The handbag edit – my top picks all under R600!

I have gone through many phases in life…in terms of being addicted to buying things. Just me? There was the shoe phase…every pay day I’d come home with 5 new boxes of shoes. I had boxes and boxes….shoes never worn, just to look at. I’ve gone overboard with makeup, cloth nappies….and handbags. I still find a hangbag randomly in the top of a wardrobe, knowing I should get rid of it, but also, hoarding tendencies. I’ve come to the conclusion though, that I need to let go of bags I bought in 2001, and make space for some newness! I hopped on to Superbalist recently, and in today’s post, I’m going to share the handbags that I have my eye on…that I will probably be ‘adding to cart’ very soon!

My top 5 handbag picks Christen dome handbag

Christen dome handbag (RSP R599)

We all need a few staples in our handbag collection. A tan/beige bag is a must have for me. I have always loved dome shaped handbags, and especially in this colour. I think this is such a cute bag and it’s versatile, especially for me as a mom. It’s good for work, church and coffee dates. Krystal crossbody bag

Krystal crossbody bag (RSP R399)

Confession… I don’t own one crossbody bag. I have always felt like it’s aimed at the ‘younger’ crowd, but thankfully my brain has arrived with me in 2019. Anybody can wear a crossbody bag Simone! I think black is the perfect colour for me in this style, as usually when I head to the mall or the sports field, I’m wearing black leggings and sneakers. The crossbody bag is perfect for when I’m screaming at my kids about their skills on the hockey field, without having to worry about where I dropped my bag. I honestly don’t know what took me so long to realise how convenient this style of handbag is. I need one in every colour and style.

Kendall tote

Kendall tote bag (RSP R499)

Another really convenient bag and a must have for me, is a tote! As a mother, some days my kids will be walking and all of a sudden, they’re handing me a pair of shoes they don’t want on their feet anymore. Okay I really don’t want to be putting stinky shoes in this gorgeous Kendall tote from Superbalist, but just letting you know, she’s pretty, and she’s functional. Also, the detail on the bag, has me ready for Spring!

Pink crossbody bag

Faux leather cross body bag (RSP R299)

I’ve spoken about my olbivious-ness (yes I’m making up words today), w.r.t crossbody bags. An old dog can learn new tricks though, so I have my eye on a few of these. Also, I think they’re so well priced, there’s no reason for me to not have one in every colour. These come in tan as well.Round quilted bag

Round quilted detail bag (RSP R249)

I couldn’t do this post and NOT include a round bag! The round bag has been trendy for a while now and I’ve been ooh-ing and aah-ing about which one to get. I am somebody that needs space in my handbags though, and this doesn’t have a lot of space. So for everyday use, not for me, BUT for a night out with my girlfriends, I think this is the PERFECT handbag. It’s in a staple colour….black, it’s trendy and it has the tassle and gold detail for that glam-I’m-not-a-mom-tonight-vibe 😉

I’m going to stop there, or else I’ll be adding 10 more handbags to this post. Then we’d be here all day! Let me know what style of handbag you’re in to and if any of these are on your lust list!

Note: This post was done in partnership with Superbalist.



I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!

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  • Terri Cawood

    We have different taste in handbags, none of these would be my top pick, but I loved seeing what your taste is none the less. Love that you started with “all under R500” as I might not have carried on reading (truth) I will not spend more than R400 for a handbag. I’m a one-bag kind of girl and one I have made my pick that’s my bag for a year to a year and a half 🙂 I do sort of like the Kendall Tote bag… but probably would not choose it for myself, but would be thrilled to receive it as a gift! #AnOrdinaryGalSpringGiveaway #bonusentry

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