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Out with the old of 2019! {Empties}

So how do we officially say goodbye to 2019? We trash the trash, that’s how! I don’t mean bad trash though, just the bottles of empty products I’ve been hoarding so that I can do this post! I finished quite a bit of products towards the end of 2019….so today we’ll chat about those products. Out with the old….in with the new sort of vibes. Some of the new may be some of the old, but when you love a product, why change things up? Confusing you? Don’t worry…I’m confusing me too! Okay, let’s get in to the first empties post of 2020!

Nivea Hyaluron Cellular Filler Anti Spot Treatment Serum

I am all about anything that claims to reduce pigmentation and/or spots, as I have the most ridiculous blemish-prone skin. If I get a pimple, it scars automatically! I received this in PR and I was really happy to be trying out skin care that is more affordable.

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticity & Re-Densifying Anti-Spot Treatment Serum is a serum that contains a highly effective anti-pigment technology specifically developed to reduce the appearance of existing age spots. With proven visible improvement after just four weeks, the treatment can help reduce wrinkles and lift skin’s hydration levels in mature skin. This light-weight formulation can be used on the face as well as the hands.

I really enjoyed this serum and I used it as a night cream. It was rich, but not in a heavy way. This provided really nice hydration and I felt I didn’t really need anything else at night. I am not sure that this reduced existing pigmentation, but I felt that it did make my complexion appear more even. Also I didn’t develop any new spots that I could ‘spot’ in the time that I used this. This is not an industrial strength acid or anything like that, but I thought it was a decent product. Also, I LOVE the pump dispenser on this, as I got every last drop out!

Childs Farm Hair and body wash

Childs farm is a well loved brand in our home. The scents are absolutely amazing….quite the ‘scent-sational’ experience 😉 The bubble bath is a firm favourite, so is the moisturiser…..but the dual-purpose products, like the hair and body wash speak to my #momlife soul! I love that I can use one product to wash them, and use it on their hair. Heck, I even use it as bubble bath if I feel like it. 3-in-1 anybody?

Bioderma micellar water

Bioderma Make-up removing micelle solution

There’s no two butts about it, the Bioderma micellar water is really really good! It’s a cult favourite for a reason. This removes my make-up effortlessly and does not sting my eyes, or leave my skin feeling parched (or greasy). It is a bit on the pricey side, but Clicks and Dischem always have promotions on around this brand. Sometimes a buy one get one free or a free mini, etc. Adam threw out my full sized bottle a while back. Urgh….that kid……

Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baume

Another Bioderma product? What can I say, I’m a fan of the brand! I have reviewed the Atoderm range before over HERE, so if you want more info, go and check that post out. This is a great body ‘baume’ for my skin, which is easily irritated and itches like mad the minute I put something on it, that it doesn’t like. There’s no such fuss when I use the Atoderm range. I have been making a conscious effort to moisturise my body after showering, so I’m really chuffed with myself that this is finished. I will say that I’m not a fan of the lid, as I really battle to open it. It’s great in that it has never leaked, but I still feel like I need to locate my inner hulk to rip this open.


Lush Magic Crystals Shower Scrub

If you know me….you know that I am a Lush fanatic, though Adam may be even more obsessed with the brand than I am! I ordered the Magic Crystals last year sometime, purely because I loved that it was purple. The colour is so vibrant and joyful…I knew I needed it in my shower. I didn’t check the ingredients before I ordered it, so I was a bit surprised that it smelled like spearmint. Had I checked the ingredients, I would not have been surprised. lol. A pleasant surprise though. That spearmint scent gave me such a pick-me-up and I just loved the texture of this scrub. It’s a runnier scrub, not as gritty as say, Ocean Salt.

GHD Heat Protect Spray

I have probably had this heat spray for 2-3 years now! Why?? I didn’t want to finish it! lol. This spray is so nice…and just makes my hair feel silky smooth and protected from heat styling/drying. I used this really sparingly, but alas, all good things must come to an end.

Cantu Moisturising Twist & Lock Gel

Cantu is a brand we have explored well in 2019! I don’t think there’s a product that Addison and I have not tried in the range. I love this gel for fly-away hairs, the pesky hairs above my ear, etc. Addison uses it when she’s in her #curlygirl mode, and she loves the gel and the leave in conditioner equally as much. We’ve repurchased both a few times. This doesn’t dry my hair out and it also doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky, which makes it a winner in my books. This is more like a jelly versus a traditional gel texture, just as an FYI.

That’s that for my first post of 2020…..binning the products that I finished in 2020! On the topic of ‘out with the old, in with the new’…. Let’s also bin self-loathing, self-criticism, social media envy….and let’s practice contentment and kindness in 2020!

Do you enjoy these sort of posts still in 2020? Drop me a comment down below…and also let me know what you’ve finished recently!



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