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The 4 most amazing mascaras for amazing lashes

Monday’s are coming around way too often for my liking….but I know there’s a long weekend in sight, so I’ll be strong, and soldier on. Hopefully you’re in the mood for reading, so grab a cup and let’s walk into Monday together. In today’s post, we’re talking about one of my FAVOURITE makeup products….MASCARA! I have a weakness or we could even say, an addiction for mascara. At one stage I had about 10 plus open mascaras (and about 10 unopened) and I realised it was becoming a problem. I’d buy, open, buy, open…and I have to throw mascara away after 3 months, as my eyes are very sensitive. So who was wasting money? A lot of money? *Simone raises hand*. I’ve changed my ways and I have a very modest mascara collection these days.

Today Rayne and I are collaborating (Rayne let’s just start ‘Two Babes Who love Makeup’….don’t come for us Nikki and Kim!) and sharing the most amazing mascaras we own!

What do I look for in mascara?

I have the shortest, stubbiest little lashes ever known to man….woman…. So I am always looking for amazing mascaras, to add volume and length. If it curls too….I’ll take it! I am also partial to silicone brushes….I find my lashes are just too difficult to work with a brush, so they don’t grip as well with a brush. Okay, let’s get started!

Bad Gal Bang Mascara


1. Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara

This mascara and I did not get off on the right foot. Let me backtrack, this mascara was hyped up to the moon…literally. The formula apparently contains aero-particles!

So when I first used it, I expected my lashes to be lifting to the heavens and I didn’t feel like I got that. Then maybe 2 weeks later I picked it up again, and I don’t know, I just loved it. I felt the formula was very wet the first time I used it, but 2 weeks later had dried down just a smidgen. The drier formula (though still wet) just seemed to do a better job coating and especially lengthening my lashes. I don’t feel this is the best for volume, BUT you can add multiple layers without it clumping, so the volume will come. I just need to work for it. The brush is also a silicone brush and very flexible so it moves with the lashes to just do the most when it comes to coating your lashes.

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2. Essence Super Curl Volume Mascara

This mascara is my favourite discovery of 2018! I hate saying ‘for the price’, because even if it wasn’t super affordable, it’d still be well worth triple the price. This mascara reminds me very much of my beloved Roller Lash Mascara, with the added benefit of volume as well. The formula is great, not too wet or too dry and I love the curved silicone brush. This curls, volumises and lengthens. Technically this one is tied for first place in my opinion. I have and will continue to repurchase this one.

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3. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I think Benefit has featured in almost every post of this Collaboration-Monday posts! I’m definitely #FriendsWithBenefit lol.

If you’re a regular on the blog, you’d know that this mascara was my RIDE OR DIE for years! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Roller Lash….that’s the truth. I don’t know if it’s the formula or the uniqueness of the curved brush. It’s called ‘roller’, because the brush apparently hooks and ‘rolls’ through the lashes. This is exactly what it feels like, no brush gets through my lashes better than this one. The formula is also one of my faves and it has amazing wear time. This gives me the lift that I crave in life and I really just can’t be without this mascara.

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4. Yardley Volume Express

When Rayne told me she only had 3 mascaras she was featuring, I thought about also ending my list on 3. However, I wanted to give an honourable mention to the Yardley Volume Express mascara. I picked it up at Clicks, because I was itching to try something new. This offering from Yardley really surprised me! It has the silicone brush that I so love, with the short bristles. The formula I thought was also quite good. It’s really black and does a good job of lengthening my lashes.

With all the above mascaras I don’t experience any flaking or transferring, so just letting you know! Okay so that’s a wrap for the most amazing mascaras that I own. I’m keen to see what Rayne is loving over on her blog, so head over with me to her latest post. Don’t forget to check out the reviews we’ve been putting out every Monday. Next week will be another goodie, so make sure you come back for that. Last question….do you own any amazing mascaras?

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