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Let’s celebrate our teachers this Teachers’ Day! + {Giveaway Closed}

What would we do without our kids teachers? I mean, really??!! Sad to admit, I am one of those parents who is never preparing my kid for school in any way. I rely on the pre-school teachers to teach my kid to count, recognise their names, learn to draw, etc. I was recently SHOCKED when I realised that Adam can indeed draw his interpretation of a human being. We don’t spend a lot of time writing, drawing, etc at home. I try to do some colouring in, I love reading and activity books, but the nitty gritty…..I don’t get into that. That means that teachers have one hell of a task! Teaching a child that some times knows NOTHING…..to be school ready, high school ready, university ready. I could never!!

I’ve been so blessed for my kids to have amazing teachers throughout the years….so I’m happy to be partnering with Netflorist for today’s post!

Why do teachers rock?

  1. As I mentioned above, they have a super important job….and that’s to prepare our kids for various stages of life….and the world.
  2. A good teacher will bring out the best in our kids, some even shower them with hugs and positive affirmations, but they also tell them: This isn’t good enough. You can do better. They do this, because they know your kid’s capabilities better than we do at times!
  3. Teachers give so much of their time…..after school meetings, lesson preps, marking, etc. Their work doesn’t stop when the bell rings!
  4. Our kids listen to their teachers! There’s nothing that a ‘I will call your teacher right now!’ can’t fix when a kid is being problematic! LOL
  5. Teachers rock so much, that they have their own special day to be celebrated!!!

5th October – Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general.

The idea of celebrating Teachers’ Day took root in many countries during the 19th century; in most cases, they celebrate a local educator or an important milestone in education. This is the primary reason why countries celebrate this day on different dates, unlike many other International Days. For example, Argentina has commemorated Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’s death on 11 September since 1915; while in India Guru Purnima is traditionally observed as a day to venerate teachers, the birthday of the second president Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (5 September) is also celebrated as Teacher’s Day since 1962.

Many countries celebrate World Teachers’ Day, established by UNESCO in 1994, on 5 October as their Teachers’ Day.

Source: Wikipedia 

Teachers Day


As I mentioned above, I’m partnering with Netflorist for this post! The exciting part is that Netflorist wants to reward your kid’s teacher for being a rock star this Teachers’ Day! In today’s post, you stand a chance to win a gorgeous flower arrangement for your chosen educator, that would be the perfect addition to their desk!!!!

How to enter:

  • Share something that your teacher does/has done to make your child feel special or even a time they have just offered up words of encouragement..or just any reason you feel they deserve praise.
  • Bonus entries – Head to the Facebook post and tag your fellow parents to increase the odds of rewarding a rock star teacher!

T’s & C’s

  1. This competition is only open to readers residing in South Africa.
  2. The giveaway will run until midnight, Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, with a winner being selected at random shortly afterwards.
  3. Netflorist will send the prize directly to the winner/recipient.

You can shop Netflorist’s Teachers’ Day range over HERE.




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  • Carolyn Augustus

    Since both myself and hubby arrived shift workers, (and neither one of us have family in very close proximity) it wash quite a challenge getting our baby girl to crèche which she started attacking 4 months old. Her teacher /principal offered to collect her at home on days when we had to leave home at 04:45 and even keep her extremely late on nights we only got home at 10:45. There are even times she sleep over when things get chaotic. My daughter is 5years old now and this teacher /principal (who now offer aftercare to her as well) is still going the extra mile for us. I really have no idea what we would and still will do without her.

  • Natasha Prince

    Hello there

    About myself
    My name is Tyler Prince and im 8 years old. I attend Sea Point primary but live in Bellville. I am in grade 2H. And I am a professional model and love to read and recycle.

    I love Ferrari and I am sometimes on TV and in magazines. My friends at school and my teacher supports me.

    My teacher

    I love my school and my teacher.  My mom helped me with the letter. Miss Hoogenhout is the best best best best best best teacher ever. She is our hero and deserve to win. She has a kind heart to everyone who knows her.

    I would like to share what I love about my teacher.
    My teacher’s name is Miss Hoogenhout. She is the best teacher in the whole wide world. She is friendly, kind and do lotsa creative things in class with us. She teaches me how to play soccer and also she teaches me how to read. I belong to her book club and attend it every Monday.

    My teacher is also super cool. She teaches me rymths, how to count, she also teaches me about the world.

    Ms Hoogenhout is a special teacher and has a unique style, I have found my teacher to know so much about life. She let us be ourselves but most importantly she taught me how to share with others and help others in my class.

