Clicks exfoliating foot mask review
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The Clicks Exfoliating Foot mask – Does it deliver Baby soft feet???

Full disclosure….Simone HATES talking about feet. She does not like looking at feet, or thinking about feet. So this post may or may not be traumatising me as I type….but I put my foot phobia aside, to bring you this cutting edge review! It’s all for you gals and guys, so I hope it’s helpful! In today’s post I am chatting about the Clicks Exfoliating Foot Mask….and wowser….what an experience!!

What is the exfoliating foot mask?

Clicks Exfoliating Foot Mask is specially formulated with salicylic acid, a compound which breaks down keratin in the skin and helps to expose the smooth, healthy skin underneath. After application, the skin will start to peel away spontaneously. Approximately 7 days after application, the skin of the feet should feel smoother and softer.

How to use?

The mask consists of 2 ‘booties’ filled with the peeling solution. You also get a few strips of clear tape, which you use to secure the booties around your ankle. I thought this was really convenient to have in the pack, as when I read the instructions, I assumed I needed to go and look for tape.

You cut the tops off, secure this on your feet…and you then sit back and relax for 70-90 minutes. Have a good book ready or plan a good Netflix binge to pass the time. You then remove the booties and wash the residue off your feet. Your skin feels pretty darn normal afterwards and I thought…hmmm, probably money down the drain.

The peeling process

The day after I did the peel, I started feeling paranoid. Like, what if my feet were so beyond saving, that nothing could help or penetrate this skin? Also I received such amazing feedback about the product on Instagram, while others were waiting for my thoughts….if it didn’t work, again, bad feet…. An embarrassment!!

By day 3 I started feeling anxious…though the packaging clearly states that peeling will start somewhere between day 3 and 7. Day 4…I started noticing skin ‘blisters’….almost like bits of loose wax paper on my feet? Does that make sense??? Then on day 5 – 7….I don’t think ANYTHING can prepare you. I assumed people were being dramatic by saying that I would not be able to wear sandals… Gals, it looks like you have shedding snake skin. It is so bizarre and gross, but also strangely satisfying!

By day 9 I’d say I was about 75% of the way through the process with most of the skin having peeled off. The heels seem to be the last area to peel, probably because the skin is the toughest there. The spots that were exposed by then was so nice and soft though.

On day 11-12 (I feel like I’m in the book of Genesis) the top of my feet had also started peeling quite a bit. Day 14 I’d say we are about 98% complete.Clicks Exfoliating Foot Mask

Some tips

I went in and just did the foot mask, without exfoliating and maybe doing a buff first of my feet. They were literally in the worst condition. I think maybe give yourself a mini pedi first and with some of the outer skin gone, the solution may penetrate better. I however did want to test the full effectiveness of this product.

The box clearly says to not pick at the skin and also to not add any product to your feet. It was hard, but I resisted from putting any foot cream on my feet during the entire process. The ‘ do not pick’ part, was a bit harder to adhere to…. I will say, the foot I picked on was smoother and loose skin free sooner than the foot I did not pick on. So I don’t know…I reckon loose skin is fair game. Just don’t rip it off your skin. 

The manufacturer also says soaking the feet in warm water will aid the peeling process (once it starts peeling). I didn’t try that, but I would next time.

I did this on a Sunday and by Friday/Saturday the worst peeling was happening. If you’re working, maybe plan to do this on a Tuesday so by the weekend you can experience the horror in peace and plan your shoe wearing for the week ahead. Though it’s all boots and pumps right now right? Slippers for moi 😉

Next time?

Yes…because there will definitely be a next time! This product works like a bomb and I was extremely happy with the results. Also, at around R145, it’s cheaper than a pedicure!

They advise to wait 2 weeks between treatments, and I assume if you have really hard heels you may want to try that option. If you don’t have as bad of a situation down under, I reckon doing this once every few months would do the trick. In between, just make sure to exfoliate, buff and use a nourishing foot balm, and you could preserve those soft footsies for quite a while 😉 My absolute favourite foot balm is from Oh So Heavenly, and they also have a lovely overnight treatment. My favourite foot file is from Titanium, that is a brand stocks at Clicks as well. I swear this post is NOT sponsored by Clicks!

So…..what do you think….have you tried the Clicks Exfoliating Foot Mask? Will you try it? Have you tried foot masks from other brands? A friend says that the Skin Republic Mask is also pretty good and cheaper. I have also seen a product called Milky Foot that claims to do a similar job. 


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