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Ranking all my favourite highlighters!

Today we’re talking the creme de la creme of the beauty industry…the product that changed the game for all of us! Yes, we’re talking favourite highlighters today! What were we even doing before we started highlighting our brow bones and upper cheeks….and that irritating tip of the nose thing some of you do??? Just kidding, as Abegail Witbooi from Krulkop Society would say, ‘You do you boo boo‘ and you can highlight your arse crack if you want to. Her quote stops at ‘boo’…nothing about arse, that’s all me. Wow, so off topic….so unlike me….. Moving on….

I was never somebody that was super excited about highlighters. Once you’re over a certain age, it can’t be too glittery, texture is a bitch, and and and…. so finding the perfect highlighter for my ‘older’ skin, has been a trial and error sort of adventure. I think in today’s post, I’ve found THE HIGHLIGHTERS, where I don’t have to worry about anything other than how fabulous my JLo glow looks from space. Actually not really, I’m more of a subtle glow kind of gal, but for purposes of this post, we pretend.Ā Let’s dig into my favourite highlighters!

InglotxJlo Highlighter review
InglotxJLo Highlighter Trio

InglotxJlo Highlighter Trio in Gold Dust

The InglotxJLo highlighter comes in 2 shades for different skin tones. A gold and a silver variation. I went with the warmer ‘Gold Dust‘, because those colours just spoke to me more. There are then 3 shades in the trio (of course Simone). This trio has honestly become my most reached for highlighter, and not just because it provides a soft-focus effect to hide wrinkles and imperfections. That’s the claim according to their website. Thinking about how it looks on my skin now, I definitely agree with that claim. This just applies like a dream and you can have the most natural glow, or you can pack it on for something more intense. You don’t have to worry that you’re going in too hard, as it’s buildable in a soft way if that makes sense? Honestly….this highlighter trio is AMAZING!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Prosecco Pop
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Prosecco Pop

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

I received this in a Boxycharm many moons ago and I could immediately see why this formula has won Becca so many awards! This is also one of those softer, but buildable highlighters, so it can get pretty blinding up in here. The formula seems a bit grittier, from looking at it, but it’s honestly a stunning formula. I own the shade ‘Prosseco Pop’ that was a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. This one has a slight golden-yellow undertone.

OFRA Highlighter

This highlighter, better known as ‘The Highlighter that lived’. This was another Boxycharm gem and let me tell you, boy was I excited about trying this formula! The OFRA Highlighters, the formula is like butter…. so soft and luxe. This is the blinding highlighter that girls seek out. The one that will get you noticed from the moon, if that’s the vibe you seek. This has lasted me so long, because I literally just dip my brush in with the lightest touch and it’s enough. The shade is also gorgeous, especially for us darker gals. OFRA has a highlighter for every single skin tone, so if not this one, you will find one that will grab your attention.

NYX Contour and Highlight Palette

Looks familiar doesn’t it? That would be because this palette featured not too long ago in my bronzer/contour favourites post. Today I’m focusing on the top row, where all the highlight action is happening. The lovely thing about this versatile palette is that it contains shimmer and matte highlight powders. The shimmer powders, the focus of this post, initially did not grab me. I thought they looked powdery and dusty. Once I applied it though, I was so pleasantly surprised! I think this looks amazing on the skin, it doesn’t accentuate texture and there’s no chunky glitter. I always want a smooth, almost as if it’s part of my skin, highlight look.

Now I literally just want to go and bathe myself in a combination of my favourite highlighters after this post! I am SO EXCITED to see what Rayne will be featuring in her post! Head on over with me to see what her favourite highlighters are. Also, let me know below what your go-to highlighter is at the moment and if you’ve tried any of these. Highlighter reviews

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