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3 for 2 promotion – what would I buy? {The Body Shop}

Gals, I love a good 3 for 2 promotion….and I think The Body Shop knows this!! I absolutely LOVE their promotions, and so does my husband. We recently popped in, and took advantage of just that type of promotion! I felt a bit attacked, because he stated he needed to double up on his purchase, as Addison and myself are using up all his products. It’s like he forgets who uses up all my skincare products as well….. I think he was just looking for an excuse to buy more products, but moving along…… So what would I tell you to spend your money on at The Body Shop??? Keep reading to find out!

Side note: By now you know I’ve got a 3-for-2 series happening on the blog, if you’ve missed the previous 2 posts, I featured Elizabeth Arden and Real Techniques.


Today, we have a little something for the gents as well! My husband has very sensitive and easily irritated skin, so over the years it’s always been about finding a shaving cream that is gentle and soothing on his skin….and in this tub, we have found it! He is OBSESSED with this shaving cream, and he’s probably been through about 10 tubs of it by now. A little goes a VERY long way with this stuff, and it foams/lathers so nicely, but in a creamy way…if that makes sense.

In addition to him loving it, I also am now quite a fan. I only ever waxed my legs for the last 10 years, but after getting my hands on a LOT of Gilette razor blades, I decided to try shaving. Also, waiting for regrowth to wax, is so frustrating! Anyways, suffice to say, this really does a good job. I don’t get bumps and irritations (which is why I needed to wax), hence why hubby claims he needs to buy these in duplicate on the 3-for-2. lol.

Tip: You must use this with a brush. It just applies better and creates that lather to give you a better shaving experience. We got the men’s shaving brush at The Body Shop as well. 


Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your eyes….. the above picture is of a different mask, but I am using it for reference purposes. I finished my jar of Himalayan Charcoal Mask, and have yet to restock, so I used this one just so you know what the packaging looks like. The Himalayan Charcoal mask is one of my absolute favourite masks in the world! It just leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed and smooth. If you’re like me who battles with clogged pores and breakouts, then you know a charcoal mask is a must for those issues.

I currently don’t own anything like it, so I really need to restock soon.


Okay, initially I was very skeptical about this purchase. I was convinced that it was a gimmick…..but I have come to love this hair scrub so much! Firstly, it smells divine! Like a lime-mojito scented slice of paradise. It’s just such a clean and fresh scent….I absolutely love it. I’ve spoken before about the fact that I go bald at my temples, so I love to use this to massage that area, to, I guess, stimulate the hair follicles there. I just feel it really gives me a good clean feeling.

Note: I do feel that this leaves my hair a bit crunchy, but nothing that a good conditioner doesn’t sort out.


So gals, I always love to maximise my 3-for-2 discount. ALWAYS. I’ve spoken about this before in a post, but let me repeat how frugal I am. So the first 3 products I shared with you, will be around R180 – R300 each. I prefer to buy products that are similarly priced. I’d never spend R300, R250 and R95. Nope….you can bet your bottom dollar, my 3rd item will be as close to R250 as I can get.

I recently picked up some of The Body Shop sheet masks, as well as this Tea Tree Peel-Off mask. They all retail for R95. So I made my purchase for hubby’s goodies first, then I paid for 3 sheet masks seperately and got one free. VERSUS paying for 6 products together and only getting the 2 cheapest free, which would be two masks at R95 each.

Am I the only one that does this? I do this at Clicks as well, anywhere where there’s a 3-for-2…all similarly priced items are paid for together and seperately. A cashier at Woolies almost spat at me once, because I paid for about 21 kiddies items in 3’s. LMAO. Mama got to get her discount!


I have only used this Tea Tree mask once, but:

  • It reduced my active pimple by the next morning,
  • My skin felt AMAZING once the mask was removed, and
  • If you’re frugal enough, you can get at least 2-4 uses of the mask, by dividing the powder into 2-4.

You do need the mask to be packed on pretty thick for it to peel off though, so do know that it may affect the peel-off experience if you do that. It doesn’t affect the benefits of the mask at all though.

I’d definitely pick up 3 of their R95 masks when the 3 for 2 is on. Rayne has done some reviews on their sheet masks previously, so check her blog out for that.

Note on masks: The sheet masks and the tub may be expensive for a once off, right? Yes…BUT, when I look at masks sitting on my vanity, that cost me R500 – R1 000 and I’ve used it once or twice….that’s the real waste of money. So when I think about it that way, I reckon I’d rather use up my R95, vs it sitting on a window sill. 

Gals (and guys), that’s it for my top picks from The Body Shop! Rayne is one of the most influential in my life when it comes to The Body Shop, so believe me, I cannot wait to see what she’s chosen…. I’m sure it’s going to be tough for her to choose!!!!!!! #SorryNotSorryRayne 

Best of the body shop

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