. This is similar to the Hean primer above, but not as thick. The Smashbox primer provides a nice smooth canvas and is just a nice all-round sort of primer.

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Those are the 5 primers I rotate between. I realise price wise they are all in the same ambit, though I think the Elizabeth Arden is the most value for money if we look at cost per ml.

Edit: The Hean primer was not in stock when I drafted this post, but it is now and technically the Hean primer would be the most affordable per ml. 

To find out what Rayne loves, head on over to THIS post, because I know she has a nice mix of affordable and more expensive primers….also ones I have never used and will probably be adding to my ‘must try’ list!

Have you used any of these primers? What’s your favourite primer to use?





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