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If you’re a parent, an aunt/uncle of school going kids, you know the struggle is real! Besides all the homework, orals, extra curriculars and projects, I’m always wondering: How do we still squeeze revision in? I’ve done many blog posts with tips on how to help your kids with their school workload. So you know it’s a space I’m really passionate about. WorksheetCloud reached out recently and said….try our platform out and see what it can do for your kids. Also, we’ll throw in a giveaway for your readers! Now that’s the way to get my attention, right?? I was already familiar with WorksheetCloud, as I subscribe to their newsletter and I honestly love it, so I was excited to partner with them for this post! Worksheet Cloud

What is Worksheet Cloud?

WorksheetCloud is an online revision and study tool designed for the CAPS curriculum, with a goal of making parents’ and childrens’ lives easier, and promoting happiness in families through the reduction of stress surrounding schoolwork. They also run an educational blog that offers tips and tricks for parents and children on a wide range of schooling topics including exams, revision, dealing with stress and anxiety, and much much more!

Our experience

We got the registration done and the kids set up very quick and easy. The website is very user friendly and it’s easy to move between my profile and the kids’ (so I can check up on them). It’s also very easy for the child to navigate to the term and subject that they want to work on for that particular session.

Joshua and Addison have been using WorksheetCloud for about 2-3 weeks now and my kids really enjoy it. They choose their subject, then also the specific module that they want to cover. For example, the first week we started, Joshua had a big spelling test. We logged on to WorksheetCloud and under English, the phonics words, were the very same sounds he needed to study for the week. Also on this note, I had forgotten to look for papers for Addison to practice for an Afrikaans test the next day. No sweat, we logged on to WorksheetCloud and she could do some practice tests in real time.

Once they’ve done the worksheet/test, they then get their marks are are able to go over the ones they got wrong. WorksheetCloud also explains what the question was asking and what the correct answer actually is. At one stage Addison didn’t quite understand the questions, so she intentionally got it all wrong, so she could view the explanations and figure out how to answer. Improvisation at its finest. lol.

Pros of WorksheetCloud

  • We’re not wasting paper, because the kids can work online. There is still a time and a place for printing out worksheets, but I am printing out a lot less now.
  • WorksheetCloud covers all of the subjects that my kids are doing at school. Everything you need on one platform, from Grade 1-9.
  • There’s a weekly report to show how they’ve improved (or regressed) compared to the previous week.
  • The programme is very interactive and praises the child when they have done well.
  • It’s online, which is where our kids want to be! They don’t feel like it’s as much ‘work’ when it’s online and they’re earning coins and being patted on the back for good marks.
  • This is much cheaper than a tutor or going out and buying tons of revision books everywhere.
  • The child can do sessions for as long as as short as they want to.

Some additional points

I wanted to do ‘cons’, but I don’t really have any. I do have some notes though…or points for consideration, but these are not cons. They are really just to ensure a smoother introduction to WorksheetCloud based on our experience.

  1. You do have to check in with the child just to make sure they understand how the questions are being asked. For example when Joshua was doing English, there’s a board on the right side of the screen with a bunch of words. He didn’t realise he needed to consult the board for his answers. I think this is necessary though, so you can also know how they are being tested and to ensure you’re also involved for a bit of it. I do think it’s just that initial ‘introduction to WorksheetCloud’ phase though. Once they get it, they won’t need you anymore.
  2. We jumped into Term 3, but I felt like it was a bit content heavy. This is not the programme’s fault, it’s just not knowing how the workload is structured. I would recommend doing your ‘trial’ in term 1 and if it’s smooth sailing, jump into Term 3.

The Newsletter

Even if you don’t sign up for the programme, there is a lot of benefit to being signed up to the newsletter. I receive the most interesting articles, tips and also occasionally FREE content and discount codes!


Overall thoughts

Guys, I really like this programme. The content is relevant to what our kids are doing at school and I feel like it makes my life easier. This is how we are getting in the extra revision time! Last week I drew up a Study Timetable for both kids to factor in the times they get home, their extra curriculars, tests, their eating time, and their WorksheetCloud time…this includes weekends as well. I feel it’s best if I structure it, because my kids can faff around as if it’s a job they get paid for! lol. If you even just slot in 15 minutes to half an hour a day, it’s quick and easy.


WorksheetCloud has kindly offered to give away FIVE annual Worksheet Cloud subscriptions!! These are valued at R1 560 each! Note these are for Grade 1-9 students, and this is an ONLINE service.

How to enter

  • Comment below with the grade your child is in that you want to win for. Please note, by commenting, you will also be signing up for the WorksheetCloud newsletter. 
  • Bonus entries – Tag a parent who you think would be interested in entering on the Facebook post.

T’s & C’s

  1. This competition is only open to readers residing in South Africa.
  2. The giveaway will run until Friday, 16th August 2019, with FIVE winners being selected at random shortly afterwards.
  3. The winners will be contacted directly by WorksheetCloud, with additional information on redeeming their WorksheetCloud subscription.
  4. By entering, you give permission for your email address to be used for marketing purposes by WorksheetCloud. You will be able to opt out of this at any time.

Note: I was given a subscription for my kids in exchange for this review. All opinions and experiences are my own though. 

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