    I am the class monitor and I love to help my teacher prepare for her lessons. Also our class won a trophy for the cleaniness classroom in the school. I also help clean the classroom. I am big on recycling and gave my teacher a recycling bin to recycle all cans. She loves to paint and also teaches us the importance of saying please and thank you and greeting the elders. My teacher help us to clean up the school grounds, she teaches us how to plant our own veggies.

    All the kids in my class loves my teacher. She is our super hero. We do lotsa dress up days! My teacher also take us out for educational outings and that’s so far all our favourite. She also teaches us to listen and always be friendly with our class mates.

    What Makes my teacher great.
    She uses pictures or music to communicate with us
    superior listening skills
    My teacher has a general knowledge about the world and loves to travel
    My teacher is caring and all of the kids love my teacher
    My teacher rewards us if you did a good deed
    My teacher is neat and loves to read to us and make us read to the class too.
    My teacher loves to do art with us and then we may take it home to our parents
    My teacher has very high hopes for us one day
    My teacher has a beautiful smile
    My teacher don’t shout at us
    My teacher is a hero
    My teacher is awesome and she deserves to win, we all care for her.
    My teacher is honest and she teaches us it’s not right to lie or bully one another.

    I give my teacher chocolates and make her card sometimes to say thank you for being my teacher. My mom helps me. Please pleased pick my teacher she is amazing. See some photos of my teacher and our class. And all the good deeds my teacher get us in love.

    My teacher Rock!

    From tyler 🤴I’m the boy with the big curly hair yes that’s me with the big smile.

    • Donna Moodley

      Awesome post and giveaway. Our teachers do so much they deserve monthly medals.
      My daughter started a new school last year. Her teacher was Mrs Moolman. Wow this woman has helped my child come out of her shell and go from a timid withdrawn child who wouldn’t participate in anything in public to ending up with one of the lead roles in their school play..
      Academically she went from one seven at her previous school to 11 sevens in her first report last year. Helping her receive gold status for merits before the year was up and also her pin for 2018 for receding all her merits for the year.

      This teacher definitely tapped into something and brought the best out in my child. I am so grateful.

      It was hard for nehara to choose as well because she adores her current teacher as well as one of her previous school teacher.

      Here’s to all these amazing teachers

  • Nicola Woods

    My daughter’s teacher is Mrs Watermeyer at Sunridge Primary school. She is currently in her final year of teaching as she is going on retirement this year. She is one of those old school teachers who still instills old school values and principles to our kids.. It’s so nice to hear about random things that the teacher spoke to them about like opening a bank account and saving money, and how to resolve conflict amicably.. Thank you so much Mrs Watermeyer.. You will be greatly missed ❤️

  • Nicola Woods

    My daughter’s teacher is Mrs Watermeyer at Sunridge Primary school. She is currently in her final year of teaching as she is going on retirement this year. She is one of those old school teachers who still instills old school values and principles to our kids.. It’s so nice to hear about random things that the teacher spoke to them about like opening a bank account and saving money, and how to resolve conflict amicably.. Thank you so much Mrs Watermeyer.. You will be greatly missed ❤️

  • Nicola Woods

    My teacher is a lovely teacher, she has lovely long black hair and a beautiful smile. I like the way she sometimes makes jokes with us. I like the things she teaches us. She only shout when someone is naughty. Although she is strict she is very fair. I hope my teacher Mrs Van Der Mescht will be the lucky winner of this prize ❤️from Taylor Woods

  • Terri Cawood

    Ok this is AWESOME! And at the same time I kind of hope I do not win this one, in fact, don’t enter me. My two boys currently have THE BEST teachers! So yep there is two of them (Grade R teacher and Grade 2 teacher). They are my favourites! I simply could not choose. Big shout out to Mrs Poustie and Mrs Picton! #AnOrdinaryGalSpringGiveaway #bonusentry

  • Natasha McHugh

    My daughters teacher is currently in her last year of teaching and my daughter absolutely loves her to bits. She has helped my daughter so much and very easy to talk to. Makes the kids laugh at jokes, teaches them how to be independent and is very understanding. I would love to win this prize for her from make it from her whole class as a small token of appreciation towards her.

  • Natasha McHugh

    My sons teacher is an amazing lady without her I wouldn’t of been able to help my son with his hearing. She advised us to have a look at it and turned out he needed AIT which we have done. Since doing that his speech has improved, hand writing and understanding of the work. She is loved by all the kiddies in her class and I am so glad that this is the second time around we have her.

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