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3 for 2 promo – What would I buy? {Real Techniques}

As you may know, I kicked off this ‘3 for 2′ promo series with Elizabeth Arden last week with Rayne. If you missed that post…head back to this post for the history. We’ll wait over here…. Okay, caught up?? Let’s continue…. I was at Clicks recently and my eyes zoomed in on the Real Techniques brushes. Brushes are not something I ever buy these days, because I accumulated quite a stash with my MorpheMe subscription back in the day. Before I got my hands on my Morphe brushes though, I had a few Real Techniques brushes that I still swear by and use today. They are the ones that I will not part with….and that I would repurchase if anything happened to them.

Clicks regularly has promotions on the Real Techniques brushes. I’m not 100% sure if Real Techniques ever goes on a 3 for 2 promotion or just a % off, but in the event of a 3-for-2, with our help, you’ll be ready 😉 ‘Our’, because….Rayne has also done a post with her top Real Techniques picks!So look out for the link to her post at the end of this post. Real Techniques Blush Brush

Real Techniques Blush Brush

The Real Techniques blush brush is preferred 2-to-1 over a leading department store brand for a flawless finish. Our blush brush is custom-cut to contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended, high definition results.

    • Tapered cut to blend like a pro
    • Ideal for cream or powder blush

I am pretty sure Luzanne from Pink Peonies inspired this purchase. She used Real Techniques brushes a lot back in the day and her blog started my love affair with good quality makeup brushes. This brush is AMAZING! It is so insanely soft, almost like if you used clouds to make a blush brush, this is what I imagine it would feel like. The bristles are soft and airy, so it disperses just enough product and diffuses and blends it beautifully. I have had this brush for years now…maybe 3 years at least? It’s never shed or gone wonky on me….I highly recommend this brush!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I’ve always been a sponge gal when it comes to my foundations. I go through these phases though, where one day I’ll pick up a brush and be like: Why have I not been using this all along? That happened recently to me when I picked up the Buffing Brush. It’s so dense, but soft at the same time….then has that almost dome shape, so it’s not super flat. I’ve just been loving the way my foundation looks when I use this brush lately, so it’s been my foundation tool of choice. Again, I’ve owned this brush for YEARS….no shedding, no scratching…. I can’t reiterate enough how great the quality of these brushes are.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

Real Techniques Setting Brush

Our micro setting brush is the key to completing any look.

    • A perfectly controlled dusting of product
    • Ideal for setting powders or highlighting powders/creams

I was torn between 2 brushes for this 3rd pick, but I opted for the Setting brush, because I realised it could serve a 2-in-1 purpose. This is like a mini of the blush brush in terms of softness and airiness, which to me makes this the perfect highlighting brush. I like a soft, more diffused look when it comes to blush, bronzer and highlighter….so the Real Techniques brushes ticks all the boxes on that front. The setting brush is my most reached for brush when it comes to highlight application. While drafting this post I realised this would be good for under the eyes too. Either to set concealer, to brush bake away, etc. Just don’t set under your eyes AFTER using this for highlighter… that’s going to be a mess!


I was very impulsive back in the day and gave a lot of brushes away that I felt at the time I didn’t need….now though, I wish I’d kept them. Looking through the brushes on the website, there’s one I realise would have made the perfect primer application brush. Not that anybody needs a primer application brush, but I mean….if you have one in your collection…why not. #ExtraMuch?

Well that’s it for my top Real Techniques brush recommendations. I feel like this post has given me a bit of an itch to go and buy some new brushes…. My husband would NOT be impressed. lol. Have you tried any of their brushes? Let me know which brand you’d like to see me feature next in my ‘3 for 2 promo – what would I buy?’-series. Also, let’s head over to Rayne’s post now to see which brushes/tools she has chosen!Real Techniques


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