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Let’s go on a Jungle Journey! {Kids book review}

I feel like this post is taking me back to my roots!!! This is how the book section started on the blog…with kiddies book reviews! Until one day, a publisher sent me an adult book and I realised: Hey, I also read….and one thing led to another, and it started the #BookReviewFriday series. I do still feature kiddies books, but I realise not as often as I used to. As Christmas is approaching, I am going to be posting some more kiddies book reviews, to help you decide on which book you’re picking up for your kid this Christmas! Adam has received so many lovely kiddies books, but I assure you, he can identify all his books in a lineup if he has to.  Also, he is as excited about a new book, as he is about his older books.

Today I’m introducing you to his current favourite titled, Jungle Journey.

What is Jungle Journey about?

Little World is designed for curious toddlers, allowing them to explore familiar landscapes and faraway places, from cities and jungles to outer space and the ocean depths.

The gentle narrative is perfect for reading aloud, guiding children on their adventure as they venture further into the jungle. A novelty slide, push or pull on every spread also helps children to engage and explore.

Allison Black’s bright artwork and charming characters encourage interaction and play, with lots to spot, see and enjoy on every spread.

This series has been created in collaboration with subject experts, to produce an accurate representation of the world around us and provide a perfectly designed Little World.

Look out for other titles in the Little World series:

In the City, To the Moon and Under the Sea … with many more to come!

Our review

Adam loves these push and pull, twist and turn sort of books. Added to that, this book is beautifully illustrated with clear and bright illustrations. Besides being pretty to look at and interactive, the Little World books are educational. In Jungle journey we have crawling, flying, climbing…all sorts of animals and insects to chat and learn about.

For smaller kids, interactive books are ALWAYS a hit! These books are perfect for curious minds and kids aged 3-6. The Little World books come in various topics and retail for around R130. You can pick these books up at all leading book retailers.

Will you be adding any books to the Christmas shopping list this year?

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by Penguin Random House SA in exchange for an honest review.

Jungle Journey

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