15 Year anniversary: Romantic destinations to visit!

I remember counting up to our 10yr wedding anniversary. No thought of romantic destinations and getaways… Nope. I had this vision for what we were going to do…. renew our vows…. and there would be A LOT of fairy lights…in a garden of sorts. Also, I was going to be super skinny! That vision did not come to pass, because we ended up also having a 2 month old for the occasion, but it was a memorable night nonetheless. There was laughing, family, friends…it really was lovely! I was pretty stressed though, and in hindsight, I wish we’d saved the money, and we’d gone away. With 3 kids, it’s always going to have to be a short escape, but at this stage in our lives, I’ll take a quick escape any day!

So…..that was 5 YEARS AGO! This year, Gerard and I will have been married for 15 years!!! I can’t even explain the gratitude in my heart, for having met and married such an amazing man. I am hoping determined to plan a getaway for us this year to celebrate the milestone and I thought I’d share with you the romantic destinations I have on my wish list 😉

The Romantic Destinations on my wishlist…….. *queue Bachelor in Paradise theme music*


Okay, I know I said a ‘quick escape’, but if I ever make it to Mauritius, I sure hope it’ll be for like a week! Especially if it’s somewhere as luxurious as Lux Belle Mare. I’m literally going to cash out my pension and all my leave days to head to this resort one day! I hope the kids will remember us…..cause mama and papa are never coming back. LOL. ‘Jokes’ and ‘it ain’t never going to happen’ aside, who hasn’t pictured themselves on a beautiful beach in Mauritius, sipping cocktails and looking at the crisp blue water? The ROMANTIC DESTINATION of ROMANTIC DESTINATIONS! Now to just find some cheap flights right? Oh yes, and rob a bank so I can stay in the villa *insert heart eyes*

Sun City

Guys, I live in South Africa and I’ve NEVER been to Sun City 🙁 This one is definitely on my bucket list….and besides the beautiful rooms, there’s also a TON to do! Even if we decided to be good parents, and actually take the kids with us for this anniversary escape, I’m confident we would not hear ‘I’m bored’ ONCE! The bonus here is that it’s a short flight to Johannesburg, and I’d also be able to see so many of my friends!

Top things to do in Sun City:

  • Golf enthusiasts can choose from two world-class golf courses.
  • Thrill-seekers can get their kicks from a wide choice of adventure activities.
  • Family-friendly Sun City offers an unbeatable selection of kids’ entertainment and activities.
  • Spend the day at the man-made beach at Sun City’s Valley of Waves.
  • Explore The Maze of the Lost City, the largest permanent maze in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Wildlife lovers can discover the Big 5 on safari at the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.
  • Get up close and personal with birds of prey and crocodiles at Animal World.

Whether you want to experience the fastest zip slide in the world or float above the Big 5 in a hot air balloon, Sun City offers up an unbeatable variety of activities.

The Boardwalk Hotel

Last, but not least, local is lekker and even though this is in my home town of Port Elizabeth, I’d also love to spend some time at the Boardwalk Hotel! Port Elizabeth is home to the most beautiful beaches and the hotel also has a Spa, Casino, shopping…and lots more! If you’re not in PE and looking for your next holiday destination, book your flight with Travelstart…. and if you don’t mind, book an extra room for hubby and I 😉 Thank you in advance!

Are you celebrating a milestone anniversary this year? What are some of your top romantic destinations? 

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart


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