Why the Yumbox is the only lunchbox you’ll ever need!

Only a mother will understand how one can do a full blog post about a lunchbox right? My husband will eye me in the Tupperware aisle and go: Another lunchbox and juice bottle??? Why? He doesn’t understand the struggle…and there are many struggles!! I go through sooooo many lunch boxes, but they always fall short. Why?


I have purchased lunchboxes from that very well known brand that everybody’s mother and cousin sells. Now I used to buy that brand about 10 plus years back and those lunchboxes were super durable. Back then. Last year I bought a few and within a month, 2 of them were chipped, and one was not closing properly!!



Since the beginning of time, I have sought out lunchboxes with compartments. The problem is, most of the time they’re too big, too deep…and not the easiest for little fingers. The compartments need to be the right size and there needs to be enough of them. I usually like at least 4-6 compartments for:

  • A little sandwich
  • Some mini cheddars
  • Fruit
  • Yoghurt
  • Some nuts/biltong
  • Maybe a cookie of some sort

Cuteness factor

I know this may seem like a superficial requirement, but sometimes you need your kids to be excited about their lunchboxes. A navy blue lunchbox, with a burgundy lid, just doesn’t cut it! I just find that my kids get more excited about their lunch, when their lunchbox is exciting too!

The Yumbox from Cloud+Co

Durable? Check

The Yumbox has been used EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY of 2019 and I have yet to have a chip, a faulty hinge or anything like that. Joshua is the proud owner of a Yumbox in our home and he throws his bag down, leaves his lunchbox on the floor, and it has withstood the whole year. Safely. Addison, who does not own a Yumbox, has been through at least 4 lunchboxes this year. Broken clip, broken hinge, chipped….dead.

Compartments? Check

Choose from 4, 6 or the new bigger 5 compartment tapas option!

Cute? Check

The Yumbox comes in the most GORGEOUS array of colours….there’s nothing boring or un-cute about them 😉

Additional information

  1. You can PERSONALISE your Yumbox with your child’s name and a theme that they love! Think unicorns, ninjas or dinosaurs!
  2. The Yumbox is made with high quality, super durable, BPA-free, food-safe materials.
  3. Yumbox is leakproof! Pack wet foods like yogurt and dips (not water). Seals with one lid. LEAKPROOF!! Also odours don’t cross contaminate, due to how airtight the seal is.
  4. Kid-friendly latch! Great for little fingers!
  5. You can purchase replacement trays seperately.

What I also love is that the tray displays different food groups for each section, which is helpful if kids want to pack their own lunch, or you need to force them to include veggies… Because the Yumbox says you have to 😉

Cloud+Co also stock bento box accessories, the cutest little mini forks and skewer sticks! Insulated lunch bags, drinking bottles, mom and baby essentials and MUCH MUCH more!

About Cloud+Co

Cloud+Co is a lifestyle store for children and parents that aims to bring you a curation of the best products locally and internationally. We love the Scandinavian aesthetic and design.

Although Cloud+Co officially began recently, the unofficial start was when our founder fell pregnant with her first child. She wanted to find products for him that were unique, of great quality and timeless. Pieces that were an investment, would fit into her lifestyle and that would be able to tell a story… This feeling amplified when her daughter was born. Thus, the vision of Cloud+Co was born – to surround your child with beautifully designed, quality and contemporary nursery items that will promote an environment of peace, curiosity and love and that they can treasure and cherish for a long time.

This is also where the name Cloud+Co originated. We want to create a magical and dreamy setting for kids that feels comfortable, but full of wonder and allows them to explore and discover.

One other important aspect for us is sustainability. We aim to bring you products that are organic, ethically made and sourced and that help to preserve and promote the future world for those dearest to us – our children.

We carefully curate brands and products from around the world, staying on top of the latest styles and designs that fit into our brand.

Our aim is to delight and enchant you and your little ones. Every sale is appreciated and sent to you with an abundance of love.

We are online based and ship to anywhere within South Africa. We are also able to ship to selected African countries upon request.

Do you need a Yumbox?

I recall at the end of last year when we received ours, I thought…urgh…can I tell my readers to spend so much money on a lunchbox? As cute as I thought it was? I can say without a doubt, 100% yes. You honestly will never want another lunchbox for your kids. Looked after, this is one investment you won’t regret! Get your own Yumbox HERE!

Disclaimer: I was gifted one Yumbox, but I love the Yumbox so much that I also purchased an additional one at the same time.The Yumbox



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