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John Frieda promises a ‘Full Repair’ for dehydrated hair!

Today we’re testing out the John Frieda Full Repair Range! Is it good? Does it work? Do we love it???? Patience little one, all will be revealed…..

Growing up, there was very little on the market that catered for the array of hair issues I faced at the time….and continue to face in 2020.  All the adverts I saw as a kid, for hair products, featured blonde, sleek hair…. which made me think that those products would never be able to address the needs of my hair. Dry, brittle, textured, frizzy…not blonde. Send all the help please!! Thankfully in 2020, there are sooo many options available to us! Most brands now cater to every single hair type, and we aren’t just restricted to one small corner of the hair aisle. I’ve gotten over a lot of my hair issues, but I now have a daughter who battles with extremely dehydrated hair. I try any and every product I can….budget, splurge…you name it, we’ve tried it.

Signs of dehydrated hair?

  • Dry, brittle hair
  • Prone to split ends
  • Hair that breaks off
  • Minimal growth

Added to this, my daughter swims a few times a week, plays sports, etc…. so that all exacerbates the problem I feel. John Frieda Hair Care

Testing the John Frieda Full Repair Range

Rescue hair from distress. Protect delicate, damaged strands, and keep breakage at bay. John Frieda Full Repair.

John Frieda recently sent over some products for us to try out and I won’t lie, it was a welcome delivery, because I had just run out of shampoo. My daughter also goes nuts for new hair products, because she’s always looking for something to make her hair appear sleeker and shinier….and also something to help with her frizz. That very day, she made me use her as a guinea pig.

I’ve stated above that her hair is extremely dehydrated. I am not sure if my hair was as dry when I was her age, but shucks…it’s like her hair produces NO oil! NONE! Her hair has been breaking off, so that night we washed her hair with the Full Repair Shampoo and I used the Hydrate and Rescue Deep Conditioner. We went old school and I wrapped her hair in a plastic packet, to really ensure that the product penetrated her hair as much as possible.

Note: I actually saw on the website today, that they recommend, for an intensive treatment, wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave product on for 20 minutes. 

The results

I could not believe that my daughter’s hair felt so smooth and sleek. Not just felt sleek, but looked HEALTHY…as if every hair strand had been reinforced. Her hair felt softer, more flexible….we were honestly so happy with the results. It did not feel like her hair on her head! Imposter hair…is that a thing???  Even better, her hair maintained that shine and sleekness until her next wash. We ended up not heat drying her hair with her next wash, but I could see that her ‘frizz’ was shinier and softer than it was before we’d used the range. Usually her frizz would be very dry and not healthy looking, if that makes sense?

Note: I posted results after 1 use on my Instagram stories, so make sure you follow me there for live updates in the future 😉

John Frieda Hydrate and rescue deep conditioning

Our favourite products from John Frieda

Hydrate and Rescue Deep Conditioner

Reverse the look and feel of damaged hair with every use. Fortified with Inca Inchi Oil, this rich, yet lightweight deep conditioner is expertly blended to ensure each damaged strand is protected. Reduce the risk of further breakage and split ends, without weighing hair down. Formulated for all dry and damaged hair types, including colour-treated and chemically treated hair.

I believe the deep conditioner delivers because of the Inca Inchi Oil, which is known to lock in moisture, strengthen and soften the hair. Inca Inchi oil also claims to be light and non-greasy. This oil is everything we need in a hair product! I will say that the deep conditioner is a bit too rich for my hair, as my hair is not as dry as my daughter’s, but even though I found it rich, my hair never felt weighed down when I used it. It has a remarkable way of hydrating the hair without any heaviness. I can use the regular conditioner with no problem though. John Frieda 6 Effects Serum

Original 6 Effects Serum

Protect each strand against the onset of frizz. Expertly formulated with an exceptionally unique blend of silicones combined with silk protein, this serum for frizzy hair tames unruly flyaways, boosts shine and provides heat protection. Suitable for all levels of frizz. Safe for colour-treated and chemically treated hair. 

Gals and guys….6 benefits from ONE serum! That’s multipurpose at it’s best! This serum claims to:

  • Eliminate frizz
  • Protect against humidity
  • Hydrate
  • Tame
  • Heat protect
  • Smooth

I have to hide this serum away from my mom, because she’s discovered she can apply it at night, and not heat style her hair. In the morning, her hair needs minimal effort. It’s sleeker, shinier and there’s no curl or frizz. This has been an AMAZING addition to our hair care routine and it’s a product I will definitely be repurchasing!

Fun fact: It is claimed that in the US, 2.1 bottles of Frizz Ease Serum is sold PER MINUTE! I can fully understand why!

Product lines

John Frieda has something for everybody I feel and have the following product lines:

  • Frizz Ease
  • Sheer Blonde
  • Brilliant Brunette
  • Luxurious Volume
  • Full Repair
  • Dream Curls (under the Frizz Ease line)


One point to note is that the shampoos are not sulphate free, which I know some people are curious about.

Their Point of View:

The John Frieda Brand is extremely particular about the types of sulfates we use. We use mild, gentle sulfates to get the best results possible for demanding hair. These sulfates won’t fade your hair colour or ruin your style– we know because we’ve tested them on every shade, texture, thickness, and curl pattern!

Seeing as this brand has been around since 1988, I’m inclined to believe them. Also, guys, I am honest in that I have no problem with sulphates in my products. Depending on the brand, I end up using half a bottle of sulphate-free shampoo and my hair just doesn’t feel clean enough sometimes.

In conclusion

I’ve been sleeping on this one, because I just haven’t used John Frieda products in years…..why, I have no idea. Their products do not break the bank, but perform like ‘high end’ hair care products! I’m so glad to have been able to review this range, because I believe we’ve struck gold! If you have dry, damaged or dehydrated hair, I highly recommend that you try the John Frieda Full Repair range out!

I’m also currently testing out the Dream Curls range on my own hair, because truthfully, I’m super lazy with heat styling. I figured this may make my attempted frizz look a bit more put together 😉 I’ll have a review up soon on the range!

Have you tried anything from John Frieda?

Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for a review, but the brand specifically requested that I give HONEST feedback w.r.t their products, negative and positive. I would always give honest feedback, but I loved that they included it in their communication. John Frieda for dry hair




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