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New purchases from the ‘Drugstore’ {With 1st impressions}

The makeup chatter has been a bit scarce around these parts. I don’t think I‘ve bought new makeup in about 8 or 9 months now. Say what?? To keep up with all the releases… new purchases are expensive….and I ain’t rich, and also I’m at a place where I am content with the makeup that I do have. We don’t always have to be chasing the next high or fix….BUT sometimes the itch for NEW, becomes hard to resist. So while I am content, I am not immune to wanting to make some new purchases. I’ve been popping into Clicks and Dischem and grabbing the odd item here and there and today I thought I’d share what I’ve gotten and how I’m feeling about the items thus far. Without further ado, let’s dive in to my new purchases!

Wet n Wild Sponge

Wet ‘n Wild Makeup Sponge (RSP R59,95)

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about this sponge! It’s a mere R59,95, but it does such a good job with applying foundation. It’s hot pink, it doesn’t bleed (I’ve washed it a few times) and I’ve had no tears thus far (unlike my beloved EcoTools sponge!). I also love the flat tip for blending under my eyes. I do feel this absorbs a bit more product than, say a BeautyBlender, but I don’t mind that at all.  Well done to Wet ‘n Wild on this one! There are sponges that are double and triple the price, that don’t do as good a job as this sponge!

Maybelline Snapscara Mascara

Snapscara® Mascara delivers smooth, clump-free volume in an instant. This easy on, easy off formula applies effortlessly and removes in a snap. No rubbing or tugging. It’s an ideal mascara for sensitive eyes.

This was definitely an impulse buy. I have new mascaras that I bought maybe 6 months ago that I have yet to open…. I assure you, I did not NEED new mascara…. BUT this looked so intriguing, I could not resist. I’ve used it a few times now and I have the following observations:

  • It’s a bristle brush (not the silicone/plastic type). The brush is quite large, so test this first on a no makeup day, so you can get used to it.
  • The formula is layerable (yes, not a word) so I find even after it dries, I can go in with another coat.
  • It removes like a DREAM! I forgot I had it on, cleansed my face as normal, no oil, no rubbing my eyes, and it removed perfectly fine. NO RACCOON EYES! Nothing. Can you imagine just forgetting you had mascara on and washing your face?

I really like this mascara. It gives me amazing length and good volume. It does not clump at all, and leans more towards a spidery lash look. After about 8hrs I had no flaking or transferring. This looked as good as it did when I applied it. I am LOVING this, honestly! I want to pick up some of the other colours. The shade I have is Cherry Black, but to me it just looks like regular black.

Almay Velvet Foil Cream Eyeshadow (RSP R110)

Add some glimmer to your gaze with our high-pigment, metallic cream eye shadows that don’t crease, smudge, or fade—with a formula that wears for up to 24 hours.

This was a ‘social media made me buy it’ sort of moment! I saw Candice (In My Bag) and Rachael (Sincerely Blonde) using these, and so I had to have it! These are gorgeous, but I wish I chose a more vibrant shade, only because I have so many similar shades in my eyeshadow collection already. In hindsight, I wish I chose the purple or the turquoise/blue shade. That aside, these are easy to apply, look fantastic on the eyes and really do not crease or fade as the day goes on.

Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon (RSP R131,95) & LA Girl Lip Liner (RSP R49,95)

Lip Crayon – Our first lipstick crayon with Lasting Ink technology glides a rich layer of matte color across the lips with effortless control that lasts for up to eight hours of wear. Keep the tip ultra-precise with the built-in sharpener, so you can easily apply your lipstick no matter where your day takes you.

I love the concept of a lip crayon, slim, nice tip for quick and easy application and also, a sharpener at the end. Also this lip crayon smells like vanilla cupcakes. The formula is really creamy and it glides on. Also it’s really pigmented, one swipe and you’re good to go. This doesn’t feel dry and like a ‘true matte’ on the lips in my opinion. That’s a good thing. However, I also don’t think I get 8hrs of wear time, as this does transfer and come off with eating and drinking. Does that put me off? Nope…I love this lipstick and have no issues with reapplying lipstick and I plan to pick up a few more shades. There are 12 shades to choose from.

Tip: Exfoliate your lips before wearing any matte lipstick, as it tends to make your lips look more dry and eventually the skin will start pilling…and it ain’t a good look. 

The lip liner I just grabbed, because it was under R50. I thought the shade would compliment the Maybelline lip crayon, but truthfully you don’t need a lip liner with the crayon. That being said, I was glad I got it. Despite being a ‘wooden’ pencil, this pencil glides on like a dream. It’s really pigmented and creamy.

Revlon Kiss Cloud

Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color (RSP R121,95)

REVLON Kiss Cloud blotted lip color provides a airy color as soft as cloud.

A stroll through Dischem led to this being in my new purchases basket. I started swatching them and the lip oils (gorgeous!) and then Addison helped me decide what to buy. She went with the Kiss Cloud. This has a very soft, mousse-like texture and is super lightweight on the lips. It’s very sheer, but you can build the colour up a little bit. I prefer to dab this on with my finger after initially putting the product down with the applicator. This is a great product for those ‘less is more’ days, or no makeup days, but you still want a hint of colour on the lips. There seem to be around 15 shades to choose from. I’m definitely keen to try the Lip Oil next!

The product I would not recommend

Included in my new purchases, are the pore strips in the pictures above…I don’t recommend them. It ripped my skin off, even though it felt comfortable while removing. I find most charcoal nose strips are a bit hard core like that though, irrespective of the brand. So just putting it out there, be careful if you’re using these. Let me know if you’ve tried it though, and it’s worked for you.

That’s it from me….or this post is going to get ridiculously long. Let me know if you’re planning to pick up any of these products. Do you enjoy these sort of posts with new purchases? Should I do more, or just stick to short reviews on Instagram? Let me know….comments, email, DM. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for notifications of my latest posts and giveaways 😉Budget Beauty reviews


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