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Shaving tips for sensitive skin

Hands up if you’ve been living the grizzly bear life during lockdown? Ha, got you….because I am not one of you. lol. If you are a grizzly bear though, I’m here to help in today’s post. I’m sharing my shaving tips, especially for those of you with sensitive skin. It seems as though my hairy legs bother me more at home, than they did when I actually left my house. I think because at work, these legs were hiding beneath long skirts, leggings, pants, etc. For whatever reason, I appear to be more groomed in that department since lockdown hit. Brushing my hair though, totally still optional every 4 days!

Moving along…..

I have sensitive skin, so have never been able to shave my legs….or I’d break out in terrible bumps (razor burn), that I would end up scratching until I bled most of the time. TMI I know, but it’s a real struggle. So for years I only used hair removing cream, or I went to get my legs waxed. The problem with wax though, is waiting for enough regrowth to go back, so that was always a pain. In 2020, thankfully I have finally found a way to shave my legs. Here are my shaving tips for sensitive skin! Specifically the leg area šŸ˜‰

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating will assist with ingrown hairs, which are the cause of those bumps that will get irritated when a blade nicks them! Make sure to exfoliate your skin for a few days before you know you are planning to shave, to assist with that issue. Also smoother skin, will result in a smoother shave.

Note: Even if you are a waxer, exfoliating is still a good idea to avoid ingrown hairs.

2. The Body Shop’s Maca Root & Aloe Shaving Cream and Brush

I bought this combination from The Body Shop for my husband a few years ago, and he’s been hooked ever since. It’s the only shaving product that he uses, because he also has really sensitive skin. This shaving cream really protects his skin against razor burn. As a result, he insisted I try this for my legs one day when I was in a pickle….with no wax salon in sight…and I am now hooked too!

He may regret sharing it with me though, because obviously his product moves much faster now. Thank goodness for The Body Shop’s all year round promotions!

The brush is also really important…it creates a great foam and coats every inch of the skin. You have to get the brush if you pick this up, because it also ensures that a little shaving cream goes a long way!

Note: the brush came apart from the handle so forgive the sad looking brush. I’ve offered to replace it many times, but my husband will not part with it. He says it works just fine!

Gilette Venus

3. Good Quality Blades

Thanks to a pricing error in a Clicks pamphlet last year, I managed to pick up a gazillion Gillette Venus blades. These blades are great quality, and get the job done with minimal effort! Disposable blades are just not sharp enough for me and that’s when I end up getting razor burn.

Ensure that you shave in the direction of the hair, for a smoother, less irritating shave. You do not want to use blunt blades on easily irritated or sensitive skin! Due to the amount of blades that I bought, I am able to swop out my blades after every 2nd shave, and I then use those blades for under my arms (armpits sound so crass!) until they are blunt, then I toss them.

Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray

4. Post shave

I have found the perfect product to apply post shave, and it’s the Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray, specifically for easily irritated skin. I usually pat my legs dry and then let my skin dry completely for about 10 minutes after shaving….and I then spray liberally with the Bioderma spray. Personally, I find a body butter or cream too rich, and will usually cause itching, which causes scratching and just a whole lot of unpleasantness. This spray really calms my skin, and also nourishes it, without making it greasy.

5. Hair removal lotion

If all else fails, I do use a hair removal lotion or cream in between. I have had good results with the No Hair brand, that also comes in a huge 500ml pump bottle, so that’s really convenient. Then I also enjoy the sensitive Nair Hair Remover cream, as it has no real scent and I find it’s really gentle on my skin.

That’s a wrap! Please remember that my shaving tips may not work for everybody, but I hope they do! If like me, you’ve tried everything, maybe something here will work for you. #FingersCrossed

Let me know if you have any products that you’d recommend for sensitive skin. Also how do you get rid of those bear-y legs?? Shaving, waxing, laser?Ā 

Iā€™m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!

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  • Venean

    Slinks down hand… Uhm yes I am currently struggling the hair areas for reasons related to lockdown. I dont have sensitive skin in this area although all over the rest of my body šŸ™„šŸ™„šŸ™„ but I will say that this post has made me consider removing the hair remover from the back of my linen cupboard soon šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£

    PS I used to wax and then shave and just recently (before lockdown) I bought a hair remover cream which I have used once… šŸ˜‚ This is what I am referring to!

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