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Woman on the Edge {Audio book review}

This will probably be one of the last audio book reviews on the blog, because I need to cancel my Audible subscription soon! I however really do enjoy a good audio book. It keeps me sane and keeps me company on my long 30km drive to work. If for nothing else, that is the reason I love audio books. On top of that, I get to sneak in a book towards my book reading goal for the year, with really minimal effort 😉 So today’s book has quite the captivating synopsis……Woman on the Edge. Addison and I listened to the sample for this book and she was like: Mom, you have to get this book! What happened?? Why did she do that?? So it became our time together, when I did her hair….to listen to a few chapters. She didn’t end up listening to all of it, but asked me for updates every so often. Which reminds me…I don’t think I told her how it ended yet! Oops…..

What is Woman on the Edge about?

A moment on the platform changes two lives forever. But nothing is as it seems…

‘Take my baby.’

In a split second, Morgan’s life changes forever. A stranger hands her a baby, then jumps in front of a train.

Morgan has never seen the woman before and she can’t understand what would cause a person to give away her child and take her own life.

When the police question Morgan, she discovers none of the witnesses can corroborate her version of events. And when they learn Morgan longs for a baby of her own, she becomes a suspect.

To prove her innocence, Morgan frantically tries to retrace the last days of the woman’s life. She begins to understand that Nicole Markham believed she and her baby were in danger. Now Morgan might be in danger, too.

Was Nicole a new mother struggling with paranoia?

Or was something much darker going on?

Pulse-pounding, heartrending, shocking, thrilling. This is one book you won’t be able to stop thinking about.

My Thoughts

Characters and The Story Line

Well the story line is pretty compelling…. A woman hands her baby to a stranger, and then jumps in front of a moving train! I’m a mother….so what in the heavens would drive a mother to do something like this??? That is what we try to figure out as we go through this book.

The main characters are Morgan, who is the stranger that gets handed a baby. There’s Nicole…..a CEO of a company, with the world at her feet….who does the unthinkable on the train’s platform. We meet a detective, Nicole’s brother, husband, and best friend.

The story flits between 2….actually 3 timelines.

  1. The present.
  2. The past, as in years ago, when something happened that involved Nicole as a teenager.
  3. The not so distant past, where Nicole’s troubles first begin.

My review

This had the potential to be an amazing story and thriller. Essentially we are trying to figure out how it comes to be that Nicole wants Morgan to raise her child. Morgan, a complete stranger! Also, what is going on with Nicole…is she crazy? Is she suffering from post natal depression? Has her past caught up with her and something more sinister is at play here?

Guys, words fail me with this one. Firstly, I’m not sure if the audio book influenced how I felt about this, but everybody’s voice was so naggy, exhausted and sad. There was not one normal sounding voice within all these chapters! Secondly, the author kept dropping plot twists, and she managed to create some suspense, but in the end the stereotypical, menacing sort of ‘villain’ and how unreal these twists were, really just annoyed me. Lastly, even I (who can never guess what the twist is) figured out very early on what was happening in this book.

The reason in the end that Nicole decided on Morgan….is so hard to believe. I’m all for suspending reality for the cause of a great story, but this, was….nope….no words.

Perhaps if I’d read the actual book it would have been a different experience for me….I could not get past the annoying narration and whiney voices. No surprise, I returned this book and exchanged it for ‘The Last Time I Lied’. I’m currently listening to that, so I’ll have a review up soon.

How many stars?

Woman on the Edge has a Goodreads rating of 3.94 stars at the moment out of 5 stars. I am in the minority with my feelings, so perhaps the audio book influenced my experience with the book. That being said….it’s 2 stars for me. I just felt that this one fell flat, in suspense, in plot…in everything. EEEKK!!

Woman on the Edge retails for around $17 (on sale) on Audible at the moment. Don’t forget if you want to try Audible out, you can try it out for a month for free. #NotSponsored

Okay, so have you read this book? Plan to read it? I’d love to know if you’ve read it and enjoyed it and perhaps I’m just insane! Woman on the Edge


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